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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Undone Dom reviewed by Kat

Undone Dom by Lila Dubois

Undone Dom (Undone Lovers, #2)Alton is the ultimate Master. An expert Dom, he believes BDSM is a lifestyle and trains women to serve in every way. He recognizes Lulu’s submissive nature but his instant attraction is unexpected and unnerving. He vows to take and train her.

Lulu has been curious about BDSM since her friend met and fell in love with a Dom. When Alton comes looking for her, Lulu indulges her greatest fantasy. In Alton’s BDSM training rooms she’s bound, disciplined and above all pleasured, experiences wilder than even her fantasies. But when she goes home at night, she dreams of Alton, not the whips.

Alton’s whole life has been turned upside down. A Master must live by his rules, but with Lulu he’s breaking every one. The Dom who swore that romance had no place in BDSM has to take a crash course in wooing if he’s going to keep the sub who’s got him in knots.

Reader Advisory: Contains very light female/female sensuality and a brief ménage encounter



I was a little leery starting this book because I didn’t think I would like the hero. Alton is a Master Dom and he trains “slaves”. He kinda freaked me out! Lulu, the heroine, is very smart and runs her own business, Lulu L’amore, the rockabilly clothing store featured in the first book. I knew I liked her! She’s a red-head (like me!) and loves pinup clothing and is funny and snarky. Love her!  Alton met her in the first book and told her he would be back. *Dun-dun-dunnn* Lulu is curious about BDSM and researches it and talks with her friend Addie. She like dominant men, but she’s only been with domineering jerks! She has been waiting for Alton to come back because she’s been thinking about the possibilities. Alton finally returns for her and there’s a huge spark. Lila Dubois writes Alton so well, I couldn’t help but like him! He didn’t need a new sub to train but he was drawn back to Lulu, he feels the flame too and you experience his conflicting emotions… that his life has seemed a bit gray recently and he’s feeling that training pretty little sex slaves for other doms isn’t enough. Something is missing from his life. I kinda wanted to hug him, and Lila for writing him so well developed and multi-faceted. She lets us see into his heart beyond his big bad wolf persona.
Lulu decides to take a chance and explore the attraction between them. She’s not going to be just one of the subs he’s training, she will be his. It’s a different relationship for both of them, not Master and slave, but Master and mine. *sigh* that was hot! :p There are some kinky scenes introducing Lulu to his job training the NAKED women in his house. Sheesh! And some extremely hot bits with Lulu learning to be a submissive and letting go of her responsibilities for a while and trusting Alton to give her what she desires. Oh! And I learned some new uses for vegetables too. *blush* When you read the Victorian word, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Lulu sees him. Wants him. Not just what Alton can teach her, but what he can personally brings to their relationship. And it is a relationship. It was entertaining to see Alton adjust to the different dynamic between the two of them and open up to Lulu.
I really liked him! I was extremely surprised by how much I loved Alton and Lula together. And I absolutely adored the sweet, sexy ending!
This was an educational ride for me…. I’m not going to go right out and buy lots of BDSM themed stories. :p But these books demonstrate why I read romance and what I appreciate about this genre. There’s a love story out there for each of us. And we can embrace our desires and be true to our selves. I believe with my whole heart that romance stories empower us to reach for love. That we are each deserving of being loved for who we are. And the characters in Lila Dubois Undone Lovers books do exactly that!  I definitely want to read the next book in this series; I hope its Emory’s story.  

Review by ~ Kat


  1. Great review, Kat. I have this on my iPad but haven't read it yet.

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