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Friday, April 19, 2013

Falling for Tucker's Fall by Eliza Gayle

Tucker's Fall   (Purgatory Masters, #1)

Tucker's Fall (Purgatory Masters #1) 


Scandalized professor Maggie Cisco returns to her hometown to lick her wounds and reconsider her future. Her years of personal and professional research into the BDSM lifestyle has landed her in jail, in divorce court and now in the headlines of more newspapers than she cares to count. The worst of all? The entire debacle is being blamed on a bestselling book she hasn’t even read!

Just when she thinks her only solution is a tell all memoir, a snowstorm puts her in the path of stunningly handsome, insanely rich and equally intense, Tucker Lewis.

Tucker remembers Maggie well. They once shared a mind-numbing kiss at the annual St. Mary’s carnival when her boyfriend wasn’t looking. No stranger to scandal, he looks past public opinion to the submissive craving a master’s touch and decides then and there what he wants. He’s going after Maggie and her heart’s kinkiest desires.

Unfortunately, no amount of money can change the sins of the past and when they’re certain they know everything there is to know about each other, one discovers a secret they aren’t prepared for.

* There are other "pre-Purgatory" books


Tucker Lewis is tired of hiding from life because of his past. He longs for a submissive of his own, and when he hears that Maggie Cisco is back in town he knows she is just the woman he wants in that position. He just has to get the hardheaded Maggie to stop thinking and open up to the submissive longings she has always had. But will he go too far to fast with her, and scare her off?
Maggie has come home to lick the wounds of a horrible divorce and scandal. She has spent her adult life doing research into the darker pleasures of sex, and the one time she got up the nerve to visit a local club she ended up spending some time behind bars because she was captured in a Federal raid on the club. She has always had an attraction to the sinfully delicious Tucker, but when he offers her the things she craves will it scare the holy hell out of her, will she be able to let herself surrender?
One of my favorite quotes from Tucker is: It’s not uncommon for many submisssives to find themselves in jobs where rules and protocols dictate much of their lives." I identified with that remark so well. It is kind of crazy that those of us with submissive tendencies gravitate towards jobs and situations that are more structured, and Maggie is a classic example of this as a college professor. I absolutely loved Maggie’s journey of discovering her desires and love for Tucker. These two don’t have an easy path to HEA. Tucker’s past puts a shadow over their relationship, and causes some major issues. I can’t wait to read more in this series! I absolutely love the setup of the Club Purgatory and the connected restaurant.  I highly recommend this book fer y’all. ;)

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