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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bernadette Marie ~ Cart Before The Horse ~ Review

Cart Before the Horse

Release date: September 30, 2011
Length: 249 Pages
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Sometimes happily ever after doesn't start with "first comes love."

Gabriel Maguire thought he'd buried his past until the night he met Holly, only to lose the woman he cared about, again.

Holly Jacobs has always put the cart before the horse. A prodigy who shot to stardom in textile design, she never knew a normal life—and there's nothing she longs for more than to be normal.

Pregnant before she even knows the name of her baby's father, Holly has put the cart miles ahead of the horse this time. But when she and Gabe meet for the second time, they decide to have their baby together. Holly finally begins to accept her unique way of doing everything backward, but Gabe's very normality drives her up the walls. Then his tragic past rears up; pain and loss threaten to destroy forever the fragile bond that has blossomed between him and Holly.

Sometimes the only way to get where you need to be is to put the cart before the horse.

Review ~

Have you ever come across a book that you started reading and just couldn’t manage to put down? … Wanted to zip through the book like a speed-reader, but didn’t want the story to end?  That’s exactly what happened for me with Cart Before the Horse by Bernadette Marie.  I’ve definitely found a new (to me) author whose books will be on auto-buy status.  Her writing style is beautiful; a true pleasure to read.  Her characters are well-developed, very relatable, funny and compassionate.  I could go on and on, but am more anxious for you to pick up this story and dive in like I did.
Prodigal Holly is a no-nonsense, talented, professional woman working as a textile designer who ends up pregnant after a one night stand with Gabriel Maguire.   Two months go by without seeing him until she seeks him out to plop this bit of news on his lap.  Gabe’s character was oftentimes heart melting.  His past trauma could cause him to react either way (accepting/denying) in response to Holly’s news of being pregnant.  While his reaction may seem to good to be true, I was looking for a sweet romance and got exactly what I wanted out of this story.   I enjoyed seeing them develop throughout the story, overcoming their individual fears and hang-ups. 
Bernadette Marie definitely accomplished writing a feel-good romance with an HEA, which I thoroughly enjoyed and hope you will too.  I found her writing style to be very clear with an easy to follow rhythm and engaging dialogue.

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  1. Great review and I still need to read this book. I've been a fan of her books since reading her Keller Family series which was beautifully written as well.

  2. Have just finished this book and found like Lola, its a book you want to get to the end of but don't want it to finish. Like all Bernadette's book well written and you feel like you are inside the book. I always feel like I have had a happy jag after reading her books . I for one can't wait on the next Keller book
    Alison Co Durham England