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Thursday, October 31, 2013

What to read this Halloween? Try this twisted tale.

Just in time for Halloween! A new book "From the twisted mind of S.L. Carpenter"

Playing doctor has never been so fun…
Mary’s nights are empty and cold, especially when that last battery dies. She yearns for the warmth and fulfillment only a living partner can provide, but is failing dismally in the dating arena. She’s a Medical Examiner with an advanced degree in sheer brilliance, but she can’t find the right guy with the right equipment. They all have something to offer, but none of her dates seems to posses the complete package. Together with her bestie, Inga the Scandinavian little person, Mary devises a plan, using her genius, the magic of electricity, and the choicest morsels from her evening “buffet” at the morgue.

Gruesome? To some, perhaps. But for Mary it’s a chance to achieve her lifetime dream and create something unique and living, instead of endlessly cataloging death.  Long shot or not, Mary knows she has to try. Because where there’s a willy, there’s a way…
Mary finished her last autopsy on a man who had a massive heart attack during sex with a prostitute. The handcuff marks were still on his wrists because they couldn’t find the key immediately, and the look on his face—his lips puckered and his eyes crossed—made her snicker.

“Look Inga? Remind you of anyone?”

Inga stood on her tiptoes and smiled. “Yeah, looks like Professor Ryan when he caught me going down on his wife on that big wooden desk in his office.”

Mary’s days tended to run together into a blur. She had never gone for the standard three kids, a house and a wealthy husband kind of life everyone envisioned for her. Instead she knew she was a borderline workaholic with little time for anything normal in the way of a social life.

As she sat in the cafeteria, sipping on her fresh cup of espresso, she took a long, deep cleansing breath. Inga had left already because she had a date with a pair of nymphomaniac Vietnamese lesbians. The cases were pretty much wrapped up, and Mary figured another hour or two and she could leave. In the quiet, she started to daydream.

Perhaps she should call Peter back. See if he’d be up for a date. She had left him asleep with a bag of frozen peas on his balls. He had a shiny glaze on his lips from eating her out, and was snoring from exhaustion.

Maybe he could be a steady fuck buddy. He had great equipment and sure knew how to use it. She wondered what it would be like to be in a somewhat normal relationship.

She reflected on all the different men and sexual partners she had been with in the past, and went back even further in her memories. She’d never been the most popular girl in school. Most women geniuses tended to be shunned and even though she had the looks and social skills, dealing with the arrogant divas in college fraternities wasn’t her bag. She tended to be drawn to the lab rats and nerdy guys who understood intelligent thoughts instead of football scores. The ones who boasted about the notches on their headboards from all the girls they gave drugs and alcohol to so they could fuck them then brag how good they were.

A few times Mary had fallen into relationships but mostly she wound up in disasters.

Brad had been the guy every girl wanted to be with. He played football, was boyishly handsome, popular and—rumor had it—was any young girls dream in the back seat of a car. When she was in her first year of college he was a junior, and scouts were already looking at him for the pros.

Mary fell under his spell in class when she sat next to him. She let him cheat off her papers because that smile made her heart melt and her panties wet. She wasn’t the type to go for the fantasy guys. In fact she hadn’t gone for any guys up to that point.

Being a virgin in college was almost as much of a sin as being the college slut. The line between the two wasn’t wide at all. Girls needed to be wholesome and pure but know about sex and giving blowjobs and maybe some anal on a special occasion.

But most guys steered away from the girls known to be walking nymphomaniacs. The ones who usually spread diseases when they walked past a guy and had scabies and crotch lice leaping off their pussies. It was a known fact that a dude would have to be covered in a full body condom and have a major dose of Lysol over his jewels before entering the hazardous waste dump.

Mary tried her best to walk that thin line.

Brad took her virginity as a bet in college. He posted nude photos of her on the Internet after slipping her a roofie and fucking her when she passed out on a set of bunk beds in his dorm room. The images of her with a Barbie doll in her ass were the worst, but he had the softest hands, perfectly sized to hold her, and he took care of them because he was a tight end.

However, she got some form of revenge a couple of years later. Brad came out as gay and was gang-banged by an opposing team after losing a bet. Now he’s a wide receiver.

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Author Bio
S.L. Carpenter is a lifelong Californian with a passion for creating tales that bypass strange and go straight to warped with the occasional side trip to twisted. Funny, outrageous and always hot, his stories have attracted readers for over a decade and the thirty or so books currently available with his name on the cover are a testament to his continuing popularity. Besides spending time with his family, he enjoys graphic design, and is the artist responsible for more eBook covers than anyone can count, many of them award winners. Recently he co-founded his own company, P and N Graphics, which provides art for writers and all those who love the literary world. He describes himself as an ordinary guy, but his readers know better.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cover Reveal for S. Walden's Better (Too Good #2)

Better (Too Good #2)
Author: S. Walden
Expected Release: November 19, 2013
Hosted By: Romance Addict Book Blog - http://www.romanceaddictbookblog.com/
Their relationship has been exposed, and now their lives are changed forever.

For Cadence Miller, the fast track to adulthood proves intimidating and frustrating. She’s a little girl lost—abandoned by her parents and uncertain of her future. She doesn’t think she “fits” anywhere. She’s eighteen. She wants to be older. And the result is both comical and heartbreaking.

Mark Connelly will do anything to provide Cadence a stable, loving home—to be her protector. But he’s just as broken and lost, and his heart won’t let go of his past so easily. He knows he must share his secret with Cadence. And he hopes his revelation won't tear them apart. He hopes it will draw them closer, and make their love better.

Good by S. Walden

*Good by S. Walden is current on is currently on sale for .99¢ on Amazon for a LIMITED TIME to help celebrate the release of Better!

S. Walden
S. Walden used to teach English before making the best decision of her life by becoming a full-time writer. She lives in Georgia with her very supportive husband who prefers physics textbooks over fiction and has a difficult time understanding why her characters must have personality flaws. She is wary of small children, so she has a Westie instead. Her dreams include raising chickens and owning and operating a beachside inn on the Gulf Coast (chickens included). When she's not writing, she's thinking about it.

She loves her fans and loves to hear from them. Email her at swaldenauthor@hotmail.com and follow her blog at http://swaldenauthor.blogspot.com where you can get up-to-date information on her current projects.

Twitter: @swaldenauthor

She made sure to look as inconspicuous as possible for her first day of classes: jean shorts, tank top, flip flops. She kept her hair down but pulled it off her face with a headband. She wore a tad bit of makeup. Nothing showy, but she thought first day classes warranted mascara and lip gloss, at the least.

She slid into a seat in the row closest to the windows. She didn’t bother to look for Michael. Or save him a seat. She still wasn’t sure about that guy. She felt guilty for not telling Mark about Michael’s kissing comment. She wanted a friend, but she was unsure if he was a good one. She scanned the room for somebody better. She needed a girlfriend. And there was one sitting directly behind her.

“Hi,” Cadence said tentatively.

“Hi,” the girl replied.

Cadence wasn’t sure what else to say. Neither was the girl. That was until she recognized Cadence.

“You went to Crestview High.”

Cadence’s face fell. “Yeah.”

“My friend went there. She graduated with you.”

Cadence nodded.

The girl leaned in and whispered, “Did you really have an affair with your math teacher?”


Friday, October 25, 2013

Natasha Moore - Her Royal Masquerade Review

Natasha Moore 

Her Royal Masquerade Review

Time is running out for Prince Vittorio. His father’s health is failing and he must find a royal bride. Fast. He’s never forgotten his glimpse of a beautiful Scandinavian princess and lures her to his Mediterranean country with an invitation to his father’s birthday ball. He’d planned to propose a marriage agreement as cold as her icy reputation, but then he discovers she's as colorful and warm as a summer sunset. The heat between them flares red-hot and when she allows him to seduce her, Vittorio sees his future unfolding just as he had planned. But what he doesn’t know is that the woman in his bed is not a princess at all.

The last thing schoolteacher Mia Holmberg expects when she masquerades as her royal cousin is to be swept off her feet by a charming prince. The incredible night in Vittorio’s arms is like a fairy tale come true, but she’d never want the life of a real princess, with all its pomp and politics. Knowing they can never have a future together, she slips out of his bed and back to reality, where she belongs. 

But Vittorio discovers the deception and kidnaps Mia back to his palace, demanding she be his mistress until the real princess appears. Despite her attempts to stay aloof, Mia soon learns there’s more to the prince than arrogance and attitude, but now she’s in danger of falling in love with a man she can never have.

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It isn’t often when you read a novella, and feel like you have read a full length book. This is one of those times. Prince Vittorio and Mia suck you in from the first sentence and have you wanting to see how it can possibly work out for them to both end up happy.

Price Vittorio of Mezzano’s time as a carefree bachelor is coming to an end. His father is very sick and may not be alive long. He sees Princess Brigitte of Stagatland in a chance encounter and schemes to have her come to his father’s birthday celebration. She isn’t the cold ice princess he is expecting, and this night spent in her company may change his life forever.

Mia Holmberg has been switching places with her royal cousin for most of their lives, so when Brigitte begs her to take her place at this celebration she reluctantly agrees. She truly didn’t expect to fall under the spell of Vittorio, but she can’t resist one night with in his arms to experience the chemistry that is flowing between them. She never expects to see him again. Boy is she surprised when he walks into her grandfather’s bakery and discovers that she lied to him. When he has her brought to him in Mezzano, she doesn’t know how this kidnaping could lead to the biggest heartache and life change a girl could ever experience.

Is happy for now enough? When the laws literally keep you from happily ever after, can you be content with a glimpse at true happiness? That is the big question for these two. I truly enjoyed the journey with these two. There is just something so special about both of them. It is the perfect quick read for a lunch break or before bed. I truly hope y’all enjoy it as much as I have! :)

~ Casey Lu

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Her Royal Masquerade Blog Tour

 Natasha Moore

 Her Royal Masquerade October 23

Thanks so much for having me as your guest today. I’m so excited about the release of Her Royal Masquerade.

What draws us to royalty? What has us scrambling for pictures of royal couples, following the engagement and wedding of William and Kate, and hanging on the media coverage of the birth of the new prince?  I suppose there is always a fascination with people whose lifestyles are so different from our own, especially if they seem so glamorous. I remember as a little girl dressing up as a princess with a long skirt and a make believe tiara on my head. I felt pretty and special, and don’t all little girls want to feel that way?

Look at the popularity of television shows like Once Upon A Time. We grow up on fairy tales. Stories of princes and princesses. Fantasies that make us sigh when the shoe fits or the kiss wakes the Sleeping Beauty. Some say it’s a Cinderella complex. The first time I heard that term I had to look it up. Basically, it describes a fear of being independent that causes an unconscious desire to be taken care of by others. And while that might describe some women out there, I think we can enjoy our fantasies without worrying we have some kind of complex.

Enjoying a fairy tale romance that involves a handsome prince is not looking for a man to take care of us. At least not for me. And not for Mia in Her Royal Masquerade. She’s not looking for a romance with a prince. She’s a practical schoolteacher and definitely not looking for someone to take care of her. She can take care of herself, thank you very much. But while she might not be helpless, when it comes to the way she feels about Vittorio, she’s weak. And don’t we all fantasize about the kind of love that engulfs us, embraces us? The kind of love that makes our heart soar. The kind of love that is so powerful, there is no escaping it.

But, you see, the thing is, it happens to Vittorio too. He never expected to fall in love. He’s required to marry royalty, so he expected a cold business arrangement of a marriage like his parents had. And then he meets Mia. And he’s just as weak around her. There’s no escaping his feelings for her, even when he knows it is an impossible situation. And don’t we all like the thought of a man, rich and powerful or not, who’s brought to his knees by the love of a woman?

So this book is for the little girl inside of us who always wanted to be a princess, even when she knew she was just an ordinary girl. And this book is for the grown woman in us, who can sigh when approached by a handsome prince, drawn out onto the dance floor, and begins to fall in love.  



Time is running out for Prince Vittorio. His father’s health is failing and he must find a royal bride. Fast. He’s never forgotten his glimpse of a beautiful Scandinavian princess and lures her to his Mediterranean country with an invitation to his father’s birthday ball. He’d planned to propose a marriage agreement as cold as her icy reputation, but then he discovers she's as colorful and warm as a summer sunset. The heat between them flares red-hot and when she allows him to seduce her, Vittorio sees his future unfolding just as he had planned. But what he doesn’t know is that the woman in his bed is not a princess at all.

The last thing schoolteacher Mia Holmberg expects when she masquerades as her royal cousin is to be swept off her feet by a charming prince. The incredible night in Vittorio’s arms is like a fairy tale come true, but she’d never want the life of a real princess, with all its pomp and politics. Knowing they can never have a future together, she slips out of his bed and back to reality, where she belongs. 

But Vittorio discovers the deception and kidnaps Mia back to his palace, demanding she be his mistress until the real princess appears. Despite her attempts to stay aloof, Mia soon learns there’s more to the prince than arrogance and attitude, but now she’s in danger of falling in love with a man she can never have.


Mia sipped her champagne and tried not to be affected by the man sitting next to her. He was so…so everything. Charming. Gorgeous. Commanding. Seductive. One dance and she hadn’t been able to control her reaction to him. What had made her press against him like that? 

To rub against his obvious erection? With a man she’d only known a few minutes. She was certain even Birgitte wouldn’t have been that forward. 

She’d had to get off the dance floor, had to get out of his arms before she did something outrageous like beg him to take her to some dark corner and ease the ache he was causing within her. But tonight she was Birgitte. No free pass at this ball. She had to act the princess. 

But she longed to be out on the dance floor again. The music was so stirring. She found herself swaying with the beat of the song. The ballad was one she didn’t recognize, one she’d certainly never heard back home. The melody called to her on a visceral level. There was no logical reason why. Music was that way sometimes. It couldn’t have anything to do with Vittorio.

“What are you thinking?” he asked softly, leaning over to murmur the question softly in her ear.  

“Simply enjoying the music,” she replied, trying to ignore the delightful shiver caused by the whisper of his warm breath along her skin.  

He slipped his arm over the top of her chair, letting his fingers brush her bare shoulders. 

Just a simple touch like that sent her heart racing. “Would you like to dance again?” he asked in a seductive tone that suggested he might be talking about more than just a dance. 

“I’m not sure I dare,” she admitted, keeping her gaze on the musicians.  

“Oh?” With one finger, he touched her chin and turned her face his way. He shot her a wickedly sexy grin. “You don’t seem to be the type to back away from a challenge.” 

She leaned back against his warm arm. She couldn’t help herself. “So I should consider another dance with you as a challenge?” 

One lazy finger traced circles on her bare shoulder, teasing a shiver to run along her skin. “For me, the challenge will be pretending I have no more interest in you than any other guest at the palace tonight.” 

Mia swallowed to moisten her suddenly dry mouth. Pretending she was Birgitte made it slightly easier for her to hold his gaze and slowly smile. “And what interest do you have in the princess of Stagatland?” 

“I assure you, my interest in you is strictly as a beautiful, enticing woman. That you are the lovely princess is simply an additional benefit.” 

She knew better. He wouldn’t be flirting with her if he knew she was a commoner, no one of importance. If he ever saw her in her usual outfits, the bulky sweaters and heavy boots, he wouldn’t look at her twice. The knowledge should have upset her, but it had been a fact of life for her since she was old enough to realize that her cousin was treated differently than she was. Mia had always had to step back and let Birgitte have all the attention, no matter if it was a royal affair or simply a family gathering. 

To be called beautiful and enticing by such a handsome, charming man gave her often bruised ego a boost. What harm would it do to soak up an easy compliment? He probably tossed them away like crumbs to the birds. A man such as Prince Vittorio surely had had his choice of beautiful women over the years. He knew how to charm. Seduce. She told herself she could enjoy it without making more of it than what was intended. 

Birgitte would probably take the compliment as her due. No sense gushing over the flattering remarks. She was a princess. Act like it, she admonished herself. 

“I suppose I could take a chance and join you on the dance floor once more,” she said, trying to keep her tone light and flirty, and not betray the fact that she was aching to be back in his arms again. 

“I like a woman who’s willing to take a risk.” The faint lines at the corners of his eyes crinkled with his smile and she wanted to reach out and brush her finger over them. Oh, she liked him. More than she should.  

Grab the moment, Mia. Tomorrow you’ll be back home, shivering from the freezing cold instead of the arousing touch of a handsome prince.  

Vittorio rose and graciously helped her to her feet. His commanding presence threatened to take her breath away. How could she resist him at all? 

Buy Links
Amazon | B&N
Natasha Moore fell in love with the written word as soon as she could read. As she grew up, she discovered romance and now enjoys the chance to add some extra sizzle to her stories. She writes sexy contemporary and erotic romance because she believes that stories of love and hope are important, and that there’s nothing better than a happy ending. She lives in New York State with her husband, her real life hero who is happy to tell everyone that he’s her inspiration. 

Join us for Natasha Moore’s HER ROYAL MASQUERADE blog tour.  Natasha is giving away a Grand Prize – $100 Amazon Gift Card

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cover Reveal for "Stripped Clean" by Ellis Carrington

Cover Reveal Blitz 
“Stripped Clean” By Ellis Carrington 
October 17, 2013 

Stripped Clean 

by Ellis Carrington


Carlos O'Shea is stuck. He knocked-up a girl in college after a night of too much drinking, and then married her to be honorable. With little money, fewer options, and no degree, he winds up cleaning the floors in a small town gentleman's club and thinking desperate thoughts about the handsome owner that'll lead to 

nothing but trouble.

Greg Moorehouse only invested in a nudie bar to help his best buddy out of a financial crisis. Now his drug-dealing ex boyfriend, his reverend father, and a parade of surgically-enhanced DD's are driving him insane. But what's really stripped him of all good sense is his growing obsession with his married employee, Carlos.

They circle each other in a push-pull of misunderstandings and growing attraction. Carlos needs to get his boss out of his head, and Greg can’t abide cheaters and married men. So what are a strip club owner and the guy who cleans going to do with their undeniable desires?

Please note: This is an adult GLBT romance (male/male romance), for mature readers only. Contains explicit love-making between two hot-blooded men, angsty dark moments, and cupcake-baking exotic dancers.

Available for purchase at 



Greg glanced at Carlos’s hand. “You still aren’t wearing your ring. Were you actually married, or was that some kinda fucked-up story?”

Carlos groaned and stared up at the morning sky. “She moved out, which was why I came by the club. I wanted to talk, but you were otherwise engaged.” He coughed a laugh. “I’m not sure what kind of crack I was smoking thinking that we were that kind of friend. You’re my boss for crying out loud.”

“Oh.” Greg pressed his lips together, nodding with mock agreement. “That’s very mature. While we’re being mature, should I trot out the liar-liar-pants-on-fire argument, because I’m pretty sure I saw you kissing that guy in there.”

Carlos thumped down the barely-holding-it-together wood stairs. “You did not see me kissing him in there. Did. Not.”

“Looked a hell of a lot like kissing.” Greg’s insides washed in relief, but he wasn’t sure he was ready to buy what Carlos was selling.

Carlos leaned close. “I handed him,” he said slowly, “a cup of coffee. We were talking. Our faces were close. The screen’s kinda thick on that living room window. Not the most conducive for spying, Greg.”

Oh Jesus. “I wasn’t spying I just happened— You know what? Whatever.” He spread his arms out wide. Took a step back. “So your wife being gone has nothing to do with you humping my leg in your sleep and coming in your pants?”

Carlos didn’t answer, but his face flushed a hot red that would have been sexy if Greg hadn’t been so pissed.

“Yeah. Listen,” Greg said. “This ain’t exactly an out-and-proud part of the country, man. Nobody knows better than I do. I’ve had my share of run-ins.” He stepped backward. Suddenly his stomach was full of rocks and he needed to get back to his car. “I still trusted you.” He nodded again, more to himself this time than to Carlos. “Gotta be honest, that you didn’t? Stings some.”

“Hey.” Carlos’s long legs ate up the distance between them. He gripped Greg’s shoulder with strong, dark fingers and pushed him back against the alcove over the front door, kissing hard.

Oh God. His distant memory of kissing Sammy had nothing on kissing Carlos. This was fire. Passion. Greg’s mouth came alive with Carlos’s lips on his. Their tongues slid together. His cock hardened as their bodies pressed in all the right places. Electricity shot through his veins when Carlos’s teeth grazed his tongue.

Carlos moaned and repositioned his mouth, kissing over and over. Harder. Harsher. Grinding erection against erection, twisting the fabric of Greg’s shirt in his hand.

Greg’s brought his hands to Carlos’s shoulders, and whether he was holding tighter or pushing away, he couldn’t quite tell even to himself.

Carlos pulled away, and Greg was still gasping when Carlos whispered in his ear, “I’m awake now, Greg.”

About the Author

Romance requires a hopeful ending and that is why Ellis Carrington is driven to write it. She loves to create original stories that are gritty, witty, and a little unexpected, just like the heroes who inhabit them. Her guys come in both human and non-human form because spirit guides and vampires deserve love too. Her favorite things are great friends, great music, and books that make her sob like there’s no tomorrow.

You can find her at:


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Monday, October 14, 2013

Getting "Fresh" with author Jodi Lipper

Getting "Fresh" with Jodi

Q&A with Jodi Lipper

Q: How did you come up with the title Fresh Women?

A: I loved the fact that there are many different meanings and plays on words within the title, Fresh Women.  I think all writers have certain words they love and hate, and I love the word fresh.  It can have opposing meanings and in the case of the tittle, it represents the opposition between the novel’s main characters.  Most people will probably look at the cover and assume the title refers to women being fresh meaning nasty and impudent, and that’s certainly true.  But it also references how raw, innocent, and pure other characters are.  Finally, Fresh Women is a wink to my fellow women’s college graduates.  At Barnard, we were told not to refer to ourselves as freshmen because we weren’t men.  The term we used instead was First Years, but sometimes we used Fresh Women in jest.  When I started writing this book, Fresh Women captured everything I wanted to convey in a title and I never considered using anything else.

Q: You are well known for writing a non-fiction series about Hot Chicks.  Tell us about that series.

A:  The “Hot Chick” series is three books that I wrote with the fabulous writer and actress Cerina Vincent.  In our books, we define a Hot Chick as a confident, empowered woman who knows what she wants and goes after it.  Those books aren’t about looks at all! Through our friendship, Cerina and I learned so much and gained a lot of confidence, and the idea behind that series was to share the life-changing advice that we gave each other with young women around the world.  We started with diet advice (or as we call it, anti-diet advice) in How to Eat Like a Hot Chick because we know that so much of women’s confidence is unfortunately centered on what we eat and how we feel about our weight.  From there, we moved to relationships (the other thing we drive ourselves nuts about) in How to Love Like a Hot Chick. Then we wrapped it all up with advice on work/life balance in Live Like a Hot Chick. It’s been amazing to hear from women all over the world who tell us, “I used to look in the mirror and think, ‘I’m a fat pig,’ but now I tell myself, ‘I am a Hot Chick!’”

Q: You’ve also written several books as a ghostwriter. What’s that like?

A: I love the process of ghostwriting, mostly because it involves such close collaboration. Writing can be a lonely process, but when you’re working with an author on his or her book, it’s a lovely partnership instead of a solitary endeavor!  Ghostwriting also allows me to step into another author’s shoes for a few months and learn from them while helping them share their story and expertise with the rest of the world.  It is rewarding and challenging to capture an author’s unique voice and translate it into an actual book.

Q: Why did you decide to start writing fiction now?

A: I strongly believe that as a writer it’s crucial to be diverse. It’s one thing if you’re an established entity who’s selling a billion thrillers a year or what have you, but as a non-fiction writer, I had to diversify.  My expertise is in writing in general, not in one style of writing or one particular subject.  After reading the Hot Chick books, some people are surprised to hear that I’ve written serious non-fiction as a ghostwriter, but that’s silly and judgmental. I’ve written everything from grant proposals for Ivy League colleges to speeches for corporate CEOs.  A good writer can write anything, and fiction was simply the next way to challenge and push myself.  It’s a way of expressing a different side of myself.  I have no intention of giving up ghostwriting, either.  Part of what I love about writing is the opportunity to keep trying something new, challenging, and exciting!

Q: What do you enjoy reading?

A: My tastes as a reader are just as diverse as they are as a writer!  I love all types of fiction, from literary fiction to chick lit to romance.  In non-fiction, I especially love memoirs and books that inspire and motivate me to push harder and do better!

~Fresh Women~


When Cate arrives at Barnard College, the prestigious women’s school in Manhattan, she’s trusting, innocent, and maybe a bit too na├»ve. But she’s determined to use these four years to figure out who in the world she’s meant to be.  At a school where she’s lectured not to identify herself by her gender, Cate is shocked by her own attraction to her very oppositely gendered professor. Alex is sexy and mysterious, having survived a recent tragedy.  In fact, his presence on campus causes such a stir that soon Cate finds herself competing for his attentions with both another professor and a girl who may be her best friend or her worst enemy.  But Cate and Alex’s connection is undeniable.  It proves to bestronger than the rumors, backstabbing, and scandal that soon begin to swirl. But first it must be tested…

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Amazon / B&N / Smashwords


“Are you okay?” He asked, his face etched with concern, and she just nodded again, not trusting her voice.  She didn’t want to cry in front of him, but it was looking inevitable.  “Come here,” Alex said, sitting down on the plush chair across from his desk and pulling Cate down into his lap.  She just sat there as he stroked her hair and planted a few soft kisses on her cheek, and after maybe thirty seconds she fell into a sound sleep.

Cate opened her eyes an hour later and watched Alex for a full minute before she realized where she was.  He was holding his arms out to the side, squinting his eyes to read something that looked like a manuscript.  As he finished each page he turned it agonizingly slowly, taking great pains not to wake her.  Cate hadn’t known quite what to expect when she began this spontaneous relationship of sorts with her professor, but this simple act of kindness and consideration certainly wasn’t it.  It made her think, against every other ounce of her good judgment, that this was actually a good idea.  The year had been incredibly hard, lonely, and confusing, and if she could find someone who cared enough about her to sacrifice his own comfort and productivity just so she could get a few minutes of sleep, why in the world would she let that person go?

“Hi,” she said softly and he turned his head to look at her.  They both smiled.  Cate wrapped one arm around his neck and pulled his face to hers, kissing him passionately once they met.  Alex was clearly surprised by her aggression, but pleasantly so.  He tossed his manuscript onto the floor and put both of his hands at her waist, pulling her towards him in a much different position than the childlike one she’d slept in.  Now she was straddling him, her knees pressed against the back of the cushioned chair as they kissed fervently.  Cate felt like he was consuming her and she liked it.  She wanted to disappear into Alex, away from her own mixed feelings and constant confusion.  

Cate stood up abruptly to shimmy out of her jeans.  Alex took the hint and did the same thing, and then they rearranged themselves on the chair in the exact same position as before.  Alex had already entered her when he pulled her sweater and bra over her head in one motion, bending her backwards so that he could reach his lips to her breasts. 
A quiet moan escaped from her lips.  Alex moved his hands down to her hips, using his strength to push her entire body back and forth against him so that he went deeper and deeper inside.  Cate kissed him as she ground her body against his, loving the way his hard body felt against her soft skin.  Alex grabbed onto her hair as they rocked together in perfect unison.

Praise for Fresh Women:

"FRESH WOMEN is the smartest, sexiest, funniest fun I've had reading in I don't know how long.  Read it immediately." - Rachel Shukert, author of the Starstruck series.

“Fans of both New Adult romance and chick lit will love Lipper's sexy and irreverent tale of friendship between outspoken and endearing girls on the cusp of womanhood.” - Zoe 

Fishman, author of Saving Ruth, Balancing Acts, and the upcoming Driving Lessons

Author Info:

Jodi Lipper is the co-author of the bestselling “Hot Chick” book series (How to Eat Like a Hot Chick, How to Love Like a Hot Chick, and Live Like a Hot Chick).  These inspiring, girlfriend-to-girlfriend self help books are sold throughout the world, have been translated into half a dozen languages, and have been featured on the Tyra Banks Show, Extra!, Good Morning America Now, and in Jodi’s regular appearances on NBC’s Today Show.  Jodi’s writing has been featured in Time Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Essence, OK Magazine, USA Weekend, Star Magazine, Women’s Health, In Touch Weekly, the Huffington Post, Maxim Magazine, Complete Woman, Galtime, Pop Sugar, and many other print and online publications.  

Jodi is also a prolific ghostwriter who has collaborated with numerous experts and celebrities on books in a wide variety of genres.  Before becoming a writer, Jodi worked at Atria Books/Simon & Schuster with #1 New York Times bestselling authors such as Jodi Picoult, Brad Thor, and Vince Flynn.  She lives in Manhattan with her husband and two young daughters. Fresh Women is her first novel.

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