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Sunday, February 12, 2012

KB Alan ~ exclusive excerpt from Sweetest Seduction

Looking for a read to get you into the holiday mood? 
Take a look at KB Alan's newest release from Ellora's Cave

Author: KB Alan
Length: Novella
Release date: February 10, 2012



Val’s been Keith’s accountant for nearly a year. She dreams about his body pressed against hers, but there’s no need to let him in on that fact. The hunky photographer spends his days with beautiful models, there’s absolutely no way she can compete. Even if he has been throwing hints her way. She’s satisfied with her vibrator and her daydreams of her favorite client. Mostly.

Keith is done trying to sweet-talk his accountant into going out with him. It’s Valentine’s Day, and knowing Val, she doesn’t have any plans beyond putting in a full day’s work. No more asking nicely, he’s just going to plan the day his way and pull her along until she gets with the program. He’s sure a proper date will help Val realize he’s just the man she needs. And a proper date includes lots of touching. And exploring. And toys of a battery-operated nature.

Exclusive Excerpt~

One of Keith’s fingers found her jeans-covered leg and traced along the side seam from her waist to her knee. His gaze flicked down and hers did as well so they both watched as the finger trailed up over her kneecap until it was even with the center of her leg before making the return journey. He pressed hard enough that she could feel a tingling sensation through the heavy pants as that single digit moved up her thigh. He pressed harder as he came to the front pocket so she could feel him pass over the crease between thigh and groin.

Such a simple thing, she could barely feel his touch, but her leg ached, wanting to feel him more directly. She sucked in a breath as his finger pushed the hem of her shirt up and made its way to her waistband before finally making light contact with her hungry flesh. She held her breath, waiting to see what he would do, but he remained motionless, the finger just touching her bare stomach.

“Val.” His voice was husky and she brought her gaze up to meet his. He was watching her, waiting until he had her attention before he unfurled the rest of his fingers and splayed them across her waist. Then he began the slow journey south again, only this time he used his whole hand. His thumb brushed dangerously close to her zipper, then curved to the inside of her thigh as it followed his strong fingers.

When he reached her knee he didn’t rest, just changed the angle of his hand so that his palm ran along the inseam of her jeans this time. Unable to look away, she watched his eyes as her pussy clenched in anticipation. She was wet for him and he’d barely touched her, just one hand on one thigh. In public. The thought sent a shot of panic through her as his thumb reached the juncture of her legs and moved up her zipper until his palm cupped her. She looked around but they were alone.

“Trust me,” he murmured. “I won’t let anything hurt you.”

His words brought her gaze back to his face. He looked so sure, so confident. What is he doing here, with me? She gave herself a mental slap. It didn’t matter why he was doing this. She was going to enjoy it while she could and remember it for a long time afterward.

Her legs fell open a bit to give him better access, without a direct command from her brain. She didn’t care, was happy to let her body have its way. He growled his approval and leaned down to kiss her. He tasted like chocolate shake. He tasted like sex and freedom from insecurities. He tasted delicious. She gave herself to the kiss fully, letting her thoughts drift as far away as possible so she could concentrate solely on the sensations he brought out in her.

His tongue teased hers, inviting her to play. She took him up on it, exploring him as she’d wanted to for so long. He pulled back before she was ready and she whimpered, unable to stop herself. 


WOW - that was hot and let me tell you people it keeps getting hotter!!

Now on to my question of the day -  

What's  one thing a man can do to make you whimper?

We are giving away two prizes this weekend! One copy of KB Alan's newest release from Ellora's Cave - Sweetest Subduction and a gorgeous heart necklace courtesy of Miss KB Alan herself. So don't forget to comment and leave your email address so that we may contact you when you win.! Winner will be drawn at midnight 2/14 PST using Random.org and announced 2/15.

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