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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Claire Ashgrove - Immortal Surrender Review

Immortal Surrender

Today we are taking part in Claire Ashgrove's Immortal Surrender Tour and two of us (Ruby -our new reviewer and I) decided we both wanted to read this book, so you get two reviews for this great book. This is Ruby's first review with us. She an avid reader and reads just about everything. So please welcome Ruby and see what she has to say about Claire Ashgrove's newest Release Immortal Surrender, book two in The Knights of the Templar series.

Immortal SurrenderFarran de Clare, loyal member of the cursed Knights Templar, wants nothing to do with predestined mates. Even the Almighty won’t turn him into a fool again—he’d rather sacrifice his soul. Yet in the scientist Noelle Keane, a devout atheist, Farran meets the seraph designed for him.
Ordered by the archangel Gabriel to protect Noelle, the possessor of a sacred relic that could give Azazel incredible power, Farran swears to do his duty—but in name only. Fighting an attraction that grows with each day, he’s determined that he’ll never pledge himself to her.
As they war over her future, their mutual passion ignites a conflict far more damning. But before Noelle will agree to eternity with him, she demands the ultimate sacrifice – his heart.


Farran stared up at Noelle, cursing her bad luck, the Almighty, and his fate. He well knew how terror could trap a person, had seen it countless times with unseasoned knights. In her unmoving position, he recognized the signs too clearly. This was no act meant to gain his sympathy. ’Twas no ploy to soften his anger over her attempt at escape. She was truly terrified.

“Damnation,” he muttered beneath his breath.

He closed his eyes with an inward prayer his stomach would not revolt and made the mark of the cross over his chest. Eyeing her, he strode to the ladder. She would pay for this later. He would find a way to make certain she came to regret her attempt at escape.

Do not look down. He chanted the mantra as he climbed the icy rungs. In less time than he had imagined, he arrived at her feet. Holding on with one hand, he placed the other on her calf. “I am here. Climb down.”

’Twas then he noticed the shaking of her shoulders, heard her muffled tears. When she did not move, he gave her leg a squeeze. “Noelle, come down. I will not let you fall.”

“I’m scared,” she murmured.

Saints’ blood, she did not intend to make this easy. Aye, indeed, he would lock her in her rooms at the temple for a week.

He assessed her position, made note of the little space her tiny body occupied. Carefully, he tucked his feet between hers and the side rails and eased his body up her legs. When he had pinned her between the ladder and his chest, he stopped. “Grab on to me.”

She let go with one hand, then clutched at the rail with a fierce shake of her head. “I can’t. I can’t, Farran.”

At the sound of her broken voice, all his defenses shuddered like a door under the barrage of a battering ram. The anger her defiance provoked dissolved with her sniffle. Deep in his gut, a heavy knot unwound. He pressed his body into hers, molded his thighs around her legs. Holding on with one hand, he pried her fingers off the metal and guided her hand to his shoulder. “Turn around, damsel,” he encouraged quietly. “Wind your arms around my neck, and we shall descend together. I swear to you, I will not let you fall.”


Immortal Surrender: The Curse of the Templars, Book 2. This is the first book from Claire Ashgrove that I've read and I could not it put down. Claire kept me turning the pages, leading me deeper into the world of the Farran and Noelle, A Templar Knight and a scientist. 
Opposite personas is what drew me into this book but learning that Noelle and Farran are fated to be together had me turning the pages. They say opposites attract. Noelle, a self described geek (yes she wears glasses too) and an innocent who believes she's not attractive enough to ever catch the attention of someone like Farran, whom she believes is crazy but is willing to help him anyway.  Farran is a knight (no shining armor on him) and warrior who battles for good and fights against evil, who understands death and knows it's near. He finds himself fated to be with Noelle and acts like he has been given the proverbial ball and chain.  But fate has a way of twisting and turning lives and situations until everyone and everything is on the right path
This book had me laughing, crying, angry and crying some more throughout the whole book. Let Claire introduce you (as she did me), to Noelle, Farran and the rest of the Templar Knights.  All I will say is... Please let there be more!


  1. I enjoyed both the excerpt and review; they were great reads. I look forward in continuing this series.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  2. This was great, I have never heard a character interview. Definitely putting this on my To Read list!

    armann589 at yahoo dot com