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Friday, February 10, 2012

Erotic Gems from Resplendence Publishing ~ Kim Dare

Squeaky Clean (Erotic Gems Short) by Kim DareTitle: Squeaky Clean
Author: Kim Dare 

RELEASE DATE: 01/11/12
CATEGORY: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Gay, BDSM, Erotic Gems Short.
ELEMENTS: Erotic Romance with Strong Sexual Content Including Sex Between Sam-Sex Partners, Graphic Language and Adult Situations. **Warning** This title contains elements of BDSM including bondage and submission.
LENGTH: Short-short

PRICE: $0.99



It’s not every day that Tim looks up and sees a hot, wet and half-naked man standing outside his third story window. He feels quite justified in being shocked enough to drop both his coffee and his laptop.
The last thing he expects is for the guy to climb in through the window to help him clean up. Still, it’s only when he recognizes his new window cleaner that things start to get really complicated for Tim.

Are you looking for a m/m romance done right? Maybe a little mild BDSM thrown in for good measure as well? Look no further cause this short 23 page Kim Dare read it perfect!

Squeaky Clean- yeah normal not words I would use for a Kim Dare book. Squeaky maybe from all the action but definitely not clean. Kim never fails to gives us all the dirty details.

Two men, one with the need to submit then other with the will to dominate what more could you ask for ;)

You can find Kim Dare at:

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