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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ann Mayburn ~ Daughter of Lust~Guest Reviewer

Those of you who follow my blog might remember a very memorable person who commented on an Erin Nicholas post (CLICK HERE) back in May. Anyway he (yes I said "HE") made such an impression with his comments I had to contact him and see if he might be interested in an interview or even possibly reviewing for me.

Buddha (that's his name) is a very funny man, it was great talking to him. I mean how many men admit they like romance books? And how many can actually hold a conversation about them? it was GREAT and when I asked if he'd be interested in reviewing he said "yes". So we discussed books and what he might like and Ann Mayburn came to mind, I love this women and I love to spread the word about her, he likes the demon aspect so this was perfect!

  (For the Love of Evil #1)

Daughter of Lust (For the Love of Evil, #1)

Belal, High Prince of Hell and Keeper of the Deadly Sin Sloth, is expanding his power in the world of the 1800s by trafficking opium. He revels in the results, and as sloth begins to overtake the mortal realm, all of Hell suffers. The balance of power in Hell, as well as the fate of the Universe, will be decided by a half-demon peasant girl.

Natalia Shura, the daughter of Asmodeus, High Prince of Hell and Keeper of the Deadly Sin Lust, is unaware of the nature of her birth. When her demonic side begins to awaken, her world becomes dominated by dark passions and deadly craving, and Natalia believes she is losing her mind. But Natalia's love has been foretold as the only thing that can stop Belal and his allies, and they will do anything to prevent her ascension.

Facing assassins, avenging angels, Hell's deadly politics —and her real father — Natalia must accept the love of more than one man and embrace her demonic heritage as a Princess of Lust. If she doesn't, all that she loves will be destroyed, and Heaven and Hell will plunge into Chaos.


Riveting, Exciting, Sizzling, and Epic. Use all the power words you can think of to describe Mayburn's "Daughter of Lust" and you just might come CLOSE to describing how good this book is. CLOSE. Queen Ann has spun a story that is charming, fantastical, deadly, historically accurate, and truly enjoyable. The characters become like your own personal friends. Their enemies become your enemies. Their blood spilled feels like your blood spilled. Exceptional characters. 

Now for the what your really want to know about......the sex! LOL Steamy, hot, sweaty sex. The best part of Mayburns writing is that the sex is NOT gratuitous. Its does not play out like a bad 90's porn. The sex is absolutely VITAL to the story. Without the sex, the novel would have a lot less meaning.

"Mayburn" should be on the lips of every Erotic Romance readers mouths. If not whispered with awe, certainly gratitude. Gratitude for a time well spent. 



  1. Ok, give me a second to recover from the profuse blushing. As anyone that knows me will tell you, I'm not very good at taking compliments. So I'll swallow all my 'I'm not worthies' and simply say, thank you. :) It really tickles my pickle that a guy enjoyed my work, but then again I've always been a bit of a tomboy. Ironically enough, in my household my husband is the hopeless romantic while I'm forever forgetting anniversaries. So, back on topic, thank you again Buddha for the lovely review. I hope you'll be happy to hear that book two in the 'For the Love of Evil' trilogy, Princess of Lust, should be out sometime this fall. :D

  2. Epic review! Definitely want to try this book. :) Welcome to Daydreamz Buddha!