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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

RG Alexander has another release coming today!

Woo Hoo! RG Alexander is releasing her part 2 to her Shifter Reality series.
It's avaliable through Amazon @ $2.80 and Samhain publishing @ $3.50. Check her out you will not be disappointed.
Would you like to play a game?

Shifting Reality, Book 2

Saint is half human, half demon…all trouble. With his roommate Thomas mated to Margo, and Mac on one of those long, lonely, feeling-eternally-sorry-for-yourself vampire vacations, Saint is on his own and restless.

A lovesick shifter’s request to locate a woman isn’t exactly his idea of fun—he’s no matchmaker—but he agrees. And finds not only his quarry, but a whole lot more than he bargained for: a top player in his own online game that, until now, has somehow escaped his notice. A woman so tempting that when she touches the keyboard with her fingertips, he can feel it right down to his bones.

Housebound for the last few years due to an accident, Ume’s only distraction from the endless physical therapy sessions has been an online role-playing game. When she logs in this time, though, something is different. She finds herself lost in the game—literally—and falling for a mysterious warrior on her way to face the Demon King in his lair.

And that’s before it gets weird.

Warning: Explicit sex. One sexy, smart-mouthed demon, an adventure game, and more than a touch of kink. Sex online and then sex ONLINE. Spanking, silk ropes, a blindfold, one wild threesome between a Mystic, a Warrior and a Kitsune…and every online gamer’s dream come true.
copied from www.smutketers.com

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lakota Phillips...ever heard of her?

Do you ever listen to internet radio? Well I don't very often but I found that a few of my favorite erotic authors (Eden Bradley, RG Alexander, Lilli Feisty, & Crystal Jordan - www.smutketeers.com) were gonna be on a radio show hosted by Lakota Phillips
, so I figured what the hell. I was was quite impressed and will definitely be listening in again. She really gets into subjects that don't talk about alot. Her most recent show discusses BDSM and people different ideas of what it means. Check it out.
From her website -

Breaking Taboo is hosted by artist, writer, and erotic muse Lakota Phillips who kidnaps her guests from around the country, ties them up using only the softest shibari ropes, and forces them to explore our societal myths, stereotypes, art, sex, and taboos; but not necessarily in that order or all on the same show. She’s considerate like that. The show delivers a huge dose of humor mixed with controversy on Pandora topics your mother never wanted you to know about. Lakota is the art correspondent on the award winning DAMage Report on New Dissident Radio with a weekly spot discussing arts issues every Wednesday with host Johnny Dam and his guests. Her topics are published each Wednesday on LakotaPhillips.blogspot.com and on Facebook.

Lakota is a writer, poet, painter, photographer, designer, and illustrator. Her stories and art have been featured in women’s magazines and online literary journals. She has completed a paranormal erotic romance novel that is home hunting and is working on a second. Her paintings are regularly exhibited in the south and she’s won numerous awards for her illustrations.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Facebookers that Kindle!

I came across a great Facebook page called "Kinstant". This is a great page, it gives you info on how to get the full use out of your Kindle. It teaches how to access Facebook, blogs, and other online sites from your Kindle and they are actually readable on your Kindle without issues.

No Computers = more Kindle time

Just got my computer back after being away in the shop for almost a month! Damn I hate people who don't work fast and efficient. Well without my computer I have been going Kindle crazy. I have done nothing but read books for the past three weeks :). Right now I'm finishing Hot Night's dark desires by Eden Bradley (one of my favs). She can set a very hot scene mmmmmm.... This story is about Tristan (a tattoo artist in New Orleans) and Sophie a quite, paranormal writer). Sophie gets talked into going to sit with her friend during her friends tattoo. When there Sophie is intrigued by the tantalizing tattoo artist and can't help herself after watching him tattoo her friend she decides to get one herself. When he touches her things spark between them and she needs more so goes back and things begin to change feelings and emotions begin to rise and she doesn't understand whats happening. Neither of Tristan and Sophie are sure what to do about these feelings of desire rising in them. They realize that they need each other more then they thought and no matter their issues. Great Book and hot scenes.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Kindle Freebies 9/24

I found some great books you can pick up from the Kindle Store (FREE!). Just scroll through the list of books on the right, and you'll see the Top 100 Free books on offer right now.

Marked by Elisabeth Naughton
Shadow Fall by Erin Kellison
Penelope and Prince Charming by Jennifer Ashley
Immortals: The Crossing by Joy Nash
White Tigress by Jade Lee

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME :)

Sexy Man Birthday wishes Pictures, Images and Photos
Today has been filled with lots of Smutty Goodness. I was awoken at 5 am to frisky fun-lovin husband and the lulled to a deep sleep once sated. Then had a wonderful breakfast with friends and got some new goodies..... Candle that turns into hot massage oil and smells like jasmine-- mmmm.... can't wait to try it out.
Then went shopping with my G-ma and bought a new hat. I love hats thank gods they are back in style. Now getting ready to go out to my favorite little resturaunt in the mountains and have a romantic dinner, then hopefully when I returrn I can try out some of my presents :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RG Alexander has a new release today :)

One of my favorite smutty authors has come out with a new book today "Wicked Bad" part 2 in her "Wicked series and it available for sale right now on MBaM for $3.15 and so worth the money. She is currently having a contest on her website to help promote her new book go check it out and good luck. http://www.smutketeers.com/

Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy reading all kinds of Smutty goodness..

This past month without my computer I have had nothing to do but read all the smut I could get my hands on and let me tell you its been mmm...mmmm....good.I finished Larissa Ione- #4 Ecstasy Unveiled (Demonica Series) and I recommend the series (#5 Sin Undone- haven't gotten to it yet. Lately I've tried to get a hold of short series that have a beginning and end.
I found a few Dominique Adair Jane Porter series (first book free right now on Amazon) this is a great intense quick short series full of lots of menage loving that makes you crave more.
Lauren Dane's Chance Brothers series (4 books) is another great series that gives you more romance and less smut but doesn't skimp on the loving. It's a series that goes through the lives of the Chance brothers and shows how the run into mates and build their lives together.
Just finished Allyson James series Tales of the Shareem (6 books) Wow, fully of smutty goodness :) The Shareem is a genetically enhanced humanoids made to pleasure women. There are different levels of Shareem and with these different levels come different pleasures. Each book in the series is a different Shareems story of how their lives have gone since the the genetic institute that they were made in was closed by the government of Bor-Norga.
Once I finished with these short series I figured I'd find a few single stories and I flicked through my library and came up with 3 authors and figured Id go through those first - Claire Thompson, Evangeline Anderson, and Kimberly Zant.
Claire Thompson - Slave Gamble, Seduction of collette, Jewel Thief, Face of submission, and Pleasure Planet. If you like dominance and a bit of the ruff stuff Claire Thomson never disappoints.
Evangeline Anderson - Willing Submission, Sex with Strangers, Planet X, Season's spankings, Sin eater. Again another author that wants you to submitted and take what she has to give you. My favorite of these was definitely Planet X then Willing Submission.
Zimberly Zant - Snow White and the Seven Hunks (not your normal fairytale), Punished, Blood Fued, Four Play. These were the first of Kimberly Zant I had ever read and they were that bad. It looks like she has alot of title out there and I will be picking up a few more.
I have about 15 more books I read during my computer down time that I haven't been able to tell you about yet but will do so in the next few days. If anyone has any other recommendation on what to read please let me know always looking for a great read. - Thanks for readin :)

I'm having a Love/ Hate relatioship with my computer

I was so exciting in finding blogger and all these wonderful blogs that I thought I made to make one for me as well to talk about books and other interests with people that wouldn't judge me about my tastes :) BUT wouldn't you know it as soon as I get started and excited about it my computer takes a bust! DAMN - Thankfully Ive found my old laptop and what do you know it still works - Thank gods- hopefully the computer guy can fix my baby and then I can play more.
Even though my computer was down I still kept up the reading frenzy and boy did I find some juicy shorties. Ill post the new stories and a quick review of them.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kindle Crazy....

My Kindle is my Obsession. I bought the first Kindle last year in August as a gift for my mother and paid $299 for it. I started playing with hers and relized I MUST have one so I then got another in December for $259. Now I'm looking to buy another for my sister, the new granite one $139. Damn Amazon makes bank on me - lol.
Very thankful for the freebies and the many wedsites out there from authors and publishers that offer their freebies as well. One of the sites I like the most so far is Smashwords.com it's a grear resource for up n coming authors as weel as some good free reads from authors that I love already - Jaz cassidy, Selena Kitt, Colleen Gleason, and Maya Banks just to name a few.
Since I got my Kindle in December I have devoured over 275 books as of this week. My goal is to try and reach 350 books by the end of the year. I am always looks for new authors to read. I have a love for paranormal romance, erotica, and comedy romance (a little). Well best of luchk with your reads. I'm off to read Ecstasy Unveiled (Demonica, Book 4) by Larissa Ione.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Gena Showalter

Were do I start ..... I love her writing and her story lines. Of course I've read her "Lord of the Underworld" series and loved it, would highly reccomend if you haven't read it already (paranormal romance with a level 6 sexual content.
Since I enjoyed those books I picked up her "Atlantis series" on sale at Amazon for $9.99 for all 5 books! They were a little slower then her LOTU books but a good read.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Thank you Bronwyn Green!

Just wanted to say "Thank you" to an amazing author. I stopped by Bronwyn's blog last week and read her interview with Charlotte Stein, Jessica Jarman, and Rachel Randall - great interview. I commented on the interview and guess what? I WON!!! All three of her Celtic Fire series. I'm so excited and can't wait to read em. When I finish reading em I will post a review. - Thank you again Bronwyn you are my first blog win :)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

RG Alexander upcoming release

Getting very excited one of my favorite authors is releasing a new book this coming week. RG Alexander author Regina in the Sun (Children of the Goddess series) is releasing her newest book Possesses Me, it's three novellas in one book, that comes out on Tueday, August 3rd.
The three novellas (Release Me, Reclaim Me, and Redeem Me), are based in New Orleans and have a Voodoo twist to them.The women of New Orleans know of a Voodoo spirit who can help them to fullfill their deepest desires.
Full interview on Leontine's Book Realm.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Never knew

Oh boy.. I never knew just how much there was truly out there on blogs. Tonight I got a little bored and I searched the web for blogs and WOW! So much out there to see and learn. Unfortunately I am down to just my old laptop right now because my wonderful computer has been eaten up by a porn virus- yes I said it a porn virus- Thanks to my hubby :) Hopefully it won't e gone for to long and then I will be able to start writing my book reviews and learn how to do this blog thing right.
I never loked online before tonight at blogs and like I said I was really surprised at how much is out there. There are so many things that I am interested in that ....he...he.. noone would guess I would want done to me or to do to others. On the outside I am a very quite, very obidiant daughter, wife, sister , and aunt. BUT on the inside even my husband doesn't know or understand how deed my desires go.
I'm not into menages or anything like that (although reading, watching, or listening to those are very arosing), my desires tend to be moe in the BDSM range and I myself am not sure how extreme the go. I know that I love the feel of being forced into positions and being told what to do, being bound, mouth covered even, little choking, spanked, and even blindfolded. I am very interested in Shibari, I think it is one of the most erotic things I have ever seen.
I figure with blog I am going to post articles of different things that are of interest to me as well as thins that I'm reading about and various articles that I will be reading on how-to improve techniques I am woking on :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Learning how to start a blog...

Well It's coming along slowly.... I guess I should've done the tutorial on how to start my blog - lol. I'll get there though. I got the front page to look like I want it (I think), now I need to start working on my reviews. I have completed alot of reviews of my books already so that'll help me when I start posting the reviews on the books. My biggest problem I have right now is figuring out how to post things I want without getting in trouble with copywright issues. So I guess I will be looking at others blogs on How-to.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My first post-

Well lets see .. where do I start??? I've never blogged before but since I recently lost my job I figured what the hell I have nothing else to do. This past year not much has happened in my life. I was very upset about losing job that I sat down one day and read a book (Twilight -Stephenie Meyers). I hadn't read since I was in high School and quickly became obsessed. I read all four books in five days and the only reason it took five days was because I couldn't find Eclipse anywhere.
Since then I have gotten a kindle and have read approximately over 250 books as of January. Yes Twilight started my junkie behavior with books but I have definitely changed genre. I gravitate more to Paranormal romance, Erotica, Futuristic, Fantasy, even Historical, with a little Ya thrown in here and there.
I'm hoping by starting this blog I can find others that are interested in some of the same authors and genres I am.