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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dee Carney ~ Brush Strokes ~ Review

Brush Strokes 

Author : Dee Carney 
Publisher: Black Dawn Publisher
Release Date: May 25, 2012

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Tanya spends hours at a time painting renditions of the masculine—and very nude—glory that is Joe, her gorgeous blue-eyed model. The things an artist has to suffer for her craft. When he offers to help her learn how to improve her work, simple lessons in touching and learning his body, she’s willing to suffer that much more…for the sake of her craft, of course.

When tragedy strikes, her career is left dangling by a thin thread. The secret she’s harbored—that she’s been unable to finish her artwork—is exposed. Now she has little more than twenty-four hours to not only create the best piece of her life, but also finish it in time to be shown or lose everything she’s tried to build.

What began as erotic lessons in art becomes a study in love and perseverance that Joe will never let her forget

Review ~

Dee Carney is definitely a go-to author when you want to read something you know you’re going to enjoy.   When given the opportunity to review her upcoming release, Brush Strokes, the answer was an emphatic YES!  This is a perfect story for a few hours of floating in the pool, sitting on the beach or just kicking up your feet in your favorite reading nook.  This 78-page, fast-paced story had just what I was looking for… Drama, romance, humor, and sheets-are-smoking sex. 
I enjoyed the tale of Tanya, an artist that still has room to improve upon her skills, and her male model Joe, who is more than willing to be the tutor in this lesson.   Joe is just what Tanya needs when a deadline is looming and tragedy strikes.  He’s easy to fall in love with not only for Tanya, but the reader as well. His sincerity, compassion and ability to teach made me want to take up art and explore the ultimate sense besides the basic five we refer to in everyday life; that’s right, he goes beyond just seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting… In fact, I will now officially refer to the “sixth” sense (ESP) as sexing!  Yep, I said sexing. 
Reviewed by ~ Lola

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