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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Phuong does Mia Watts

Doesn't this title make you think
 of naughty things?


 Cock and Balls by Mia Watts

Presidential son and ballsy playboy Hank McClaren isn’t going to make his dad’s reelection easy. He’s got something to prove and it’s all about exposing the man behind the presidency. Or rather, that was the plan, until Secret Service agent Montegue is assigned to cover Hank’s detail. Now, it’s all about melting Monty’s cocky resolve and making him sweat.

Montegue has worked hard to be the president’s number one security agent. Now the antics of the president’s son have him demoted to babysitting duty. He’s not pleased. Especially since Hank knows all the right ways to turn him on, and he’s finding it harder and harder to hold back.

But Hank has an ulterior motive, and Monty’s about to get caught in the cross-fire…


Cock and Balls is the latest book I've read in the Ball series by Mia Watts. Doesn't this title make you think of naughty things? LOL Anyways, I love this series and all the books in them and this one was no exception. Secret Service Agent Monty is pulled off his detail of guarding the President and assigned to watch his spoiled and rebellious son, Hank. Monty is not too happy about having to follow the "cock", code name for Hank. This name actually suited Hank perfectly as he pulled sexual prank after prank to capture Monty's attention. Sexual awareness sizzled between them as repercussion due to Hank's latest scheme has them in close living quarters in Monty's cabin. I liked that Monty was a "take charge" kind of guy and did not put up with Hank's crap and give in too easily. He gave as good as he got which frustrated Hank and he realized Monty had "balls" for not caving in to all the stuff he dished out. Monty actually wanted to learn more about what Hank was feeling and why he had such a strained relationship with his father. I'll admit I thought Hank was too bratty at first and not sure if I even liked him, but then you learn where he was coming from and the circumstances that led to his childish behavior. I enjoyed their push and pull interaction that turned into some exciting foreplay and hot sex. But of course, Hank always has something up his sleeve and there are consequences to his action which also forces a confrontation between father and son. Now, will Hank's mistake cost him Monty? Can the President's son and the Secret Service Agent have a future together? You have to read the book to find out. This was another fun read written by one of my favorite authors. 


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