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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Perfect Man Event

Begins 1st August...............

 Who is your Perfect Man?
 Jump across the pond to the UK and meet Nix, my counterpart for this event ScorchingBookReviews  Scorching Book Reviews

Between the Sheets

Between The Sheets

I confess,
to sleeping with books,
covers spread open and waiting -
they beckon,
a fluttering of leaves
like lapping tongues.
Oh, their smooth embossed spines.

The tawdry ones are good for a night.
Rumpled, smelling of smoke,
usually borrowed and broken.
They're anybody's book,
sorry, sticky maybe,
used and returned.

The worldly wise leave an exotic taste,
others have the common language
of guttersnipes but
provide good tale.
Some disappoint -
summer flings, read
and dismissed,
important as the sand
shaken from my shoe.

I can't help but embrace them all,
stroking the ones I love,
smelling their words.
After a good read, I'm bushed.
Lying across my chest,
the latest listens to my heartbeat
while I take in what else it says.

Ellen Wade Beals

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Karen Mahoney's The Iron Witch

I know I normally post stuff on more adult books but every now and then a good YA is nice to break it up. So my wonderful friend LoLa Loves Books is reviewing again today for me. I'm getting ready for the upcoming Perfect Man Event in August and have my hands so full of wonderful yummy man goodness right now I needed her help.  - So without further a due........  
Title- The Iron Witch 
Author - Karen Mahoney
Genre - YA Urban Fantasy
Published - Feb. 2011
Series - Iron Witch, Book 1 in the trilogy
 Page Count - 312 Pages
Rated - 3.75 out of 5

Description -
 Freak. That's what her classmates call seventeen-year-old Donna Underwood. When she was seven, a horrific fey attack killed her father and drove her mother mad. Donna's own nearly fatal injuries from the assault were fixed by magic—the iron tattoos branding her hands and arms. The child of alchemists, Donna feels cursed by the magical heritage that destroyed her parents and any chance she had for a normal life. The only thing that keeps her sane and grounded is her relationship with her best friend, Navin Sharma.When the darkest outcasts of Faerie—the vicious wood elves—abduct Navin, Donna finally has to accept her role in the centuries old war between the humans and the fey. Assisted by Xan, a gorgeous half-fey dropout with secrets of his own, Donna races to save her friend—even if it means betraying everything her parents and the alchemist community fought to the death to protect.

I just had the pleasure of reading this YA book by Karen Mahoney.  Thanks to my friend of 18 years, Daydrmzzz-, introducing me to the wonderful world of author giveaways, I actually won week #1 of Moira Rogers (ADULT AUTHOR ONLY) giveaway!  Big shout out to Moira (ADULT AUTHOR ONLY) … THANKS AGAIN!  What an awesome surprise.  I felt like a kid in a candy store that could only pick one.  Let’s face it, I know I’m awesome, but I can only read one book at a time – geez, give me a break!  So upon looking through all my goodies, I was drawn to Iron Witch immediately.  Yes, I must admit that I am 30-something and still enjoy reading YA books and as a side note - this is a book that I would definitely let my 14-year-old daughter read. 

Karen Mahoney’s interesting concept of iron tattoos is beautifully portrayed in the cover art, but she takes it one step further with adorning the inside covers as well.  Again, a concept well thought out and executed … making this book stand out from others with cover art only.  Let’s face it, though, you can always grab my attention on covert art with a half-naked man!  I am a reader who, when searching for a new book to read, is initially attracted to a book by the cover art and title; hence, the double visual pleasure when choosing this book ;-) 
Take a journey into the modern day world of fey, alchemy, humans, and the relationships between friends and blossoming love.  Maker is an elderly alchemist who saved Donna’s life (and arms) when injured by a monster when she was just six years old.  Donna and Navin are high school friends whose bond has been made stronger by similar tragedies of losing a parent.  Xan (Alexander) is a loner college-dropout who’s interest is sparked at a roof-top meeting with Donna at a weekend party.  Both Donna and Xan feel an immediate connection, but neither knows the other’s secret.  Enter the creatures of fey and Donna can no longer hide the secret world from her longtime friend, Navin.  With Navin and Maker both captured, Donna and Xan must now join forces and save them from the pesky woodland elves. 
Karen Mahoney’s character build is well thought out and conveyed in a way that is not over-complicated to the reader with superfluous information that only distracts from the story line, which is what I find refreshing in comparison …  The story keeps you enthralled, thumbs itching to turn the page.  As far as cons go, not my favorite ending … I HATE cliff-hangers and this is definitely one of those!  Seriously, though, I look forward to book II The Wood Queen of The Iron Witch Saga (February of 2012) I can’t wait to see what Donna’s repercussions are for the “crime” she committed in order to save her friends. 
 Anyone out there with an alchemical solution for time travel so I can have a sneak peak?  :-) 
Ever wonder how authors get their ideas for books?  Be sure to keep reading after the story has ended!   
LoLa Loves Books – How ‘bout you?

Keep an eye out for these, also by Karen Mahoney.

 Book 2 - Releases Feb. 2012 

Release Date 2013

THE STONE DEMON is the final book of The Iron Witch trilogy, where Donna Underwood must work with the alchemical Order of the Crow in London to create a new Philosopher’s Stone. If she fails? A three-way war between the dark elves, demons and alchemists will lead the world into an unimaginable apocalypse.

Being a vampire is for life – not just a lifestyle.
Reluctant teenage vampire Marie ‘Moth’ O’Neal infiltrates a group of Otherkin kids in Boston, teenagers who believe they are reincarnated vampires, in order to find out who or what is killing off the troubled teens… and then turning them into something truly undead with a taste for human flesh. All this while trying to stop sexy young hunter Jace Murdoch from shooting anything that doesn’t breathe – including her.
Karen Mahoney
You can find Karen Mahoney at the following places around the web:

You can purchase Karen Mahoney's books at:

 Review by LolaLovesBooks <3

Friday, July 29, 2011

I want Candy

Tonight I came across a blog post by Juniper Bell on the Nine Naughty Novelists site and let's just say a picture is worth a thousands words :)  Where am I going with this??.. Her title of the post is "Summer Eye Candy". The title for some reason it made me think of that 80's song "I want candy" by Bow Wow Wow. 

Do you ever get that? Certain words, smells, or colors trigger a memory? I do all the time. Hair mouse and Aquanet hairspray, (you know you used it too!) makes me think of my horribly huge hair I used to have. Neon colors.. Oh lord.....The other day when I was driving down the road and say a checkered, yes I said checkered motorcycle go by and the guy on the bike was wearing MC Hammer  type pants -neon aqua, with a neon green shirt, and a hot pink backpack!! I sware I am not making this up. I chased him down for about 3 miles trying to get his pic but no luck. 

Anyway I hope you enjoy the songs I have posted and I hope that they trigger a happy memory for you as well.

and Cameo's "Candy"


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

KINDLEGRAPH!!! Have you heard of it??


I can across this amazing new service called KindleGraph. Authors load their information to the site and then once the book is loaded you the reader can send a request to the author to have them send you a digital signature for your ereader!! :D

It works like this:
Log In
Search for your authors. .
*There are currently, as of tonight 200 authors signed up for this service. Keep checking back if your author is not there as they seem to be signing up quick.

Next you find the book you want signed and click on “Request KindleGraph”. A window pops up:

You enter your Kindle’s email address and click “Update Email”. Then you are returned to the screen where you can request other signatures. 

I am so excited to get to requests out there to some of my favorite authors :D While I love my print books and signatures, I seem to gravitate to my ereader the most. Now I don't have to choose!! I can get both my signatures and ebooks *HAPPY DANCE* I have to say a big Thank you to Dara Young for bringing this to my attention (follow her on twitter she is always posting great things!!)
This is a new so of course there will be issues and problems that need to be addressed. One things for sure I see that needs to be addressed is that there is no order their author list. Once more authors get involved I'm sure there will be lots of great things coming our way.
So tell your friends and favorite authors about it.
If you want more information check out the website kindlegraph.com , video,they even have a twitter account.
Hope you all are as excited as me

*Portions of post copied from Dara Young's blog

It's almost here - The Perfect Man Event coming in August!!

The Perfect Man Event!!

So we are nearly ready to Rock and Roll people *yay* :D We have a whole line up of fabulous authors confirmed and a few others in the pipe line. We shall have give-aways, swag, author interviews, character interviews, ARC reviews, Blog Hops and Book Recommendation days....phew *wipes brow*

So who do we have confirmed......

Authors Involved So Far...

  • Cat Johnson
  • Cherise Sinclair
  • Vivian Arend
  • Scarlett Parrish
  • Rosalie Stanton
  • Cassidy Hunter
  • Sophie Oaks
  • Jayne Rylon
  • PG Forte
  • Lucy Felthouse
  • Kinsey Holley
  • Emma Hillman
  • Stacy Espino
  • Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin
  • Skylar Kade
  • Laura Huntsaker
  • Shelli Stevens
  • Jambrea Jo Jones

How Can Bloggers Get Involved?

Easy....Blog Hop!!! On the Thursday of each week there will be a Meme focusing on the Perfect Man from each Genre (E.G. on week 1 will be your perfect literary Man In Uniform ). Post on your site, use Mr. Linky on either mine or Scorching Book Review's site, and we will do our best to increase traffic to your blog. On give-away days Mr. Linky will also be active and, if you have a review anywhere in your archives for one of that author's works, post it and every commenter will get two extra entries per comment! Easy!

Everyone who comments over the course of the event will be put into the hat for an overall prize...

Any Questions, contact Nic at Scorchingrevs@gmail.com

Monday, July 25, 2011

Release Date: 6/21/11
Length: Short Novel

One spark could burn her world down.

Six years after her husband’s death, Regina Pace is still just going through the motions, her only pleasure a nightly glass (or three) of wine to dull the ache. Tonight is no exception—until a sensual outdoor encounter with her neighbor’s son, freshly home from college. He’s older, wiser, more devastatingly handsome than she remembered. He’s also fifteen years her junior.

Despite her misgivings, it isn’t long before her nightly ritual includes a long, deep drink of Josh Smith. Ogling leads to touching, then the sparks flare into an erotic encounter that feels wickedly right—and deliciously forbidden.

Yet the intense heat can’t burn away the doubt pestering the back of her mind. That the gap between their ages is too large, even for the most determined leap of faith… 
Product Warnings
Features a boy-next-door who won’t take no for an answer, more than one sexual fantasy (including some outdoor self-loving!), and a burning romance that proves age is just a number. 


Thanks to the Rockets in Flight blog hop contest, I won an awesome book written by Dee Carney!  Thanks Dee J  (She’s so awesome, I feel we are on a first name basis.) 
I’m a little off the beaten path when it comes to ratings - It’s so cliché to use a star rating system, so let’s be different and a little naughty.  For Dee Carney’s Keeping Pace rating scale, I’m going to implement the “stroke scale” and I’m giving this book a 4.5 stroke rating!  To the potential reader – you will understand my rating within the first chapter.  So, what are you waiting for?  Purchase the book and get to reading! 
Now, on to my brief review - Keeping Pace by Dee Carney, in my opinion, is a MUST READ!  From the very steamy voyeurism scene, which is a total treat, I could not put this book down.  Dee did a great job building her characters in the very beginning so that the reader was able to just sit back and thumb from page to page without having one of the dreaded “huh?” moments. 
Regina’s Pros:  She has insecurity issues like we (women) all do.  She considers what her actions will portray.  She second-guesses Joshua’s intentions.  Let’s face it, she’s us ... she’s a real woman!  I could clearly feel the intensity of her dilemma.  I wanted to shout out to her, “Take the leap girl ... he’s into you!”  and “Screw what everyone else thinks, they’re not in the bedroom with you!”  and “Life is too short; you’re not getting younger; make out like hormone crazed bunnies and to heck with what ANYONE thinks!” 
Joshua’s Pros:  Everything!  He’s totally into pleasing Regina without being overly-sappy and whipped ... just a tad bit of young, virile male; a pinch of thoughtful, virile male; a handful of holy crap ... pin me against the wall and screw me now, virile male.  Did I happen to mention virile male?  Let’s just say if I were in Regina’s shoes, I would’ve hopped the wall (shouting an Indian war cry if it wouldn’t scare the hell out of him) to offer my assistance! 
Cons:  I’m not going to tear the book apart and give any scenes away because that’s just not my style and this review is just my opinion; you, the potential reader, have a brain of your own and can come up with your own cons!  BUT there are some parts of the story where you ask yourself why the hell did she do that? – or – Why didn’t she speak up?  Well, duuuh, where would the conflict be if she didn’t do those things?
Overall, without treating this short novel like it was a black-and-white scenario; without tearing it apart because “Well, huh, this is how mainstream American women would react,” I believe this was a GREAT READ and I highly recommend it – I enjoyed a couple hours of pleasurable escape from my own reality while I delved into Regina and Josh’s story. 
Review by LoLa Loves Books

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My friend Dennie - LoLa Loves Books

I want to introduce you all to a friend of mine that I've know for ... well let just say a very long time :) Her name is Dennie (LoLa Loves Books). Dennie has always been a reader and when I told her about 3 years ago that I had started reading she gave me a few suggestion and ever sent me my first JR Ward book. For months we shipped books back and forth via postal mail.
Then mom asked for a Kindle for her 50 th birthday. Once I saw the Kindle and what it did I called her immediately, that was 2 years ago this August. Dennie being the ever so studious person she is, hopped online and started researching them. A week later I got a call from her telling me she had one in her hands (Bitch), I didn't even have one yet!
Anyway we started to call each other and search online for books that might be good. I finally got my Kindle for Christmas and once it was in my hands, it was on.
Dennie and I would get together online (Dennie lives far...far..away from me) or the phone and discuss our current reads and tell each other what we needed to get. I introduced Dennie to Erotic reads and she introduced me to Paranormal Romance.
Can you guess what the very first book I downloaded onto my Kindle was? It was the Fabulous RG Alexander's Regina in the Sun, it just so happened to be a free read that week. Once I read that I was a goner. I grabbed everything I could find by her and then went onto her "if you like this author try theses" file and quickly built my arsenal of Smut :)
Dennie and I make a perfect pair she suggests my Paranormal Romances and I suggest her Smut, Contemporary, and every now and then some YA. Recently I have been trying to get Dennie to browse the romance community with me and I think I may have sucked her in.
I got her to do her first contest this year with Moira Rogers, and guess what the bitch won!! She called me a few weeks ago squealing and said she got the best goodies: books, e-books, book plates, book markers, pens, and all sort of other goodies. So I told her now that she's won she needs to start doing some reviews for my blog with those wins. Dennie has agreed to stop by every now and then and do a review when she has time. So when work permits and she has down time she will stop by and give us a review.

Dennie (Lola Loves Books)
Very busy mom of two teenagers -1 Boy 16 years old , and 1 - girl 14 yrs old. She works from home as a medical transcriptionist for a very demanding company. Dennie likes relaxing pool side with her Kindle, kids, hubby, and animals. She reads about 5-8 books a month and is always looking for new authors. If you have any suggestions, let her know.

Thinking of all my friends during Deadlines

Working Deadlines Pictures, Images and PhotosView Image
View Image
Deadlines Pictures, Images and Photos

It wouldn’t be so bad if they’d just type the book for us while they were there

Sometimes I wonder how any romance author meets her (or his) deadline.

OMG this! Except my cat would be sitting on my lap/chest/head/etc.

MySpace Layouts

View Image 
MySpace LayoutsMySpace Layouts

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My "Must Have" Reads

Make Me Believe
BY: Crystal Jordan
PUBLISHED: 7/19/2011
SERIES: Unbelievable, Book #3
LENGTH: Novella

 She has two words for love. “Make me.” Then love changes the rules…

As far as hairstylist Celia Occam is concerned, she's struck out at marriage twice, and there will be no “third time’s a charm”. So what if one salon employee and the town gossip seem dead set on fixing her up with Prince Charming. She’s nobody’s princess.

She’s all for scratching the occasional itch with the right man, but flirtatious firefighter Mason Delacroix is all wrong. Besides, with three broken engagements on his romantic rap sheet, even a one-night mattress mambo sounds like a bad idea.

From the first moment Mason encounters Celia’s emotional barriers, he’s determined to turn up the heat as high as it takes to melt the ice. If the whole town wants to back him up by playing Cupid, he’s on board. Track record be damned. He wants Celia, and he’s ready for permanent.

When her self-appointed guardian angels conspire to lock them in the basement, their long-denied chemistry explodes. She finds herself relishing every moment—though her subconscious is already on the run.

Funny thing, though. Every time she zigs, Mason’s already zagged. Making her wonder if this time it’s for real, or if Cupid is just up to its old tricks.

Product Warnings
A hairdresser with a slight fetish for naughty lingerie. A sexy fireman who knows what he wants, which includes having said hairdresser in every possible way. Frontways, backways, sideways…and always.

Seducing Allie

PUBLISHED: 7/19/2011
SERIES: Seattle Steam, Book #3
LENGTH: Novella

He’s going to show this wedding crasher just how dirty the outdoors can be.

Allison Siegel is out to stop a wedding. With one of her best childhood friends about to marry a gold-digger, who wouldn’t at least try to stage an intervention? Apparently, her other childhood bestie, Clint.

The minute Allie grew out of her sneakers and into her curves, Clint’s hormones went ballistic. But she had eyes only for Ken, so Clint made himself scarce, even after the relationship fizzled. Now she’s back, looking better than ever—and hell-bent on sabotaging Ken’s wedding. So Clint knows he needs to do whatever it takes to head her off at the pass.

Kidnapped! Allison can't believe it. Now she’s stuck in the Montana backwoods fending off nature’s friends, and fighting a losing battle to resist Clint—the sexiest forest ranger on the planet.

Clint has big plans for Allie. Not only will he convince a city girl that she needs to embrace her inner nature freak, but he's going to prove there's sparks flying in more places than just the campfire. 

Product Warnings
This book contains a city girl out of her element, a forest ranger determined to keep her there, and a campfire seduction hot enough to melt more than just marshmallows.

The Secret Guide to Dating MonstersBY: Sierra Dean
PUBLISHED: 7/19/2011
SERIES: Secret McQueen, Book #2
LENGTH: Novella

Are blind dates supposed to be this bloody?

They say it's impossible to find a man in New York City. Secret McQueen needs to find two in one night. Of course, it’ll mean pulling off the impossible—find and kill a displaced rogue vampire without disrupting the first promising date she’s had in ages. As a werewolf hybrid used to walking a fine line of survival in the vampire world, though, Secret eats impossible for breakfast.

Somewhere between hello and the first round of drinks, Secret makes her move. Her target, Hollywood’s biggest star, shouldn’t be hard to spot. Just look for swarms of fans. Except every time her vampire liaison, Holden, helps keep her mission on track, her date runs further off the rails.

Either Holden has a hidden agenda, or he knows more than he’s letting on about her quarry. One way or another, Secret is determined to get her man, and meet Mr. Right. Or die trying.
Product Warnings
This book contains a sword-wielding assassin whose barbs are sharper than her blade, a vampire with serious brooding issues but a skilled tongue, and an A-lister with a bad habit of eating his fans. This novella takes place approximately one year prior to the events of Something Secret This Way Comes.

PUBLISHED: 7/19/2011
LENGTH: Short Story

When you dip your finger in the fire – you get burned!
When Darius and his friend Jamie find Gemma, a young scullery maid, peeking through a shaded window at a ménage scene with one of their guests, they have just the right punishment for her.
Gemma finds she is unable to tear her eyes from the scandalous scene in front of her. Why didn’t she run from this act of depravity? And why did watching it make her body feel heat in places she’d never felt heat before?
Before the hot summer evening is over Gemma finds herself at the mercy of not one, but two very handsome young men who not only want to teach her a lesson, but as she soon finds out – she is the lesson, and this time she is the one with an audience.

Reader Advisory: This book contains hot scenes featuring voyeurism and m/f/m sex that some readers may find illuminating.


S.L. Carpenter & Sahara Kelly have a new release and it's only $0.99!!!

Showing OffTwo short contemporary stories from S.L. Carpenter and Sahara Kelly, the bad kids of erotic romance! Never before published, these two little tales will entertain, enthrall, inflame -- yes, they come with a spew alert and a caution to have iced water handy. There's a rather harassed werewolf who needs a serious frizz intervention, and a guy who is determined to get laid. Of course, nobody told him about odd socks or the terrible effects Chinese food can have on some people.

Guaranteed to make you laugh, sweat, and laugh some more,S.L. Carpenter and Sahara Kelly are thrilled they now have the chance to share them with you. They hope you enjoy reading them as much as they enjoyed writing them. 

 You can pick up these books at:

Monday, July 18, 2011

Have you ever had one of those days?


Today has just been CRAPPY HORRIBLE day! There is no other word that would best describe it, definition according to Webster's Dictionary - Horrible = is Very unpleasant; disagreeable. Yep that about says it for me.
It started out this morning when I just couldn't wake up I had a god awful headache. Well that got worse when the phone rang. It was my bank tell me that I had credit card fraud going on on my card. Really!!! So on the computer I went to go see what was going on and yep you guessed it internet issues!! Cal my internet provider and "I'm sorry we seem to be experiencing issues in your area if you'd like to call back in 2 hours". By now hubby wakes up and is hungry, I would have normally been shopping already and been working on lunch and dinner for him since he works today but not with all this happening. So then off to the shop I go.
I get all my shopping done and your remember I told you I had card fraud right ? Well I wish someone reminded me cause that's the card I brought with me!!! Thankfully I found a hidden $20 in in purse and total was only $18.56. I then went to car to find a kart had put a nice dent and scratch i my black car. 
What more could go wrong today?? Shit I wish I hadn't asked that, cause when I got home I got another call. This one from my renter saying they were no longer needed to rent the place, they bought a place and that they would be moving out this month. At this point I just wanted to break down and cry.
Hubby came to rescue with big hugs but also brought bad news with the hug. While hugging me tight he informs me that due to the budget crisis his company is taking a 19% pay cut effect immediately. 
So to sum up my day... credit card fraud, bills not paid, dent in car, renter leaving (no new renter), and pay cut. I sure hope you had a better day then I did!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

See how to Win ROMTICON 2011 admission

I found this while surfing for books and thought I'd share:

Celebrate National Orgasm Day and win free admission to RomantiCon 2011 plus 10 free paperbacks!
Simply send answers to the questions below to sfedwards30@yahoo.com by the deadline. A winner will be drawn at random from the correct answers. Congratulations to Jessica, who won last month’s contest!
Details on the prizes: RomantiCon registration includes free registration bag loaded with gifts, and admission to all events, parties, dinners, games and workshops. It does not include transportation, hotel, or any other expenses. Registration is transferrable, so if you can’t come, you can transfer your registration to someone else. We select the 10 free paperbacks.
To enter our contest, answer the questions below correctly. You will find the answers on our RomantiCon site at http://www.ecromanticon.com/
1. Who is performing the fire dance at the RomantiCon 2011 Saturday night Futuristic Party?
2.Name three of the Ellora’s Cavemen who will be at RomantiCon 2011.
3.Who are the presenters of Turning Everyday Games into Sex Games at RomantiCon 2011 on Friday, September 30, from 10 to 11am?
Contest Deadline:
National Orgasm Day, July 31, 2011

Copied from Ellora's Cave website, monthly contest.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Lonely Island - Ever heard of them?

These guys are nuts, I saw a clip the other day with Justin Timberlake and had to search them. I had no clue that they had so many songs. While some are just stupid there are a few that are pretty funny these were just a few I grabbed off Youtube to share. The Lonely Island
PhotobucketI posted this yesterday hoping to spread the word about this great chat/giveaway.I was not expecting what I got when I showed up. These ladies are nuts!
I have been to a lot of chats but NOTHING like this. This wasn't a 2 or 3 hours chat, this was an entire day event. It was started at 9am and didn't end until well after 10pm it was a great time. I popped in a few time during the day and it was going strong all day. They will also be doing another party in November so keep your eyes open for it, this is one you don't want to miss. 
I won 7 books during this chat as well as got a lot of great recipes!

So Thank you Michele Hart you did an amazing job putting this together and thank you to all the other authors for being so generous and entertaining!

Authors involved in the chat:

Lisa Alexander-Griffin
Rose Anderson
E. Ayers
J.D. Faver
Michele Hart
Tara Manerino
Missy Martine
Nancy O'Berry 
Jane Leopold Quinn

Books won:
Missy Martine - Table for Three, Catch Her if She Falls, & Changing their Wolfen Heritage 
Michele Hart - Vigilant 
E. Ayers - Wanted, Mariner's Cove, A Fine Line

Lisa Alexander-Griffin & Missy Martine

This Summer Love-In Yahoo Group was a temporary room and will be closed, but if you'd like to look at any of the excerpts or grab any of the wonderful recipes it will be open until Monday 7/18.

You can pick up these books through Smashwords and Amazon

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blunt Card Anyone?

Facebook Blunt Card

Before Twitter Blunt Card

Have you ever heard of Bluntcard? Well I found this site while surfing the web last night and died laughing! I couldn't resist sharing just a few with you tonight. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

JULY 14 * Hot Free Reads * Sizzling Excerpts * Fun Contests * Laughs * e-Book Giveaways *

Join today for a chance to win $25 to ARe!
Set Your Summer on Fire
at Our Smoldering Summer Love-In!
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Come Chat With Us July 14th!
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All You Have to Do Is Join Our Chat…And Chat!
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Passion, heat, and adventure awaits! Don't miss it!

Kris Cook Calendar of Guest Author Chats

 Have you ever wanted to chat your you favorite authors? Well check this out! Kris Cook/ Righteous Perverts has created a fabulous chat room and always has the best authors chatting. Here is a copy of his schedule til October 2011.

Calendar of Guest Author Chats

Beth Williamson July 13 Laurann Dohner Aug 3

Shelli Stevens July 20 Megan Hart Aug 10

Morgan Fox Jul 27 Sophie Oak Aug 17

Corinne Davies Jul 28 - Thu Chat Annabel Joseph Aug 24

Stacey Espino Aug 31

Melissa Schroeder Sep 7 Shayla Black Oct 5

Nine Naughty Novelists Sep 14 Skylar Kade Oct 12

Delilah Devlin Sep 21 Jennifer August Oct 19

Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

Sep 28 Sophie Oak Oct 26

My "Must Have" Reads

 I took a two week break from posting my "MUST HAVE" reads but this wee's "Must Have" reads completely make up for it! I've already 2 of these books today and can't figure out which I want to start next. 

A Cop and A Feel
A Cop and a FeelReleased: 7/12/11
Series: Karmic Consultants, Book 5

He’s going to be the love of her life…if they survive the night.

With a single touch, Ronna Mitchell can catch stolen glimpses of the future and separate truth from lies. But life as a human polygraph machine can be lonely. Craving human contact, she moonlights as a palm reader whenever a carnival comes to town.

Officer Matt Holloway is intent on trailing a hit man when he ducks into a palm reader’s booth to avoid being spotted by his quarry. The beguiling Jamaican fortune teller is definitely intriguing, but she’ll have to wait. He’s close on the assassin’s tail.

When Ronna takes his hand, a startling vision of the future flashes in her mind’s eye. Matt isn’t a typical client, he’s The One. Before she has the chance to introduce herself as the mother of his unborn children, he’s gone, leaving her with a terrifying vision of her soul mate covered in blood. And dead certain she’s the only one who can save her happily ever after. 

Product Warnings:
This book contains carnies, cops, chases, chance encounters and love at first touch.  

Ghost Soldiers
Ghost SoldiersReleased: 7/12/11
Series: The Nightfall Syndicate, Book 2
Get in. Do the job. Get out. If only it were that easy.

Vampire hit man Karl Vance has a new target: a rogue, charismatic sorcerer building an army of paranormal creatures in Eastern Europe. The stakes have never been higher, nor the odds so long, but he’s in too deep to turn back. If Karl fails to kill, the powerful Order of the Thorn will hunt down Maria Ricardi, the vampire he loves, and destroy everything he’s fighting for.

When Karl is cut off in enemy badlands, he’s reduced to survival mode, doing the kinds of things he’d sworn would never be part of his vampire existence. Things that will forever color his relationship with Maria...if he survives to see her again.

In Boston, Maria is haunted by disturbing dreams of Karl as she struggles to keep control of her mafia syndicate against a growing tide of threats—traitors, FBI agents, hostile crime families, and the fear that power will turn her into a creature like her hated Master, Delgado. Then she discovers Karl is walking straight into a deadly trap…and there may be nothing she can do to stop it in time. 

Product Warnings:
Explicit language and intense, violent content. Assassinations, betrayals, paranormal warfare, explosions, gangland slayings, chaos, calamity, rampant pandemonium, and an occasional fiery explosion.

Southern Comfort
Southern ComfortReleased: 7/12/11 
Series: Compass Brothers, Book 2

Caught between desire and a promise…

Seth Compton knew from the first that his boss’s daughter was all wrong for him. She was too feisty, too damned independent and, at seven years his junior, too damned young. When she comes home with a college diploma and fiancé on her arm, though, he can’t quite remember all the reasons he held her at arm’s length.

It’s not just his jeans-tightening reaction to her all-grown-up curves. Something doesn’t feel right about her impending marriage, and he won’t rest until he’s stopped her from making the biggest mistake of her life.

The morning after her wild bachelorette party, Jody expected a hangover. The surprise? Waking up tied to a bed with sexy-as-sin Seth. He’s got some wild idea about proving they belong together, but she’s not buying it. Besides, she has a promise to keep that’s too close to her heart to risk, especially not with a man who, until now, made his disinterest plain.

No one ever said Seth backed down from a challenge. She’s going to make him work for it? No problem. Luckily for him, he has plenty of rope… 

Product Warnings
This story contains a bondage lovin’ cowboy who kidnaps and hogties a cowgirl to his bed and does all sorts of naughty things to her. Fun, right?

Power Shift
Released: 7/13/11
Series:  none- but if you read Taming Tara and Power Struggle you see a few familiar people.
Gabe’s lifestyle as a Master Dom is leaving him empty and cold. Everything else in his life seems to be falling apart too. Taking a break from the BDSM scene seems like a good idea—until he meets the perfect submissive.

Reagan has started a new life as a strong, independent woman. The last thing she wants is to be trapped in another controlling relationship. Letting a dominant man like Gabe into her life could cost her everything she’s worked so hard for. But Reagan sees the emotions Gabe’s keeping locked inside, and she knows how to unlock those feelings.

Gabe is determined to never lose control, show weakness or reveal his secrets. But the lust he shares with Reagan breaks through his walls. Faced with a bleak, lonely future, he must somehow find the strength to let himself be vulnerable before he can experience the joy and sweetness of love.

Note: To see how Reagan’s friends found love and lust, don’t miss Tori’s romance in Power Exchange or Tara’s in Taming Tara.

Reader Advisory: Contains very brief male/male touching.

Make Mine a Double
Releases: 7/15/11
Series: none

A sequel to  My Greatest Fantasy

No doubt about it, Kaylie Ward’s a loser magnet. So she swears off men. But give her some tequila to wash away those man troubles and she’s more than ready for a hot ménage fantasy. Somehow, dream and reality collide when she wakes up with two naked hunks in bed with her—not that she’s complaining.

Best friends, business partners, lovers—Max Lockhart and Brayden Sinclair share everything, including women. Like a bad country song, they went looking for love in all the wrong places, only to find it waiting for them at home, in their bed no less.

Kaylie’s plans for the future revolve around having a “normal” life. Going after it means living with a broken heart, unless she can keep her double order of beefcake and have a real family too.

Seeds of Dawn
SecretsReleased: 7/12/11
 Series:Seeds of Dawn, Book 2 
Secrets: They have a way of sneaking up on you.

Max Rockwell is the muscle. Give him a good fight and he is ready to go. Sick a sexy reporter on him and he is doomed. The pack secrets are safe with him. He wouldn’t spill them even if his life depended on it. But what if it isn’t his life he has to worry about?
Valerie Thomas wants a story and the smoking hot Max will give her want she wants. What she gets is more than she bargained for. Creatures she couldn’t even begin to imagine are after her all because fate is a bitch.
Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series

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