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Friday, February 3, 2012

Jennifer Ashley ~ Bodyguard ~ Review

Title: Bodyguard
Release Date: 11/18/11
Series: Shifters Unbound
Length: 311 pages

ONLY $0.99

Elizabeth Chapman is saved from an armed robber by a giant Kodiak bear who shifts into a large, well-muscled, and fully bare human. But when it's revealed that the robber is the brother of a dangerous criminal, Elizabeth finds herself the target of a vendetta.

Ronan, the Bear Shifter, takes her to Shiftertown, where she finds that mateless Ronan takes care of Shifters who have no families or clans of their own. Having grown up in foster care herself, Elizabeth can only admire how protective Ronan is, even while she chafes at the confinement.

But Ronan will only let her leave the safety of Shiftertown if he becomes her 24/7 bodyguard. Elizabeth finally agrees. The trouble is, the sassy human Elizabeth is triggering Ronan's long-buried need to find himself a mate.
After finishing book 2.5 in Jennifer Ashley's Shifters Unbound series I can't wait for book 3! I'm normally not a huge shifter fan, but Primal Bonds' (book #1) cover kept drawing me in til I read it and I was so happy I did. Jennifer Ashley has created a wonderful, yet disturbing, world where shifters are known to humans. Humans have "collared" the shifters with Fae magic to keep control of them and they have collared them in small towns with little to no luxuries. But the shifters have thrived and developed a community. 
In this book- Bodygaurd (Book #2.4) Ronan (Kodiak bear shifter) comes to the rescue of Elizabeth Chapman, who is a small shop owner. What they don't realize is that Ronan saving her from a robbery has just now opened up a whole new can of worms- the robber is the the brother of a local crime boss and is not happy about getting caught or being taken down by a lowlife shifter.
Ronan realizes he must mate claim her so that he can protect her and her little sister now because it's no longer safe. This seems to be what Ronan does, he takes in those that have nowhere else to go. Elizabeth and her sister should feel weird or uncomfortable being in Shiftertown but they don't, it feels comfortable-right.
The robbery has brought Elizabeth's past back to haunt her and the only thing that can save her now is Ronan, her "Bodygaurd" and his mate claim. 

I really enjoyed this book, Ronan is one of my favorite characters in the series, so to finally see him get his book and his HEA I was very happy. Ronan is everything I think of when I think of a (teddy) bear - cuddly, sweet, gentle, and full of love to give. I'm hoping with fingers crossed that we will see Ellison get his book soon, as he is another of my favorite characters. All I can say is don't miss this series-great characters, world building, gorgeous covers, and amazing writing.

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Diego finds the task harder than he thinks--Cassidy is trying to find out what kind of mysterious hunter killed her mate two years ago, a hunter that could bring danger to all Shifters. Plus Cassidy has scent-marked Diego--essentially telling all other Shifter females, "Hands off."

Diego risks his personal and professional life getting involved with Cassidy, but he realizes he'll do anything, even confront the deadliest of assassins and his own inner demons, to keep her safe.

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