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Monday, June 11, 2012

Naomi Bellina ~ Creatures of the Night ~ Excerpt

I was initially drawn to this website by the beautiful picture, but the name also caught my attention. I love to day dream, and that form of mediation is highly underrated in our society. Yes, I do believe daydreaming counts as meditation! Sadly, many people don't feel the same way. We're chided as children for letting our mind wander, and as adults, we're admonished to pay attention when our thoughts tend to meander. This is a shame, because letting the mind drift is an excellent way to encourage ideas to flow and allow thoughts to come together. Structured thinking is fine for many tasks, but it's nice to take a break and see where our imagination will take us.

I'm fortunate that my job allows me a lot of free-thinking moments to ponder the many ideas floating in my mind. I just have to be careful not to yell Eureka! when a particularly juicy thought occurs. Another good place to daydream is in the shower, where negative ions flow and work their magic. At one time, I kept markers in mine, to write thoughts on the shower door as they popped into my head. The markers leaked, so now I'm on the hunt for bathtub crayons. In the meantime, I can often be seen running through the house naked and mumbling, trying to get that idea written down before it vanishes. I try to remember to keep the curtains closed, lest I shock the neighbors.

In my book Creatures of the Night, our hero, Kyle, dreams of a better life. Unfortunately, his decision lands him in a tricky spot. Maya, the heroine, consoles him with this thought: "You know, there’s nothing wrong with desiring more or wanting to make a change. Sometimes, you outgrow your life and you’re ready to move on." Good advice, Maya! Maybe we all need to follow our daydreams a bit more. Things do turn out nicely for Kyle, so his choice to follow his heart works out well in the end.

How about you? What is your favorite place to daydream?

Thank you, (Dream Girl) Dawn, for having me here today and letting me share my thoughts. Here is a tasty little excerpt from my latest book, Creatures of the Night:

 Creatures of the Night
Available at Torrid Books

Maya chewed her nails. Was this a bad idea, hopping in the sack with Kyle, so soon? At one time, she wouldn’t have even considered indulging in a round of afternoon delight with a man she had just met, but damn it, two years had passed since she’d had sex. Two years! After that little warm-up, in the park, she was practically salivating with need.

This opportunity had been dropped in her lap and, by golly, why not take advantage of a well-deserved gift? If a sexy stranger was interested in a passionate romp, she was going to go for it, propriety be damned. Her needs had been denied long enough, and where else could she find a willing sex partner? She certainly couldn’t fuck anyone in town. Why, the rumor mill would chew her up. How scandalous, if the librarian were to behave in a promiscuous manner! Fortunately, Kyle lived on the outskirts of town, and as it was, she planned to park behind his house. As for her other concerns, it was early, plenty of daylight left, nothing to worry about.

Tearing at a piece of skin with her teeth, Maya yelped with pain. Great, now she was bleeding. Fumbling in her glove box for a tissue, she almost ran off the road. That’s right, get pulled over and get a DUI, that would be the perfect ending to this day. Tears formed in her eyes. Taking several deep breaths, she allowed her mind to clear. She was going to enjoy the company of an attractive, pleasant man, she was going to have a fabulous roll in the hay, she was not going to feel guilty, and everything would be fine.
Maya repeated this mantra the rest of the way to Kyle’s house.
* * * *
Kyle said a quick prayer of thanks, grateful he had done so much housework. He really didn’t expect to be bringing a woman to his home and had only cleaned so thoroughly because he liked his surroundings to be tidy. He tried to recall when he had last changed the sheets, then he pictured Maya laying naked on them and had to forcefully shift his thoughts. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been this excited, for a woman!

During their interlude, in the park, Kyle had had a hard time controlling himself, an unusual feeling for him. He always enjoyed sex and got turned on, but with Maya, something was different. It wasn’t only the act of sex he looked forward to with her. He anticipated something else. He knew there would be something deeper, something strongly passionate, something he had always longed for with a woman, but had yet to experience.

Breaking the speed limit, several times, Kyle arrived at his house before Maya and quickly put away the few odds and ends lying around. He turned on the air conditioner, expecting a great deal of heat, soon to be unleashed. The sheets were clean, there were fresh towels in the bathroom, and he had a few bottles of cold beer in the fridge. When her heard Maya’s car pull up, all was ready. Though he longed to rush outside and carry her in, caveman style, he sensed she would want a few moments to settle in and feel at ease.

He greeted her at the door with a gentle kiss, then led her inside.

“I’ve never been inside this house before,” Maya told him, walking slowly into the foyer and peering around. She looked so cute and curious, Kyle restrained himself from throwing her over his shoulder and mounting the stairs, to the bedroom.

“You’re welcome to look around,” he told her. “The house is pretty run-down right now, but with a little work and a lot of money, it could be brought back to its original magnificence. I put a new mattress on the bed and fresh sheets…” Kyle realized he was babbling and shut up.

Maya pulled off her glasses and tucked them in her purse, then smiled. “Maybe later. I think I’d like to see the bathroom and then the bedroom, right now.”

Once again, enjoying the view of her nicely rounded ass, in the tight dress, Kyle followed her up the stairs and pointed the way to the bathroom. Now, for the part he always found awkward. Should he undress, all the way, or part of the way? While finding a totally naked woman, reclining in his bed, was sexy as hell for a guy, he wasn’t quite sure women found a nude man, posed on the sheets, quite as appealing. He decided to at least remove his shoes, socks and belt and un-tuck his shirt.

As he turned down the sheets, Maya entered the room.

“Kyle…” she began.

Shit, he thought, she changed her mind. She was still completely dressed and looked concerned.

“I just want you to know I really don’t usually, hardly ever, in fact never, do this kind of thing,” she said in a rush. “I’m not that kind of girl. Really.”

He walked over to her and took her in his arms.

“I know you’re not, and I want you to know I’m not really that kind of guy either. I don’t tumble into bed with a woman, on our first date. It’s just …aside from being incredibly hot for you, I feel there’s something special about you, something I need.”

He pulled away from her and took a step back.

“If you want to wait, we can. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable with me.” Oh please, oh please, don’t leave, please, please stay.


Naomi Bellina
Adventurous erotic romance to tickle your fancy and unleash your libido

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  1. Thank you, Dawn, for having me here today. I hope eveyone enjoys the excerpt. Creatures of the Night is now available on Amazon and your other favorite booksellers, so stock up on reading material and get ready to do a little daydreaming this summer!