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Friday, April 5, 2013

Casey Lu visit's ~ The Viscount's Pleasure House

 Do you like Historical Romance?

 Lady Chrissie Wellsby and her two country friends research dozens of rogues before selecting the notorious Viscount Hawkesbury, owner of London’s most exclusive and expensive brothel, to educate them in erotic seduction. The ladies abandon respectability and coerce Justin Tremayne into letting them visit The Pleasure House and to teaching them the sensual tricks mistresses and prostitutes use to entertain men.

Though Justin believes three naive ladies will see the debauched romps in his themed rooms, cover their eyes and ears, and run back to their sheltered lives, he underestimates the desperation of abandoned women who imagine a wider knowledge of sex will keep the men in their lives at home, in their own beds. But despite watching several of their friends, men and women, perform raunchy acts at his brothel, the ladies insist on participating in the last of Justin’s infamous Sultan’s galas, held in numerous silk tents and outdoor bathing areas on his estate.

Justin concedes to Chrissie’s demands only to gain information about his long-lost mother and sisters, but the world-weary viscount falls head over heels in love with his emotionally bruised pupil. He yearns for a wife, children, and an uncomplicated wife, but can he convinced Chrissie to take a chance and marry again? Because Justin never wants to leave her bed.
I absolutely love historical romances where the leading lady is so different then what society would have them to be. The Viscount’s Pleasure House is the prime example of an amazing leading lading in a time where it would have been frowned upon by the people of influence in  London  of that day.
Lady Chrissie Wellsby and her two dearest friends have decided that they are going to learn how to pleasure a man properly if they have to resort to blackmail to do it. They all know of the Viscount Hawkesbury, Justin Tremayne, and his famous brothels and his ability with the ladies. They also know that he is shutting down his extremely popular Pleasure House to search for his mother and sisters. So they use the information they have towards the whereabouts of his precious family members to get him to allow them to enter his world to learn from some of the best prostitutes in  London .  
Justin is shocked to by Chrissie on many levels. One that she would even want to go into his brothels as well born lady, and that she awakens his long dead libido. He had gotten to a point that he had bedded to many women, and he just wasn’t interested in meaningless sex anymore. He thinks the he can scare off Chrissie and her friends by shocking them in the first scene he presents for them, and boy is he shocked by their reactions and demands to be taken to his estate and bath house. Nothing shocks him as much as the attraction and pull that Chrissie has on him, except maybe her reaction to his seduction attempts. He thinks he isn’t good enough for her, and the more he gets to know her he realized her deceased husband destroyed a big chunk of her confidence. Can these two recognize the passions that they have for each other is stronger that just a fleeting flame??
I think what I loved most about this book is that the secondary characters played an important part of the story without taking over, and the banter between the women and men had me giggling. These women truly had the men on their toes from the get go. And LAWD the passion between Chrissie and Justin just sets you ereader to fogging up! I highly recommend y’all giving this one a read!!


~Casey Lu


  1. Thanks so much, Casey Lu, for such a great review of The Viscount's Pleasure House. Glad you enjoyed it.
    Much appreciated.

  2. I've read this book and enjoyed it very much!

  3. It was truly a great read :)