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Monday, February 13, 2012

A little Valentine fun with KB Alan

KB Alan 
is joining us today and answering just a few Valentine questions.

1. If you could choose one or more of your heroes to spend your Valentine with who would it be? why?

That is a tough question! But, I think I would have to answer Keith, from Sweetest Seduction. The paranormal abilities of Connul (Bound by Sunlight) and Zach (Alpha Turned) are very tempting, and the uber-Alpha, in control Caleb (Perfect Formation) makes my heart beat triple fast. But Keith is an every-day hero, who realizes that for Val, he has to up his game and come up with the perfect date for her, to convince her that they can make a go of it as a couple. Of course, that’s not to say that I’d turn down a date with Caleb and Richard!!

2. What's the craziest and/or wildest thing you've ever done on a date?

(oops, you may recognize this as the inspiration for a scene in one of my books 0_0)

In high school, on a double date with my sister and her boyfriend, we jumped the gate at an apartment complex to sit in the hot tub in our underwear at midnight. Not very crazy, I know, but that’s because I’m a sweet, innocent little thing. I’m surprised you didn’t realize that, Dawn, since you’ve met me!! (Also, rumors of my giving Lola a lap dance in Vegas are much exaggerated *cough, cough*)
 And I'm sure there are no photos to prove it either *snicker*
Lola- I do remember my wallet being a little light, but that's all I'm saying ;) 

3. Give me 5 things you feel are a "must have" to make a perfect Valentine's. 

An erotic romance early in the day to get things going in the right direction, chocolate, good mood music, fantastic food, and…wait, there was one more thing….oh, right! Shemar Moore. Yeah, that would work quite nicely.

Oh girl I do love your taste in men!

4. Typically I make a cake for my sweetie for Valentine's but this year I'm feeling a little uninspired... Do you think you could help me? With this list of ingredients can you create another one of your Sweetest Seductions?
Flour, Milk, Hot Guy(s), Butter, Egg, Sugar, Frosting, Spatula, Apron, Oven Mitt, Piping Tubes, Hand Cuffs, Saran Wrap, Strawberries, Baking Chocolate, Candles, Whisk, Bottle of Wine, Red Satin Panties

Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure my friend and I can come up with something great for you and your sweetie. Um, you don’t mind the spatula being used for, er, other spankalicious purposes, do you? Go ahead and set out the candles, poor the wine, get dressed in the panties and the saran wrap (‘cause the girls need support!) and start the chocolate melting for the strawberries. We’ll get back to you with the rest of the instructions, after we eat our salad and, um, talk it over a bit.

That salad sure does look tasty and very seductive.

Now for a lil' quickie -

Fredrick's, Victoria's Secret, or Hustler?  Frederick’s
Chocolate Syrup or whip cream?  Both
Umbrella Drink, Beer, or Champagne?  Umbrella Drink
Man-scape or no man-scape?  not, unless things are, er, extreme
Romantic weekend , Night out on town, or Foreign affair ? Romantic weekend
Jewelry, flowers, or sweets ? Flowers

Thank you so much for having me, Dawn! I love visiting with you and your readers!!

I love having you here with us KB and anytime you want to stop by you are more than welcome!

Now for my question to you all - 

What would be your perfect Valentine's Day ?

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We are giving away two prizes this weekend! One copy of KB Alan's newest release from Ellora's Cave - Sweetest Subduction and a gorgeous heart necklace courtesy of Miss KB Alan herself. So don't forget to comment and leave your email address so that we may contact you when you win.! Winner will be drawn at midnight 2/14 PST using Random.org and announced 2/15.


  1. ooo sounds like great prizes!



  2. Oh, Shemar Moore. You have great taste in men! Thanks for the giveaway, too!

  3. Loved your answers. My perfect Valentine's Day would be a day at the coast with my hubby, holding hands while we walked the beach, followed by some delicious cracked crab and French bread at our favorite restaurant.

    Cathy m
    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  4. my is double wammy this week for my bd is on sat and then my bf bought me flowers in vase and the bear is in the car and then i got
    a bear with a necklace on sat morning for my bd and then i am going to the show for free form the area around here

  5. Mmm, cracked crab, one of my favorites!

    Happy Birthday Desi!


  6. 1: I love Richard Gere(young and old).
    2: Parking at the city dump ,don't say it,a new meaning for white trash. Our city doesn't allow parking for necking anywhere.
    3: You need a loved one,good food,kisses,hugs,and you know the rest.
    4:I can't think with that nake man making a salad. Boy, salad never looked so good. Deb P
    r.d1@myfairpoint.net PS :Fun site.

  7. My perfect Valentine would be Johnny Depp! Heavy sigh....we would go out to a romantic dinner, maybe a walk on the beach...I'll just have to keep on dreaming ;)


  8. Perfect Valentines day would first be sleeping in and not having to work. :). Then spending the day with my family . Then eating out. Doesn't have to be some place fancy.
    Happy Valentines Days!

    beckerjo at Verizon dot net

  9. Ah, Connul...*sigh*
    And Shemar Moore...*sigh*
    Nice interview. :) BTW, I may have been there for that lap dance. And my camera may have been there, too. Just sayin'. *G*

  10. I'm sorry, Eden, were you saying something? I'm too buys staring at Shemar to read your threats, er, I mean comments...

  11. shemar is hot, any1 see him , a week or so ago on ellen show, dancing then without his shirt OMG

    hmm my perfect , johnny depp on his island for aweek ( i know it just suppose to be for a day, but dont think he would do just for 1 dya)

  12. Perfect V-Day: my hubs actually gets me something and takes me somewhere for dinner other than the corner bar. (Yes that did happen today. It wasn't pretty)

  13. oops email is umavery at gmail dot com