1. Do you have any Halloween traditions?

For the past nine years we lived in the "go-to" trick or treat neighborhood, the one families would drive to on Halloween. We'd get close to 400 trick or treaters a year! So on Halloween night, we'd get together with neighbors for dinner, then one of us would take the kids out trick or treating while the other passed out candy. We always made sure to stop by certain houses - especially the one where our friend would give the grown-ups a "treat" - hot apple cider with a kick. :)

We recently moved to a new town, and I was a little sad to think those days were over - only to discover that our new neighborhood is even more popular! I'm excited to see what Halloween is like here, even though the neighbors have already scared us with talk of a thousand kids on a busy Halloween! 

2. What is the one thing that scares you most on Halloween? (it's clowns for me)
Running out of candy.  

No, honestly, I'm a big wuss. Scary movies/haunted houses/etc are totally not my thing. It all scares me. 

3. What is you favorite Halloween character? (I love anything fairytale)
I love, love, love matched costumes - Romeo and Juliet, Bert and Ernie, a cookie and a big glass of milk... A clever couples costume idea always makes me smile.