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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Louisa Bacio meets Conner & Brady

This is going to be a great weekend! Louisa Bacio and Cassandra Carr are taking over this weekend. They will be chatting, interviewing, and even doing a rune reading. So don't miss it or you will miss out on some hot bull riders, werewolves, vampires, and even a witch. 

Today Miss Louisa Bacio will be interviewing Conner Raub a super sexy  dominant bull rider. Oh yes ladies I said bull rider, so get ready...

Louisa: I’m here today getting to know one of Cassandra Carr’s bull riders better. Everyone, this is Conner. *wipes drool from corner of mouth*

Conner: Hey, darlin’. *touches fingers to the brim of his black Stetson* How’s everybody doing?

Louisa: Just fine, now that you’re here. Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself.

Conner: Well, it’s a funny story...I was supposed to be the best friend to Brady Parrish before getting my own book, but then Cassandra’s editor loved me so much *grins* that she reserved the order of the books.

*Brady pops in*

Brady: Yeah, and it sucked. Now my book doesn’t come out until April.

Conner: Quit yer bellyaching. Half the readers are in love with you already.

Brady: *preening* Really? Awesome! Carry on.

*Brady leaves*

Louisa: *fanning herself* That was a whole lot of testosterone in one place. So, Conner, what’s it like being a bull rider?

Conner: *grins* When it’s goin’ well, it’s like a combination of your birthday, Christmas, and the best orgasm you ever had. When it’s not goin’ well, it sucks.

Louisa: Wow. Well, then...Let’s change tacks. Did you like the heroine Cassandra created for you?

Conner: Jessica? She’s my perfect woman. I should really send Cassandra some flowers or something. Or hook her up with one of my fellow riders.

Louisa: What makes her so perfect for you?

Conner: Well, if you’ve read our book, you know I’m a Dom.

Louisa: Um, yeah, picked up on that. *tugging on collar*

Conner: *slight grin* Jessica is a submissive, but she’s also got spunk. A doormat would bore the hell, pardon me, the heck, outta me.

Louisa: Don’t censor your language on my account. You should see my books.

Conner: I try not to swear in a woman’s presence.

Louisa: Very gentleman-like.

Conner: I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but gentleman has never been one of them.

Michael bull riding ImageLouisa: Tell us something about bull riding that we don’t know.

Conner: *considers the question* The bulls don’t smell.

Louisa: Excuse me?

Conner: You heard me. These bulls are treated like gold, and they don’t smell like farm animals. You’d think they would, but nope.

Louisa: Huh. On that note, thanks for being here!

Conner: My pleasure, sugar.


Want to know more about Conner Raub & Brady? CLICK HERE and remember to stop back by tomorrow and Monday. Tomorrow Cassandra Carr will have a rune reading and Monday we will have a special excerpt from Impact - Conner Raub's story.

Where to Find Louisa Online

For more on Cassandra Carr:
Blog: http://booksbycassandracarr.com/wordpress
Website: http://booksbycassandracarr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Cassandra_Carr


  1. Thanks so much for hosting us, Dawn. It's a pleasure -- and so was spending some time with Conner & Brady!

  2. I just went to Amazon and added Impact to my Wish List! You have great reviews on this book. Congratulations.


  3. Thanks for having us here Dawn! I can't wait for my runes reading. :-)