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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Royal Flush Review by Phuong

Royal Flush by Sean Michaels

Three years ago, Royal played slave to Mike’s Master while working undercover in the leather community, and their relationship has never recovered. After a perp’s accusation of impropriety, Royal and Mike decide taking early retirement with a pension is easier than fighting false charges. Nursing his wounds in a bar, Royal’s interrupted by a man from his past, from the very time when things with Mike started disintegrating.

Big, bald, and tattooed, Bone is a piercer with confidence and attitude to spare. He can’t believe his luck, spotting Royal at the bar. Here’s Bone’s chance at the man he’s wanted since giving Royal a very intimate piercing for an undercover stint. “I bet you’re still wearing my ring,” he challenges Royal, hoping the man will not only take this bet, but the next one as well. In fact, Bone is betting their future happiness on it.



OMG all I have to say is that Royal Flush by Sean Michael was scorching HOT!!! You'll need something to cool you off with, believe me LOL. This is a BDSM story with two very sexy guys that involves spanking, bondage and fisting. Royal was on an undercover assignment as a sub when he first met Bone, a piercer, who marked him with a prince albert and has not been able to forget him. Three years later, they see each other again in a bar and they are explosive together. Royal has a hard time admitting his desires and submissive side so Bone wagers that he can make Royal "come" without even touching him and if so, Royal has to spend the weekend with him. Wow, that was a hot foreplay scene and only gets hotter as they spend the weekend together. I loved the character of Bone who was sexy as hell and a strong Dom who knew what buttons to push to get his way. Royal is still very reluctant about admitting his true desires and Bone has to chip away until Royal finally gives in. More piercing is involved and the fisting scene was a scorcher that had me all hot and bothered. Bone wants Royal to admit what he truly needs and wants and not hide his true self; that there is no shame in being who you are. After being rejected by his straight partner and forced to retire, Royal is afraid to admit what he truly desires, which is to be a sub. Bone has loved Royal since the beginning and wants them to be together. I loved them together and wished their story was longer. I have become a fan of this author and always looking forward to his new releases. 

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