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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Amber Lin talks Oral Sex

Erotic Romance, Now With 50% More Oral Sex

I like a lot of blowjobs in my erotic romance. Oh! That was a bit abrupt, I suppose. Especially if you were expecting me to ease you in. Lick around the edges first. Wait.
Let’s start over. Okay, who doesn’t like a nice, slippery blowjob in their erotica? We all do, really. *nods*

But I want even more! Sometimes even in a dirty-dirty book, there’s barely any. Oh, there’s a goodly amount of sex. There’s even a reasonable amount of man-on-woman oral. But blowjobs? We’re talking one per book.

Mmm, that’s just not going to cut it.

I understand why. After all, most of this stuff is written for women, and our fantasy is to have a guy worship us, to have a guy go down on us and expect nothing in return, right? Mmm, maybe. Sometimes, even. But I don’t think it’s the magical universal fantasy for women.
We like to give pleasure too! Plus, it’s a power trip, one that can go both ways. Sometimes it’s even a pride thing. Do you want to be a woman who swallows?

But for me, there is another reason why I like to see more blowjobs: it lends realism, especially in relationships with D/s tones and a male Dom. Let’s face it: guys like blowjobs. Whether they are Doms or subs or vanilla, they get a kick out of them. So if you’re telling me that super raunchy sex is happening and that the guy has power but he’s NOT using it to get a blowjob, I’m going to wonder what is up. There may be a good reason for it, of course, or it may be that we’re catering to a fallacy of female innocence that doesn’t really apply.

But then, not every woman does like them. I think of blowjobs as an acquired taste, like wine or laundry. At least, I’m hoping that’s true about laundry though it still hasn’t happened yet. There are probably women out there who loved them on the first go rounds, and good for them. And really good for their boyfriends ;-)

But for many of us, it’s something that was awkward, at best, then utilitarian. Then there’s this magic swing into really effing arousing. The taste, the smell, the feel. Just the thought of a blowjob is enough to get me going.

One of the things I like about reading M/M erotica is that there’s likely to be lots more blowjobs, possibly one per sex scene. However, M/F is my first and primary passion, and those straight guys deserve more cock worship, if you ask me.

So, when I set out to write my very own erotic romance, when I began a sex scene in the very first chapter, what did I do? If you answered “include a blowjob” then, sadly, you’d be wrong. If it’s any consolation, my heroine Allie was just as surprised as I was. Here she is with Colin, a man who’s only supposed to be a random hookup:

He let me push him fully onto his back. I climbed over him and teased him into an open-mouthed kiss, ran my hands down his chest. I wanted to give him something, and this was all I had to give.
I’d thought that maybe he wanted to be submissive to me, from his gentleness, the way he had worshiped me during oral sex, and the way he was pliant when I pushed him over. It wasn’t a role I’d have thought I’d like, but I found myself willing to go there for him. I already knew that I’d go down on him. I was looking forward to blowing his mind, along with his cock.

But as I started trailing my kisses downward, my intention clear, he stopped me and shook his head slightly. I’d never had a man turn down a blowjob before. I’d never heard of it happening, not during sex, not when it was free. It flustered me, the way he could do anything to me, but he chose to make me feel good.

Allie is all about pleasing a man… for the night. But Colin wants more than that, and he’s willing to wait to get it. Luckily for him (and you, dear readers) he doesn’t have to wait too long at all! After all, such chivalry must be rewarded, but I’ll let you read the book for that tasty bit.

Despite the upside-down start, Giving It Up definitely delivers on the blowjob angle, again and again. And I think, again and again? Colin’s a good hero and all good heroes deserve a little (cock) worship.

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Giving It Up by Amber Lin

Giving It UpAllie prowls the club for a man who will use her hard and then ditch her. Hey, it's not rape if she wants it. Instead she finds Colin, who looks tough but treats her tenderly, despite her protests.
He tempts her, but kindness and a few mindblowing orgasms aren't enough to put her back together again. Allie has no hope for a real relationship. Two years ago her best friend betrayed her in the worst possible way – she’d be stupid to trust a man again. Besides, she has her daughter to think of, the only good thing to have come from that dark night.

But when her rapist returns, threatening her sanity and custody of her daughter, Allie turns to Colin. Under his protection and patient touch, Allie begins to heal and learns to hope. Colin’s no saint, though, and his criminal past draws danger of its own. Allie must fight to protect her child and the man she loves, hoping her newfound power will be enough to save them all.

"A ballsy departure from romantic conventions. At once gritty and tender, stark and hopeful."
—Cara McKenna, author of Willing Victim

"Giving It Up is an erotic, compelling story that takes us to the shadowy, lonely places but doesn't leave us there. Amber Lin shows us that romance isn't just for the rich and shiny. Love can find its way even into the dark corners of the most damaged hearts."
—Tiffany Reisz, author of The Siren

We stripped at the same time, both eager. I wanted to see his body, to witness what he offered me, but it was dark in the room. Then he kissed me back onto the bed, and there was no more time to wonder. The cheap bedspread was rough and cool against my skin. His hands stroked over my breasts and then played gently with my nipples.
My body responded, turning liquid, but something was wrong.
I’d had this problem before. Not everyone wanted to play rough, but I was surprised that I’d misread him. His muscles were hard, the pads of his fingers were calloused. I didn’t know how he could touch me so softly. Everything about him screamed that he could hurt me, so why didn’t he?
I wanted him to have his nasty way with me, but every sweet caress destroyed the illusion. My fantasy was to let him do whatever he wanted with me, but not this.
“Harder,” I said. “I need it harder.”
Instead his hands gentled. The one that had been holding my breast traced the curve around and under.
I groaned in frustration. “What’s wrong?”
He reached down, still breathing heavily, and pressed a finger lightly to my cunt, then stroked upward through the moisture. I gasped, rocking my hips to follow his finger.
“You like this,” he said.
Yes, I liked it. I was undeniably aroused but too aware. I needed the emptiness of being taken. “I like it better rough.”
Colin frowned. My eyes widened at the ferocity of his expression.
In one smooth motion he flipped me onto my stomach. I lost my breath from the surprise and impact. His left hand slid under my body between my legs and cupped me. His right hand fisted in my hair, pulling my head back. His erection throbbed beside my ass in promise. I wanted to beg him to fuck me, but all I could do was gasp. He didn’t need to be told, though, and ground against me, using my hair as a handle.
That small pain on my scalp was perfection, sharp and sweet. Numbness spread through me, as did relief.
The pain dimmed. My arousal did too, but that was okay. I was only vaguely aware of him continuing to work my body from behind.
I went somewhere else in my mind. I’d stay that way all night.
At least that’s what usually happened.

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  1. I guess I hadn't really noticed. You're right, there seems to be the one obligatory blowjob per story. Of course, I've read BDSM where there's been one or two more. If they aren't graphically described, they're referred to.

    That's fine with me. I like reading ones by male authors, I always hope I'll pick up some new tricks/ideas.


  2. Thanks for having me, Dawn!

    Anne - I know, right? Well, I'm not a male author but perhaps I have a trick up my sleeve.

    1. LOVED this post!!! Amber you are welcomed back anytime you want!!

  3. Allie sounds like a complicated character. I think Colin will have to be patient with her if he wants more than one night with her. It sounds like a great story.

    geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  4. Oh this story looks good, refreshingly different!

    I think learning to give a really good blow job can enhance a relationship. It's a joy to do, sexy as all get out, and the recipient is sure to show his pleasure by offering something special in return.

    And I love reading about blowjobs.


  5. Sounds like an awesome read and I agree with what you say about the BJs. Email is heyprettiel at hotmail dot com.

  6. @StacieD Oh yes, she's had a run of bad luck, but Colin's going to change that for her.

    @Donna Thank you! And you sound like a girl after my own heart ;-)

    @Wren Thanks!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. This looks like a powerful story! I like Colin already- lol! Nothing better than rescue & redemption with a whole lot of hot sex in between.
    whitk227 AT gmail DOT com

  9. Very nice excerpt. The book sounds interesting.


  10. I've never really thought about it but you're right. There aren't that many blowjob scenes in an erotic romance novel. I think there are way more scenes were he is giving her oral sex.
    The book sounds very hot and intriguing! Will put it on my wish list.

    claudigc at msn dot com

  11. @whitk227 Oh man, you and me both.

    @bn100 Thanks!

    @ClaudiaGC Right? Our heroes are getting shortchanged ;-)

  12. You are so right the poor men of erotica are neglected when it comes to the blowjobs. I know in real life guys don't often ask. For some reason they are just so used to getting a no that it's easier just not to ask, or they don't want things to end with the bj if they are a once a night kinda guy.. lol .. I have to read this book!! It looks soooo good!! :)

  13. @KeLu Thanks! Yeah, I think it's hard to get a no all the time, and maybe they also internalize that it is disrespectful to ask. Aww, that makes me love them more!

  14. Intriguing, Amber! Thanks for the thoughtful post ;) I do think that great sex is about give and take, so it makes sense that the oral pleasure goes both ways, and I've learned quite a bit from well written scenes ;)

    Colin and Allie sound like a great couple--looking forward to reading their story!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  15. This sounds like such a great book. Thanks for sharing the excerpt.

  16. Congrats on the release, Amber! Good point about the D/s role and BJs. BTW, BJs play a big role in my WIP, which I'm currently whipping into shape to submit to LI. (Is that enough acronyms?"

  17. I still believe good sex is a mutual feeling that each one enjoy doing.

  18. @flichen1 You said it better than I - thanks!

    @elaing8 Thank you!

    @Cara Ooh, a big role? I'm intrigued!!

  19. This book sounds fantastic! Congtats on the release. I cannot wait to read thier story!

    mpashon at hotmail dot com

  20. I just saw the post and I'm rather late, but I'm looking forward to reading this!

  21. Definitely a great book, I've already read it and it was wonderful!