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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tempt Me

Tempt Me (Bone Daddy, #2)
Title: Tempt Me
Author: R.G. Alexander 
Series: Bone Daddy - book 2
Genre: Paranormal, erotica
Length: 272 pages
Release date: Nov. 1, 2011


In the sultry heat of the Big Easy, desire can be a dangerous thing...

Gabriel Toussaint Giodarno has returned to New Orleans to make amends with his estranged family. The last thing he expected was to be hounded by a magical wannabe-guardian angel-or to be tempted by a beauty who's strictly off-limits.

Angelique Rousseau has always lived a safe, uneventful life. But when her friend's twin brother arrives, Angelique finds herself drawn to him. Neither Gabriel nor Angelique is prepared for the intensity of their joined passions, or what the voodoo spirits have in store for them...

Review ~

After reading Possess Me (Bk. 1) and meeting Bone Daddy, I knew I just had to have more of him; his decadent world of New Orleans, and voodoo. This time 'round we get to know a little more about the other Toussaint twin, Gabriel. Gabriel is a very moody, tormented, and confused man. He has been kept away from his family since childhood--being told that they were evil--but now he is back and not alone. Gabriel has returned home at the request of a nosy bothersome ghost/guardian, Emmanuel (Manny).

Gabe doesn't want to be back, especially when he meets Angelique, his sister's young friend. The pull between them is so intense neither can fight it even if they truly wanted to. Angelique, the baby of the family, is thought to be the sweet innocent one and is always protected; little do they know that Angelique has a wild side to her and she has decided to let Gabriel see just how wild and free she can be by saying yes to one night of "Just Sex" sex (WOW- what a night!).

Manny tries to keep Gabe focused on why he has been brought back to New Orleans and his family. Gabriel has a gift just like his twin sister but, if he doesn't focus and pay attention, it could have dire circumstances for all of them.

I truly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it! RG Alexander has a terrific writing style that grabs you and draws you in from the first few words and won't let you go until the very end - but then you will still want more of Bone Daddy and his friends.

While I love me some Bone Daddy...(I mean how can't you) I think that Tempt Me has really piqued my interest in Emanuel and I sure hope we get more from the Big Easy soon, 'cause it sure isn't easy waiting for it.

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