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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Erin Nicholas interviews the Bradfords

Just My Type (Bradfords, #3)Just Right (Bradfords, #1)
Today we have Erin Nicholas on the blog today interviewing a few of her favorite men from her Bradfords series. So I won't keep you any longer than I have to... enjoy the interview  :)  

Just Like That (Bradfords, #2)

It’s been two years since the first Bradford books were written.  In those books we got to know Jessica, Ben, Sam, Danika, Sara and Mac.  And Kevin and Dooley.  Those two guys were a huge part of those books and yet, we didn’t get to really know them.  Not like we wanted to.  We know that they’re funny, can give as good as they get when the guys are joking around, and also have big hearts—they help at the Bradford Youth Center, help take care of Katherine and her friends, and are part of the best paramedic crew in the city—just like the others.  But they’re a bit of a mystery aren’t they?  We know Dooley is a goof-off and Kevin goes to church every Sunday, but who are they really?

Well, I’m happy to report that these boys finally found the right girls.  Not that it was easy.  But I had the pleasure of getting to know them both a lot better… and ended up totally charmed.

Recently, I told Dooley that there are a lot of women out there who’d like to know what makes him tick.  Being Dooley, he was intrigued and agreed to sit down with me and answer some questions.  Which was great.  But, of course, it didn’t go exactly according to plan…

Dooley agreed to meet me in one of the conference rooms at St. Anthony’s hospital for a few minutes before his shift on the paramedic crew starts.  But just as we were getting started, the other guys joined us…

Sam:  Oh, dammit. 
He rewraps his sandwich and slides it down the table to Mac. 
This one has jalapeƱos on it.  Yuck.
Mac lifts edge of the bread on the sandwich he had in front of him. 
Mac:  Yeah, this one’s got the sweet onion sauce. 
He pushes it to Kevin.
Kevin shrugs. 
Kevin: Mine tasted fine. 
He wads up the empty wrapper.
Sam:  Hey, that one was mine.
I’m definitely distracted by all of this. 
Me: What kind do you like?
Sam:  I like a little bit of everything. 
He winks.  I’ll never get tired of him doing that, by the way.
Sam: Just like with women.
Mac chuckles. 
Mac:  And like I like things spicy and Kevin likes things sweet.
Kevin: I can handle jalapenos. 
Now he even winks at me. 
Trust me.
Um, wow.
Mac: Yeah, Kev, Dooley mentioned that you might have a little jalapeno in your past. 
He picks one off the sandwich and pops it in his mouth. 
Wanna tell us about her?
Kevin shifts on his seat and clears his throat.
Kevin: It was a long time ago, man.
Sam:  But she was definitely jalapeno-level?
Now they’re all leaning in, watching Kevin.  He gives a little smile.
Kevin:  Oh, yeah.  But more like jalapeno-strawberry jam—sweet with just enough kick to keep things interesting. 
His eyes are on his soda can, like he’s seeing something entirely different—or someone. 
Actually, it was even more like when you think you’re picking up straight strawberry jam and then you take a big mouthful and get a hot surprise with it.
I look around at the guys and they’re all staring at Kevin, mouths open.
Kevin looks around. 
Kevin: What?
Sam:  Very nice analogy, buddy.
He salutes with his soda can.
Mac clears his throat. 
Mac:  Yeah.  I think we’re all totally clear on this girl.  Whoever she is.
Dooley:  And when you say “mouthful” you’re referring to…
Kevin: You met Morgan at that casino night fundraiser we went to, right, Dooley?
I’m on the guys’ side here… I want to know more about this woman that has Kevin looking like that, but he clearly wants to change the subject. 
Me: A fundraiser?
Dooley gives Kevin a knowing look, then turns to me. 
Dooley:  Yep. Ben gave Kev and me the tickets.  And yes, I do look great in a tux.
Oh, I knew that Dooley could pull off a tux. 
Me:  Do you remember when you first saw Morgan?
Dooley grins.
Dooley:  Her hair.
Me: Excuse me?
Dooley:  That was the first thing I noticed.  Her hair.  It’s this amazing red color, with gold strands.  It practically glows in the sunlight.  Especially in the morning when the sun is first coming through the window and she’s lying next to me in bed.  When I run my fingers through it it’s like a cascade of color.  And it’s so silky, and thick.  I love how it smells too.  And how it feels against my face, and my gliding over my chest and over my…
Suddenly he looks up, realizing that he’d been going on and on… and that his friends are watching with a combination of surprise and amusement.
Mac:  Well, don’t stop now for god’s sake.  You love how it feels gliding over your…
Dooley:  Elbows.
Sam bursts out laughing.
Sam: Dude, you’re doing something wrong if the most erotic thing you’re feeling her hair on is your elbows.
Dooley:  I didn’t say it was the most erotic place.
Sam:  Okay, then what’s the most erotic place?
Dooley glances at me.  I certainly don’t mind hearing the real answer to this question.
Me:  Don’t mind me. It’s an honest question.
Dooley has a mischievous grin on his face. 
Dooley: The same place that Mac loves to feel Sara’s hair.
Mac and Sam both sit up taller. 
Sam:  Um, no, don’t go there.
Mac:  Don’t pull me into this.
Kevin:  His throbbing shaft. 
He glances around the table. 
There’s a pause, then they all throw wadded up sandwich wrappers at him. 
Mac:  I can’t believe you just said that.
Sam:  Seriously? 
Kevin grins
Kevin:  Hey, I didn’t say cock, did I?
They all whoop with delighted laughter.
Dooley turns to me.
Dooley:  It’s a good interview if you can get Kevin to say ‘cock’.
It’s a good day any time I get to hang out with these guys. 
Me:  I think I have some good stuff here, guys.
Dooley:  You don’t have any questions like boxers or briefs?
Me:  Oh, I think I’m just going to let everyone continue imagining you guys without anything on at all.
Looking around the table, all the guys are looking at me with wide eyes.
Grinning, I gather my papers and push back from the table. 
Me:  Wow, I think it’s a good interview if I can make all of you speechless at one.
God knows “speechless” and these guys don’t get together in the same sentence much.
I stand and give them all affectionate smiles. 
Thanks for everything guys.
Sam:  Oh, honey, we all know that we’re the ones who should be thanking you.  For everything.
Me:  Like the butter? I look at Sam. And the flavored body powder?  This I direct to Mac. And the hot fudge sundae? I ask Dooley.
Dooley looks around the table and they all smile at each other and then at me.
Dooley:  All of that.  And for giving us the loves of our lives.
Aw, crap.  They always succeed in making me laugh, making me blush and then choking me up.
Me:  My pleasure guys. 
I say it with absolute heartfelt sincerity.  Just as I open the door, I turn back. 
Oh, and Kevin, don’t worry… I have some big plans for you too.
Kevin:  I’m hoping so, Erin.  I’m really hoping so.
Sam calls out as I step through the door. 
Sam:  Hurry up already!  I can’t wait to see who’s the perfect woman for Kevin.
Oh, yeah, this is going to be fun.  As it always is with these guys.  I blow kisses all around and leave with a grin that lasts the rest of the day.

Check out the first three installments of the interview with the guys!

If you want to know more about the guys right now there’s lots-- blurbs, excerpts and Bradford extras! –on my website:  www.ErinNicholas.com.  

You can also get to know these guys and their girls— or if you’ve met them already—you can catch up with them in Just the Way I Like It, the Bradford short story… available for FREE here  Samhain  and here Amazon !

Just the Way I Like ItWith friends like these…they may never date again!   
A Bradfords series short story.
Out of their entire group of friends, Kevin Campbell and Doug “Dooley” Miller are the last bachelors standing. And if their friends’ wives have anything to say about it, they’re both going down—the sooner the better.
Sure, sometimes it’s torture to stand by and watch their friends enjoy true love. But all that touching, teasing, and goo-goo eyes? It gets old. Plus, Kevin and Dooley have their reasons for staying single, and a trio of meddling women can’t change that.
Or can they?
That’s the question that’s making them nervous. Very nervous…
Warning: This Bradfords series epilogue contains six meddling friends, two sworn bachelors and a bunch of crazy set-ups.  It’s also a sneak peek at the next two books where Kevin and Dooley do find true love…without any help from their friends.

And you can find Dooley’s story, Just For Fun, just released here Samhain  and here Amazon  !

Just for Fun (Bradfords, #4)There’s having fun… And then there’s falling in love.
The Bradfords, Book 4
It was a chance meeting, a spontaneous, hot moment, a never-to-be-repeated encounter. So when the gorgeous redhead he knows only as Sugar walks into the bar and heads straight for him, Doug “Dooley” Miller knows he’s in trouble. But he’s sure not going to mind.
She needs a date to some swanky something-or-other. He’s a fish-sticks-and-denim guy, but for a woman who’s not afraid to get naughty in an elevator, he can stand a couple days of smoked salmon and Armani. 
Morgan James admits she doesn’t really know Doug, but she needs him to keep her mind—and hands—off her ex. A man who, despite the fact he stole her ideas, she’s afraid could charm her into repeating her mistakes. Only Doug can make her forget the weasel exists. Besides, it’s just this one time.
What started as not even a one-night stand has Dooley feeling things that he’s never felt before.  And that’s outside of the bedroom.  Don’t even get him started on what’s happening between the sheets.  Why does he have a feeling that, as far as flings go, they’re doing something wrong?  Then again, if they’re falling in love, they might just be getting that right.
Warning: Contains a woman who knows what she wants, a man who knows what he doesn’t want, and a proposition that shows them both that they’ve never really wanted anything like this before.

And yes, Kevin does get his story!  October 2012!

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  1. Hi, Dawn honey! Thanks for letting me and the guys hang out here today! :)

  2. Hi Erin!

    Can't wait to get to know the Bradfords! These boys sound like a lot of fun... I'll have to go back and read the first three installments of their interview! Thanks for the heads up on the freebie!

    Other than possible couples spoilage... is it necessary to read the books in order?


  3. I really loved Erin's Anything and Everything series!!! Can't wait to get to know the Bradfords too...they sounds like a super hot group that I will enjoy getting to know! Great interview:)

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

    Great question about reading the series in order :) You don't have to read the previous books to understand the story and- I hope! - like the characters in each book. They do work as stand alones. But the characters do show up in every book and I think getting to know them slowly book by book makes it even more fun to see what they each get into in their own book! *G*

    Andieleah-- thanks for reading about Marc and Sabrina and Kat and Luke! :) I do think you'll like the Bradfords too-- but I'm biased LOL!


  5. Haven't read the series yet, but bought Just the Way I Like It last night. Can't wait to get to know the Bradfords


  6. Thanks for letting us know that you don't have to read the books in order! Good question *yadkny*!

  7. Oh boy. Her hair on his elbow. Too funny! And his shaft! This sounds funny! Thanks for the interview. jepebATverizonDOTnet

  8. Lol great interview! What was the sandwich Kevin ate? :)