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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Recap -Down Under Divas- Last Day To Enter Contest

A quick recap ..

  • Rhian has just finished writing her third book in her Coyote Hunger Series, Coyote Whispers. They had so much they wanted to say and do, this book will be Novel length!
  •  Truth Or Dare is her second book in the Party Games Series and will be coming out in January 2012. (co-written with Lexxie Couper) 
  • This week she will start working on the third book in the Party Games Series, Spin the Bottle 
  • She will also be attending Ellora Cave's RomanticCon  in Akron, Ohio this year Sept. 29- Oct. 2, 2011  

Sami Lee
  • Sami is doing much better and has gotten over her cold
  • She is starting to get things ready for her upcoming BIG 40 Birthday Party Mad Hatter style – Yep she’s having a Mad Tea Party
  • As a pre-birthday present some friends got together for a party and yep! What happens when you get a bunch of women together who like to have fun = STRIPPER,  check out her blog for details.
  • Sami is supposed to be working on something new for us, hopefully we will see it very soon.

  • Jess has a FREE book, Exotic Indulgence, releasing from Samhain on Aug. 23 Book 1 Bandicoot Cove Anthology (co-written with Vivian Arend & Lexxie Couper)  Jess’s book is the 4th in the series to be released  Sept. 20 and is called  Island Idyll
  • Nov. 1st she will be releasing a New series, Speed. First book is called See You In My Dreams will be available through Samhain.
  • Hidden Fire the sequel to Winter Fire releases in January 2012. Jenna & Garreth’s story.

Lexxie Couper

  • Lexxie has hidden talents – for one she makes videos! Check her out!
  • Three, yes I said THREE releases from Samhain. Her FREE book,  Exotic Indulgence, Aug. 23 Book 1 – Bandicoot Cove Anthology (co-written with Vivian Arend & Lexxie Couper). Lexxie’s book is book 3, Tropical Sin, releases Sept. 6. And then In January Rob’s story (Triple Dare)
  •   Lex will be attending the Romance Writer’s of Australia’s convention in August in Melbourne.
  • She also has a Dragon shifter story releasing later this year from Ellora’s Cave. I got a look at this book and OMG!! This is now at the top on my “Must Have” list and it isn’t even available yet!

 I will be drawing 3 lucky winners tomorrow night, winners will notify you by email. Thank you for participating in my first contest. I hope you enjoyed yourself this week and visit again soon.

* winners will have 72 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lexxie Couper - Down Under Divas - Contest Continues

Lexxie, Lexxie, Lexxie .... 

Wow, I thought my 3 year old nephew was lively but nothing compares to this Aussie and her energetic personality. Lexxie Couper had me going from the first night we met. 
Even though I had not read a single thing she had written at that point I was still overjoyed to met her. Rhian and Lexxie kept me and my friends up all night/ morning the first night we met, hell they even came back to my hotel room with us (I can honestly say that was a first for me, bringing someone I just met at a bar home/ or at least to my room with me *Grin*)
There are a few things I've found out about Lex since meeting her. 1 - She has a sweet tooth, she loves her Aussie chocolate. OMG you should have seen the amount of Tim Tams this lady brought! For those of you who don't know what a Tim Tam is, I feel sorry for you. They are the best chocolaty yummy cookie. I've had them before when I traveled to Australia but they taught me what a Tim Tam slam was and I can't even being to explain the yummy goodness. (Lex even gave me a couple*Grin*). 2- She also really likes Sun Chips and has a craving right now for them.But sadly can't get them in Australia, they are in the mail *Grin*. 3- She is a very generous person and loves to make others laugh. She is the biggest character I've ever met.4 - Did you know that Lexxie does video book trailers? Yes she does!!Check out her Youtube account, she does some brilliant work too.  And 5 - She is a  FABULOUS author. After coming home from the convention Lexxie was one of the authors I stuck on my "must read" now list and I now await paydays so I can get a new one.
Lexxie and the other Divas are Twitter users, so  my friends friend them and you might get lucky like I did. I was surfing "The Twitter" (that's for Mari Carr - xoxo) feed when I saw Lexxie post about needing some feedback on her current WIP. Now would you not jump on that? I did.  She gave me a tease, the first four chapters, of it and HOLY MOLEY!!! I can't wait to see the finished product. You will be very happy with it let me tell you. I know I won't be forgetting it anytime soon *BIG GRIN*
I asked Jess to tell me something about Lexxie and this is what she said "she's wonderfully twisted, she's too bloody nice. And an incredible author."
Awww- Such Diva Love.
 Lexxie lives by two simple rules – measure your success not by how much money you have, but by how often you laugh, and always try everything at least once. As a consequence, she’s laughed her way through many an eyebrow raising adventure.

Lexxie's Newest Releases

Blowing it Off

Release Date: June 1, 2011
Book Length: Novella

Stimulated, Book One
A fire has destroyed the studio of glassblower Phoebe Masters. And she knows what that means—a visit from the arson investigators. The two men who reduced her heart to cinders. Men she’d hoped never to see again.
One wild weekend with Phoebe overwhelmed Will Bradley and Damon Hunt. Like wankers, they blew it off, burning any chance for a future with the talented beauty. The investigation gets them back in her life, but now they have to prove the three of them were meant to be together. Their strategy?
A body-blazing inferno none of them will ever be able to extinguish.

 * I just finished this book and it is scorching HOT!!

  • Endless Lust

Endless Lust (Seven Deadly Daemons, Book Two)

Release Date: March 2011
Length: Novel

Cate Sinclair’s life is ruled by lust. Day and night, awake and dreaming, an unseen force plies her with pleasure to the point of pain. Each orgasm wrenched from her exhausted body stealing her energy, her very essence, until insanity seems a sweet relief.
When Eamon enters her life, Cate’s uncertain if the gorgeous, enigmatic man is her salvation…or the cause of her worst nightmares.
Reader Advisory: Our heroine endures endless amounts of forced seduction. But how do you fight advances from an enemy you can’t see?

 Now just a few quick questions:

1. What is your favorite thing to read? 

Too hard. Um, how bout we say favorite things, plural? Is that okay? And that being the case, romance. Followed by horror. Followed by comedy. Followed by sci-fi.
2. If you had to choose 5 things you couldn't live without, what would they be?

Better say my husband first :) Then my girls, Tim Tams, Colin Firth movies and toothpaste.
3. What is the craziest thing you've done (that you'll admit to)? 

Broken into a science lab to free the animals caged there. It was crazy because I knew the night guard. I didn't get caught but it was bloody close.

4. What is you biggest guilty pleasure? 

Hmmm...watching rom-coms when I should be writing and calling it research? *grin*

5. What would you do if you found out you only had seven days left to live?
Only seven? Shit. How did that happen? Hmm...okay, apart from the obvious (cry, bawl and refuse to stop hugging my daughters...) I'd eat whatever I bloody well wanted. God, I'm so superficial *sigh*

Is there anything else you'd like to tell your fans? Upcoming releases? Trips? Conventions? Contracts? 

Oooh, where do I begin? I've got three upcoming releases with Samhain this year (all contemporary erotic romances), a dragon shifter rom-com hopefully releasing with Ellora's Cave later in the year and about five horrotics sometime over the next twelve months. Added to that Rob's story is finally coming out in January (for those that have read Triple Dare). Yay! 
Oh and I'm also attending (and speaking) at the Romance Writers of Australia's convention in August in Melbourne so if you feel like a quick trip Down Under you can come give me a hug in person (I love hugs *grin*)

Like I said earlier in my post, Lexxie is a very generous person, so generous she has lovingly donated an e-book for this weeks contest.

You can find Lexxie Couper at the following places around the web:

International Heat Blog - http://internationalheat.wordpress.com/

You can purchase Lexxie Couper's books at:

* To enter the Down Under Diva's contest follow my blog, leave a comment, and a contact email address. Best of Luck xoxo - Winner will be drawn on July 1st, 2011.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jess Dee - Down Under Divas - Contest Continues

I sat at my computer all night trying to figure out what I wanted to say about Jess Dee. I just couldn't seem to figure out how I wanted to put in words how I felt or what I wanted to tell you. So this is what I came up with-
While there were a lot of authors that I was excited to meet, Jess Dee was one I was looking forward to meeting and she did not disappoint. She is a very welcoming person and I felt very comfortable with her. Jess was one of the first authors who talked to me about doing reviews and talking to people about books. She was very inspiring and encouraging.(Thanks for all the words of kindness-xoxo)
I was already in complete fan girl love with her from her books, which are AMAZING! But now after meeting her I can't say enough good about her. Like I said her books are amazing and she  has quite a few new ones for us this year including a Freebie from Samhain!

So lets see what Jess Dee has available for us right now:

Three of a Kind Series

Going All In Raising the Stakes 

Full House
A full house beats a pair any day.

Three of a Kind, Book 3

It’s been a long, lonely business trip for diamond dealer Max Ashberg. He’s missed his lover like crazy, and he’s come to the realization that he’s ready to take the next step: nominate himself to be Trev’s new housemate. Except when he gets to Trev’s place, there’s someone living in “his” room. A woman—with the face of an angel.

Six weeks shouldn’t make a huge difference in a man’s life, but in that time lawyer Trev Greenfield has realized two things: He wants much more than a standing Friday night “date” with Max. And he’s falling heart-over-head for his new housemate, potter Grace Miles.

Grace never meant to fall for Trev, but when a power failure turns their chemistry into live electricity, there’s no denying the spark. There’s also no denying the shock when Grace discovers a naked man in her new home.

With Grace poised to run and Max teetering between confusion and growing lust for the delicious possibilities, Trev has his hands full trying to hold the two loves of his life together…before they slip through his fingers. Leaving them all with shattered hearts.

*BTW - I absolutely loved this series!!!!

Fire Series

 Winter Fire

Guilty pleasures can heat the coldest winter night…

A Red Hot Winter story.

There’s never been any question in Rachel Ashberg’s mind. Jackson Brooks is the one, and they both know it. The problem? Thanks to his unbreakable rule—never date his twin sister’s friends—he’s completely off-limits. Even if they can’t imagine being with anyone else.

It’s been over two years since their last encounter, when they gave in—just once—to their passion. Now, as the Brooks twins’ milestone birthday approaches, Rachel and Jackson are about to meet again at a gorgeous mountain resort. Needing something to take the edge off the desire that has never faded, she indulges in a fling with sexy stranger Garreth Halt. He even makes her forget Jackson for a while. Or…maybe not.

When she mentions Jackson’s name in passing, Garreth picks up on all the hidden undertones in her voice. And he brings Jackson into their bed, if only in a fantasy they play out together. Funny thing about Garreth’s fantasies, though. Even the most improbable, impossible ones have a way of becoming reality…

Triple Dare                                                                       True Heart This is a group book that will be out in Print on December 6, 2011 under the title "Red Hot Winter"

*Did you know that Lexxie did these videos? WOW!! GO LEX!

She has many other books and series out:

A Question of .... Series
Question of Trust & Question of Love

The Tanner Siblings
Photo Opportunity & Ask Adam

Circle of Friends
Only Tyler & Steve's Story

Risking it All, Three's Company, & Boys Down Under 

Now a few quick questions -

1. What is your favorite thing to read?

 Romance. Without a doubt. A hot, sexy paranormal romance

2. If you had to choose 5 things you couldn't live without, what would they be?

 My hubby, my two kids, my dog and anything at all to do with Apple (iPad, iPhone, iMac)

3. What is the craziest thing you've done (that you'll admit to)?

 Sky diving!
Jumping out of a plane at 14 000 feet, attached to a complete stranger.
Holy moly, what was I thinking?

4. What is you biggest guilty pleasure?

 I have to say chocolate. Or ice cream. Mmmm, chocolate ice cream.

5. What would you do if you found out you only had seven days left to live?

Hmmm, I'd cry for the first day, rant and rave about the unfairness of it all the next day, and hug my hubby and kids for the next five.
Oh, and I would eat whatever I wanted to.
Liters of chocolate ice cream. Caramel Ice cream, ice cream sundaes, ice cream and melted mars bar sauce, fudge, cake with butter icing, donuts...

Is there anything else you'd like to tell your fans? Upcoming releases? Trips? Conventions? Contracts?

Upcoming Releases :):)
I have a few:

1) Bandicoot Cove, an Anthology written by myself, Lexxie Couper and Vivian Arend releases in a few weeks. The first book to release is a Samhain Freebie, called Exotic Indulgence (Aug 13th). My book, Island Idyll, the last of the four, releases on to 20th of Sept.

2) On the 1st of Nov, my first book in a whole new series, Speed, arrives at Samhain. It's called See You In My Dreams. It's sweet, it's red-hot and it's every girl's fantasy.

3) Finally, I'm very happy to tell you the sequel to Winter Fire releases at Samhain in January. It's called Hidden Fire, and it's Jenna and Garreth's story.

Jess Dee has also been so wonderful to offer one lucky winner an e-book from her backlist!

You can find Jess Dee at the following places around the web:

International Heat Blog - http://internationalheat.wordpress.com/

You can purchase Jess Dee's books at:

Samhain Publishing, Amazon, and B&N

* To enter the Down Under Diva's contest follow my blog, leave a comment, and a contact email address. Best of Luck xoxo - Winner will be drawn on July 1st, 2011.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sami Lee - Down Under Divas -Contest Continues

Sami Lee - I just love her name, it's so cute, I have a thing for boy type names for a girl. Well now that I got that out (lol), lets talk about Sami .
As you can see in her pic she is just adorable. So full of laughter and spunk. Rhian Cahill describes Sami like this "Sami is a pocket dynamo that I wish I could keep on hand for her wonderfully witty come backs. That woman cracks me up ALL the time. Plus she's cute. *grin*"
I thought Sami was the quiet and  more reserved one out of the Down Under Divas but from what I'm being told I think I may have missed judged her :)

Sami Lee is a little under the weather right now with Tonsillitis but was so kind enough to take a few minutes out and answer a few questions for us.

1. What is your favorite thing to read? 
I love to read a good rom com book, something by Jenny Crusie, Susan Elizabeth Phillips or Rachel Gibson.
 2. If you had to choose 5 things you couldn't live without, what would they be?
5 things I couldn't live without, hmm. Books (of course), pasta, good wine, my man (I really should say that :)) and my girls.
 3. What is the craziest thing you've ever done (that you'll admit to)?
Many years ago I bungee jumped off a bridge in New Zealand. I thought I was going to have a heart attack and die on the spot! I was told facing my fear of heights would cure it. It didn't!
4. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Probably reading erotic stories on my e-reader in public places and knowing nobody realizes what I'm reading. Then again, I don't feel that guilty about that.
 5. What would you do if you found out you only had seven days left to live?
Isaac Asimov famously said he'd type faster! But 7 days isn't long enough to write a book so I'd write letters to my girls passing on all the wisdom I've collected over the years (actually 7 days might not be long enough for that either *wink*.
 Is there anything else you'd like to tell your fans? Upcoming releases? Trips? Conventions? Contracts?
 I've had a very busy couple of years and I've only recently begun getting some serious writing done again. At the moment I'm focusing on one day at a time, one story at a time. I don't have any new release news YET but there will be some in the near future. That's a promise to myself and anyone else who has been waiting and wondering when the next Sami Lee will ever get here. Fingers crossed when it arrives it'll be good! 
Thanks for featuring me and the Divas this week Dawn. It was fantastic to meet you at RT in LA, one of the best trips of my life!

Find out more about Sami Lee, her books, and where to find her on the web.

 Sunset Stories

Late nights, lazy days and plenty of whipped cream. Come and meet the sexy chefs of idyllic Knight's Bay..

Sunset Knight - Book 2
Good things come to those who dare...

Sunset KnightLana Green is looking for a lover. At twenty-three, she’s more than ready to shed her shyness and shake up the status quo. Lucky her, the aloof bad boy she’s always wanted to shake it with, Brody Nash, is back in town. Too bad he barely knows she’s alive. Then an unexpected kiss makes her think her days of lusting from a distance are over. Despite the fact she’s no femme fatale and has zero clue how to seduce a man, she sets out to do exactly that.
 Brody hardly recognizes the alluring woman as the same gawky computer geek he left in Graceville six months ago. Lana has him spellbound, but his temporary stay in town is strictly business—running his friend’s restaurant while the man’s on his honeymoon. Brody doesn’t do relationships, and he doesn’t do permanent. But when he finds her asleep on his boat, he can’t keep his hands, or any other part of his anatomy, to himself.
Things get complicated when he discovers what he thought was a casual sexual encounter has just cured her of the one thing she wanted to get rid of—her virginity.

Chasing Sunset -Book 1
 When the sun goes down on their erotic encounter,who will be left standing?
Chasing Sunset
After an unsettled childhood, Sidney McCall has finally found a home in Graceville. This dream town comes with a dream boyfriend. Drew Buchanan is charming, romantic, completely devoted to her—and he cooks! Now if only the whole commitment thing didn’t give her night sweats…
Drew, a professional chef, wants nothing more than to give Sidney everything she’s ever dreamed of, both in and out of bed. Even if it means serving up her most secret wish complete with a whipped-cream topping: a tryst with two men. His best friend Brody Nash is the missing ingredient, and the only man he trusts with the woman he loves.
What starts out as a little harmless sexual play quickly boils over into something none of them expected. An emotional minefield that could forever change the course of their lives.

Stand Alone Books

 Fijian Fling
Can a jaded lawyer and a reformed criminal  really find true love in the tropics?

Born Again Virgin
Dumped by her boyfriend and on thin ice in her law career, Sophie Edison badly needs to re-evaluate her life. She escapes to her favourite hideaway on the tropical island of Fiji, where the attentions of the resort owner – the enigmatic and lethally sexy Dominick ‘Nick’ Dufour – prove a temptation too great to resist. Nick’s obvious desire to take her to bed is just the salve her battered confidence needs, and she embarks on an affair that leads her to unchartered waters. Before long she starts to wonder if she can ever go back to her old life.
Nick has lusted after Sophie for years. When she turns up at his secluded resort alone for the first time he wastes no time in making her his lover. Sophie is his perfect match in bed, and in the ocean and the shower… But although he might long for something more Nick knows theirs is just a holiday fling. For he is keeping the secret of his checkered past from Sophie and it could prove the ultimate deal breaker… 

Born Again Virgin
Can KD convince Kelsey they were made for each other before she marries the wrong guy?
Born Again Virgin
When she started a new life in the small town of Holly Hill, Kelsey Simmons made a vow to give up sex until she found The One. Now, finally, she has Mr. Right set firmly in her sights. She’s got the perfect plan to catch him. Trouble is, her intended target dodges cupid’s arrow and it hits Mr. Wrong smack in the rear.
KD McKinley isn’t looking for love. He’s just renovating Kelsey’s house to help out his ill stepfather. But smart and sexy Kelsey proves impossible to resist. Pretty soon, KD is reconsidering the whole white-picket-fence thing. However, his Miss Right thinks he’s all wrong and KD isn’t sure if he can convince her otherwise…

Sami Lee can be found around the web at the following places:

You can also purchase her books at:

Samhain Publishing, Amazon, and B&N

* To enter the Down Under Diva's contest follow my blog, leave a comment, and a contact email address. Best of Luck xoxo - Winner will be drawn on July 1st, 2011.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rhian Cahill - CONTEST

I am so excited to talk to you about Rhian Cahill. I was lucky enough to meet this amazing author at RT 2011 this year in LA. She is one of the most energetic people I have ever met, you never know what shes going to do next. 

When I met Rhian, sadly I had not read any of her books (hangs head in shame). I also had not heard of the Down Under Divas. In my defense I am fairly new to reading this genre and reading in general. In the past few months I have rectified that awful  oversight. Now that I have read her and her fellow Divas I want to help spread the word!! They are all such fabulous authors and as a group they are NUTS :)

Rhian is my first author to visit, answer a few questions, and offer a e-book from her backlist. So please read on, look at her books, learn a little of what to expect from her in the future, and find out where to locate Rhian on the web.


Coyote Hunger series

Coyote Hunger Book 1
Coming home was never going to be easy for Rowan Wilder, but after six years she didn’t think it would be this hard. First she can’t control her inner coyote, then she has to deal with her mate and the madman out to get them both. Determined to take her rightful place in the pack, Rowan must face each hurdle and succeed. To fail could mean losing her life.
Quinn MacClellan is more than ready for the return of his mate and he’ll do anything to keep her safe and by his side. He couldn’t protect her years ago but things are different now and he won’t let anything or anyone separate them again. Together they’ll confront all obstacles and ensure the future they both deserve.
Coyote Hunger Book 2
Brogan Wilder knows all about animal urges. As a coyote shifter, he’s lived with them all his life but he’s never experienced the bone-deep hunger Eloise Crawford elicits. Claiming a mate is one thing. Claiming one who’s human and has no idea shifters exist is another matter altogether. In El, he’s found his destiny. Now he just has to convince her they are meant to be together.
A visit to help her best friend with wedding plans seems like just the kind of relaxation El is after. But once she arrives, there’s nothing relaxing about the reaction she has to her friend’s brother. Suddenly her senses are on high alert and she’s drawn to him in a way she finds nothing short of terrifying. But there’s more to this man than his golden eyes and magical touch. There’s something else. Something not exactly human.
Accepting her fate should have been the difficult part, but when El finds herself the target of an outraged pack member, the true struggle begins.
Stand Alone Titles

Passport to Passion collection

 1. What is your favorite thing to read?
Romance of course ;)

2. If you had to choose 5 things you couldn't live without, what would they be?
Mr.C, Son#1, Princess One, Princess & the Pea and The Kid. Oops that's five can I count them as one? If so Tribe Cahill, tea, books, my computer and the internet.

3. What is the craziest thing you've done (that you'll admit to)?
 Marrying Mr.C three months after we started dating. Although we just hit 23 years so maybe I wasn't so crazy...

4. What is you biggest guilty pleasure?
 Being lazy. I love doing nothing. I don't get to do it very often.:(

 5. What would you do if you found out you only had seven days left to live?
 Hop on a plane with Mr.C and head to Mari Carr's house for one big party.
Is there anything else you'd like to tell your fans? Upcoming Releases? Trips? Conventions? Contracts?

 I've just found out I'll be heading over to the US for Ellora's Cave's RomantiCon in September. I'm so excited I'm getting to go.
I've just had a release, Bondi Beach Boys came out May 6th
Bondi Beach Boys by Rhian Cahill 
Etopia Press publishes and sells e-books in all genres, including erotic romance, gay romance, horror, science fiction, fantasy, thriller, and literary fiction, in short story, novella, and novel lengths.
What's a girl to do with two sexy Aussie surfers? Ride the waves, of course…

After weeks of lusting over a couple of hot surfers, Piper Doyle has the opportunity to turn fantasy into reality. There’s just one problem—they’re her new clients. When the men offer a no-strings-attached affair, Piper has a decision to make, one her body made for her weeks ago when she first started watching “her boys.” She can’t risk the job that could make or break her career, but she sure as hell isn’t going to pass up this chance to live out her wildest dreams...

Sam Bridges and Nate Russo share everything, from their home to their business to the occasional woman. Even themselves. But they’ve never shared what they feel for Piper. What starts out as hot sex with a willing woman turns into something none of them expected—but what’s wrong with a few strings on a hot summer day at the beach...

At this stage my next release will be in January 2012. Truth Or Dare is the second book in the Party Games series I'm writing with Lexxie Couper. (This is a Samhain Publishing release, not available for pre-order yet)

Description -

 Miki Drummond isn’t ready to put her heart out there again, not after the hell her marriage put her through, but she never counted on meeting Dayne Pearce and Grant Rogers at the most insane party she’s ever attended.
Grant and Dayne never forgot Miki from school. Ever. And now they have her, they’re not letting her forget them. No matter what the truth behind her wounded heart. They’ll do everything in their power to keep her, including offering more pleasure than one woman could ever imagine.
One night of pure fantasy is what Miki dares to take but come morning the truth is walking away isn’t an option.

Presently I'm working on the 3rd Coyote Hunger book, Coyote Whispers. Should have that done this week and then it's on to the next Party Games book, Spin The Bottle.
Rhian Cahill can be found at the following places across the web:

You can pick up Rhian's books at the following places:

* To enter this contest follow my blog, leave a comment, and a contact email address. Best of Luck xoxo