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Monday, July 9, 2012

Grace Elliot ~ Hope's Betrayal

Sensuous Romance or Erotica?

            Hello, and big thank you to Dawn for hosting me at Daydrmzzz Reviews! I couldn’t agree more about books and dreaming- for me a good read is in the escapism. I see Dawn's favourite genres are paranormal and erotic, and whilst I am a historical romance girl I'm sure we love our favourites for the same reason -  escaping into the world of an engrossing story.
            As well as an avid reader, I'm a writer and my personal preference is for a sensuous, rather than erotic read. For me the emotional attachment between the characters is what makes a story great.  Which leads me to ask - do you read for the emotional involvement, or titillation of erotica -or both? Don’t get me wrong, I read erotica, but conclude that the books I like the most are those where the H/h have a growing relationship to each other.
            For me it's all about sexual tension, about the chemistry between the characters, how they change and evolve as a result of meeting their partner. One of the many reasons I love historical romance, is that so many rules were placed on people in different eras. These social restrictions give the writer so much scope for naughtiness and compromising situations. Heavens! In the Regency, men were considered such dangerous and corrupting creatures that for a woman to be alone in a room with one, could ruin her reputation. So how much more scope for misunderstanding and tension when courtships were conducted in public, and to be alone could force someone into marriage?
            My novels are set in the Regency, which was also a time of fabulous fashions, the woman wore next to nothing (underclothes were considered 'fast') and wafted around in gauzy silk gowns that left little to the imagination. And the men! When the main transport was either foot, horseback or carriage, most men were active and well toned - and then there was the fashion for stupendously tight buckskin breeches that showcased those wonderfully muscular thighs…you get the picture.
            But returning to my theme, on a personal level, I prefer a novel with tension between the characters and I get so swept up in their story. That first kiss between two people who yearn for each other and have overcome obstacles to get there, is so intensely thrilling. And building to an intimate conclusion, I'm prepared to wait for the final pay off, rather than insist on the more immediate gratification of erotica. 
            In "Hope's Betrayal" we have two characters on different sides of the law. The ruthless Captain George Huntley is sent to stamp out smuggling and when he arrests a smuggler, and finds she is a woman, his troubles are just beginning. George finds himself attracted to this daring woman with sea-green eyes and yet to submit to that love would mean his career in ruins. And Hope, at last has met a man who equals her spirit, a man who she could lose her soul to, but to love that man means betraying her own kind….
Grace's writing has been described as:
“…perfectly written sexual tension through out.” Lou Graham’s book blog.
“Wonderful, yummy, sweet, sexy... oh the list could go on and on. L.O.V.E.D. IT! It had my heart thumping and hands sweating” TJ, Goodreads review.
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Hope's Betrayal
Hope's Betrayal (#2 The Huntley Trilogy.)

One wild, winter's night two worlds collide.
Known for his ruthless efficiency, Captain George Huntley is sent to stamp out smuggling on the south coast of England. On a night raid, the Captain captures a smuggler, but finds his troubles are just beginning when the lad turns out to be a lass, Hope Tyler.
With Hope as bait, the Captain sets a trap to catch the rest of the gang. But in a battle of wills, with his reputation at stake, George Huntley starts to respect feisty, independent Hope. Challenged by her sea-green eyes and stubborn loyalty Huntley now faces a new threat - his growing attraction to a sworn enemy. But a love where either Hope betrays her own kind, or Captain Huntley is court-marshaled, is not an easy destiny to follow.

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Author Bio.
Grace Elliot

            Grace Elliot leads a double life as a veterinarian by day and author of historical romance by night. Grace believes intelligent people need to read romance as an antidote to the modern world. As an avid reader of historicals she turned to writing as a release from the emotionally draining side of veterinary work.
            Grace lives near London and is addicted to cats. The Elliot household consists of five cats, two teenage sons, one husband, a guinea pig - and the latest addition - a bearded dragon!

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  1. I'm all about the sexual tension too! Great blog post!