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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thank you Miss Bonnie Bliss for the great giveaway and to Your Girl Friday PR for having me be part of the Blog Tour. I hope you will join us again soon, I'd love to have back and I'd especially love to see Wallace again :).

Now onto the part you all have been waiting for, The Winner...

Congratulations to

You have just won a $10 Amazon Gift Card and a copy of

When Lilly Met Bryn

Lilly Foster was just like every woman her age. She longed for independence, freedom, and a chance at real love, unimpeded by the clich├ęs that marred society. She was a woman that took control. If you didn’t take a chance, you could miss a great opportunity. That was, until she met Bryn Cummings, and he took over, commanding her lust and love. He collided into her life like a landslide, sucking her into his Alpha male arms. Totally lost, and suddenly submitting to this powerful man, she found that there was nothing that could stop her from experiencing all he had to offer.

Bryn Cummings has been biding his time for twenty four years, waiting in the wings for his mate to come into maturity. Having marked her at birth and on her sixteenth birthday as his, he sent his most trusted guard to stay by her side as she grew into the woman he more than lusted for. He wanted to love, dominate, and bring her to his side to rule his pack. Without shame, or fear, he swept into Lilly’s life, when she least expected it, and pulled her into a blanket of need that overwhelmed the very ground she would walk on.

In this short story, you learn about the woman that seems to lust for every wolf in the pack. Come behind the scenes to when Lilly and Bryn first met, and how the power of love, lust, and connection, create one of the most powerful Alpha mates in Europe.

**Author Note** This is a short story. It only tells of the first meeting of Lilly and Bryn and how they mated for the first time. It is not a full length story and more books will be following in the Lilly and her Wolves Series completing the story that began with Double Trouble.


For additional information about the Lilly books or the other books written by Bonnie Bliss:
Website: bonnieblissauthor.com             
Twitter: @bonnie_bliss
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5136240.Bonnie_Bliss

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