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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Clockwork CaptiveBlurb ~

Enslaved in a gentlemen's club by her father's debt and branded by the clockwork piercing at her throat, Liza Flaherty knows she has few options.

Until the night she recognizes Brace Howell...

From the instant Brace sees a photograph of Liza at the club, he knows he must possess her, though he has no idea a secret binds them together.

When they meet, he sees her scars from sex marred by violence, but he has sexual healing in mind. He has one goal, to rescue the captive and make her
his forever. 

Review ~

Brace is expecting to spend some of his hard earned money at the gentleman's club gambling with some friends, but plans change and he winds up in the brothel rooms with the beautiful Celeste. This is not something Brace does and when he sees her treatment (imprisoned by a clockwork collar and force to have sex with random men to pay off her father's debt) he feels an immediate need to help her.

Poor Celeste has basically been held a sex slave by a clockwork collar pierced through her skin. Both fear there is no luck in freeing her from this prison until Brace talks to his inventor friend Jonathan.

I grabbed this book when I saw someone tweet about it being free on Kindle and I am so happy I did!! It's a super cute quick read with steampunk elements, tenderness, likable characters, and fun sex scenes.


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