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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh what a pleasure it was ~ Cuffed for Pleasure

 I love sexy covers and wow is this one SEXY!

 The Greyson sisters have always craved pleasure. One by one, they find it with men they never knew they needed.

Mandy was hoping for a new start far away from the rumors circulated by her ex-boyfriend. She would be smart this time. Reserved. She would curb her wild side and be the professional she should be. But one look at Mitch and Tanner and those goals fly out the window. And that’s before she even knows about Dylan.

From the first glimpse, Tanner is smitten. It’s easy to see Mitch shares the feeling. And neither has any doubt Dylan will feel the same. There’s just something about Mandy. Now if they can only persuade her to give them a chance.

One woman with three men satisfying all her needs. Let the pleasure begin.


Cuffed For Pleasure by author Lacey Thorn is book 1 in her Pleasure series and boy did it bring me great pleasure, lol. Who wouldn't enjoy being pleasured by three totally hot, sexy detectives at the same time? 

Mandy, a nurse, has just been at her new job for two weeks when she catches the eyes of Tanner and Mitch and vice versa. Mandy has been warned that Tanner and Mitch like to "share" their women but that does not deter her from accepting a date from them because she's always fantasized about being pleasured by more than one man; in fact, her ultimate fantasy is having sex with three men at one time. 

Unknown to her, Tanner and Mitch's best friend, Dylan will be arriving home just in time to fulfill her dream. I liked that Mandy was a strong woman who was not afraid of her sexuality and her need for kinkier sex. She knew what she wanted and went after it with gusto much to the delight of her three admirers. Tanner, Mitch and Dylan have been looking for the "one" who they could have an actual relationship with. They cannot believe their luck when Mandy is everything they have been looking for and so much more. 

I liked that the guys were charming, had a good sense of humor and not jealous of one another and they were into this together. The sex between Mandy and all the men were so hot it scorched the pages. I could not get enough and wished the story was longer. I am so looking forward to reading the other stories in this series. 

Come back tomorrow for my review of book two Heated for Pleasure.