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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cassandra Carr & Louisa Bacio - Werewolves, Vampires, and Witches - oh My!

This is going to be a great weekend! Louisa Bacio and Cassandra Carr are taking over, they will be chatting, interviewing, and even doing a rune reading. So don't miss it or you will miss out on some hot bull riders, werewolves, vampires, and even a witch. 


Today we have Cassandra Carr interviewing Lawrence, Lily, and Trevor. Find out what happens when Lily gives Cassandra a rune reading...

Cassandra: Thanks for all turning out. I understand your scheduling difficulties with Lawrence only being able to go out at night, and all. Before we get started, Lawrence, you did feed tonight, right? Not hungry at all.

Lawrence: While you smell quite delectable Ms. Cassandra, and I do appreciate the ah creative talents portrayed in your books, you can be rest assured that I’m quite satisfied at the moment.

Cassandra: Are you saying that you’ve read my books?

Lawrence: Well, of course we have. I wouldn’t sit down in an interview with someone without knowing something about them. From your latest release, Impact, I see you have a little something going on for bull riders, eh?

Lily: Lawrence, leave her alone already. She’s here to do the asking. We’re here to answer.

Lawrence: Very well. I shall be quiet unless asked a question. 

Cassandra: All right, then. Trevor, would you like to sit down and join us? It’s kind of hard to talk with you pacing the room like that. Is something wrong?

Trevor: I’m just not that sure about all of this. Letting people more into our lives. Already it seems like we get more tourists coming to our bookstore Pages in New Orleans. Oh, sure, Louisa didn’t use the “real” name, but people will eventually figure it out. Look at the werewolf. It’s like I’m on display.
Cassandra: While we’re on that subject, what do you think of Louisa sharing so much of your personal life together? I mean, some of those sex scenes get pretty explicit.

Lawrence leans forward and rubs his thumb over Cassandra’s hand, trailing from the wrist upward. Ma cherie, do you enjoy them? Reading our most private moments together.

Trevor: If others want to virtually step into our bedroom, more power to them. Hopefully, it’ll help someone else’s relationship, or get them to understand how others are different from them. What I don’t get, though, is people judging us. Oh, Louisa reads the book reviews so we get the feedback. One reviewer called me a sub. Said I wasn’t alpha enough, and Lawrence cares too much about helping others.

It’s ridiculous. I can promise her that I can be as alpha as she needs. What happens in our bedroom is between us.

Lily: What bothers Trevor the most is the labels. We’re more than just a vampire, a witch & a werewolf. Others may not understand how our relationship works, but it does. It’s like we all fit together somehow. Oh, and I don’t just mean physically!

Cassandra: Do you share any character traits with Louisa?

Lily (looks at the other two): Well, I read runes, and that’s something that Louisa has done since she was a teen. I think a lot of my paranormal abilities may mirror experiences that Louisa has had, but I try not to delve to deep into her mind. Later this year at the Authors After Dark conference in New Orleans, she’ll hold a late-night session, and I’m sure she’ll be channeling me at that point.
Do you have a question you’d like to ask the runes, Cassandra? I’ll see what’s in store. Nothing yes or no …
Will I be a bestselling author?
Lily: With a hand inside of the velvet bag, I pulled out Dagaz. Here’s a bit of meaning: “In each life comes at least one moment which, if recognized and seized, transforms the course of that life forever. Rely, therefore, on radical trust, even though the moment may call for you to leap empty-handed into the void. With this Rune your Warrior Nature reveals itself.”

Cassandra: What do you have planned for the future? Anything that Louisa’s working on that you might be able to share?

Lawrence: I’ve asked Lily to marry us, so we’re looking into the logistics of how to work that out. And we also have this little one on the way.
Lily: Already my hormones are a little bit out of whack, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep my powers in check. I’m learning though.

Trevor: Louisa also will catch up with my sister, Silver, and her boyfriend Nick. Nick underwent some drastic changes recently … I wouldn’t want to give too much away if someone hasn’t read Chains of Silver. But let’s just say that they have some adjusting to do as a young couple.

Cassandra: Thanks so much again, for visiting with me, and opening up about your lives. I look forward to reading more.


Fore more Louisa Bacio...

The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: Chains of Silver
The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: Chains of Silver

Adopted at birth, Silver Ashe discovers her blood-brother Trevor Pack is a werewolf, with a vampire and witch for lovers. All her teachings about the evils of the paranormal Others come into question. She runs to a family friend, Nick, for help.

Nick Stake takes his hobby as a vampire hunter personally. He strives to rid the world of evil bloodsuckers. When his best friend’s “kid” sister comes to him for advice, Nick discovers Silver’s more than grown up. He battles his growing desire for Silver and blindly holds true to his convictions.

Once Silver reaches her sexual maturity, she’ll inherit her full genetic heritage and turn into a werewolf. When death comes calling, Silver and Nick must face their darkest fears in order to break free from the chains that bind.


Don't forget to stop back by tomorrow for a special excerpt of 
Impact by Cassandra Carr.

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  1. As I was looking at the runes I remembered that my cousin and I used to write letters to each other using runes. It's been a long time since I saw them. ;-)

  2. Such a fun interview. I've been playing around with runes for at least 20+ years now. No idea how you'd write a letter in secret code!

    1. There was a corresponding alphabet if I recall correctly...

  3. Great interveiw! So fun hearing from the characters.