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Monday, April 15, 2013

Fall in Love with Carly Fall!

Please help us welcome, author Carly Fall!

Today she is telling us about her wonderful adventure in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
 and about her new book Chica Bella.

I will turn it over to Ms. Fall now... 
Swimming with Dolphins

The backdrop for Chica Bella is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Last year I had the privilege of vacationing there for a week.

Many of my experiences I had in Cabo made it into the book. Things like taking a glass bottom boat out to see whales, or watching seals crawl up onto moving boats begging to be fed. One experience I did have that didn't make it into the book was swimming with dolphins.

It was something that I'll never forget! The dolphins swam right up to us and allowed us to pet them. They even gave us "kisses" and lay in our arms. They were amazing creatures, each with their own distinct personality. For instance, one was a little bit of a trouble causer, but took a liking to my eight-year-old son. The dolphin would go under the water and push on my son's legs as if he were trying to get my son to swim with him. Another one was so affectionate, always wanting to be petted and coming in for "snuggles." All looked as though they were so happy we were there with their smiles and constant chatter.

If you ever get the chance to swim with dolphins, don't pass it up. It is definitely in the top ten amazing experiences of my life!


Landon “Blackhawk” Walker is ready to get out of the Navy SEALs. He has seen and done enough, and can’t wait to get to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where three tasks await him: get back into civilian mode, take a boat out to the El Arco Rocks, and win back the heart of the woman he lost because of his career.

Maya Gonzalez has tired of the heartbreak that comes with Landon’s deployments year after year. When he walks back into her life, she cannot deny her heart, despite her reservations. 

As they lose themselves in each other and the beauty of Cabo, their passion is rekindled once again, but Maya knows that one phone call means deployment for Landon, putting an end to their reunion, and possibly their relationship.

“Where were you?” she finally asked, her voice quiet.
He didn’t look at her, but he felt her body tense next to his. “Were you hurt?”
He shrugged, but then thought better of trying to blow off her questions. Maya had always said she wanted nothing but honesty from him, and he had been the one to offer this Q&A.
“I took some shrapnel in my chest, but it was all superficial.” He gazed down at her as she studied his chest as if she could see the wounds he was talking about.
“Did you kill?” she whispered, her stare never leaving his chest.
Dammit. This was the part he hated because she abhorred violence, but killing was his job. If he didn’t take out the bad guys, they would kill American soldiers, and he would be damned if that happened on his watch. “Yes.”
She closed her eyes for a moment.
“Did you think of me?”
“Oh, God, Maya.” He put his finger under her chin and turned her face to his. Her brown eyes sparkled with tears that made his heart feel as though it might quit beating. “Maya, it’s always you. It’s thinking of you that made me want to stay alive. It’s the thought of your smile, your face, your body pressed up against mine that kept me warm at night, the sound of your laughter that made me smile when I felt like I couldn’t smile again. Maya....”
He didn’t know what else to say, so he did what he had wanted to do since the day he left her almost a year ago. He brought his lips to hers.

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 Author Bio 

 Carly Fall is a wife, a mother and a slave to Nicky the dog.
She loves to laugh, and thinks chocolate and wine should be considered their own food group. She also wishes Christmas happened twice a year.
When she isn't spending time with her family or reading a good book, she can be found writing fantasy and contemporary romance.

Twitter:  @CarlyFall1



  1. Great Post!!! I really enjoyed the dolphin part, and can't wait to read Chica Bella <3

  2. Thank you for having me today :)

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  4. Oh, I'd absolutely love to swim with dolphins! I think it would be so surreal. Congrats on your new release! :)

    My fav vacation spot is any place with waterfalls.

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