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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Perfect Proposal ~ Leah Braemel ~ Review

 Have you read Leah Braemel's Hauberk Protection series? 

This happens to be one of the first series books I read when I got my Kindle and I have been in love with her and her characters since then. She starts us out with the first story (.5) it's a FREE READ on her website First Night, then book 1 Private Property, thing get interest in book 2 Personal Protection, and they dangerous in book 3 Deliberate Deceptions. 

First Night (Hauberk Protectio...Private Property (Hauberk Prot...Personal Protection (Hauberk P...Deliberate Deceptions

Now she has given us a story I know that I wanted - book 3.5 Perfect Proposal

Perfect ProposalBlurb~

Sometimes the best laid plans go every which way but the one you want…

Sam Watson wants to propose to the love of his life, Rosie Ramos, but all his previous attempts have been thwarted. Every. Single. Time. This time he’s determined that nothing, and no one, will get in his way. No interruptions. No exceptions. Not from work, not by family busybodies, not even if the roses crucial to his plans are lost. Nothing will stop him.

If only someone had let Rosie in on his plans…

Warning: Contains misguided intentions, a hunky hero with more than just a ring burning a hole in his pocket, and a spitfire girlfriend who counters with her own proposal. The romance may be sweet but the sex is explicitly hot, hot, hot.


To start off this review I want to say "THANK YOU Miss Braemel!" and why do I say "thank you"? I say it 'cause I loved this story - Perfect Proposal. Sam is probably one of my favorite characters and Rosie takes no sh#! from anyone, two very strong characters that so deserve each other. They have both been through so much and so for them to finally get their complete HEA is wonderful.

But, of course, she couldn't just make it easy for them, all the twists, turns, spills, and misunderstandings just make for all the more fun and anticipation in this story. So...if you're a fan of the Hauberk Protection series this is a must read!  And, if you haven't read this series—Get To It—you're missing out! Lots of danger, lust, excitement, and super-hot sex.

And guess what??


Hidden Heat 

Hidden Heat (Hauberk Protection, #4)
Blurb ~

Be careful what you don’t wish for. Fate might snatch it away.

When handling Hauberk’s managers, efficiency is Sandy Hallquist’s watchword. In her personal life? Excitement all the way, baby. That’s why she escaped Minnesota—and her marriage-minded mother—for a job with one of the hottest bodyguard companies on the eastern seaboard. What more could she ask for than to be surrounded by all that alpha-male testosterone?

Invisibility is Troy’s stock in trade, the only way he can manage Hauberk’s international offices while answering the call of his other career: assassin. Nothing about him is real, not even his name.

In one moment of weakness, he allowed Sandy a glimpse behind his carefully crafted mask. The more he’s around her, the sharper his yearning for stability. A home. Love. Pity those are the last things she's looking for. And revealing that she’s the one true thing in his life could be the very words that drive her away.

At the first whisper of the “L” word, Sandy’s first instinct is to hit the brakes. By the time Sandy admits to herself that Troy is more than a passing fancy, though, his next mission could take the decision out of her hands.

Product Warnings
This book contains sexcapades in secret clubs, voyeurism, a touch of bondage and risqué office shenanigans.


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