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Thursday, October 25, 2012


The Moonlight Masquerade Giveaway Hop STARTS today!!

Hosted by My Secret Romance and Day Dreaming.

  Do you have a secret crush you're afraid to reveal yourself to? Worried they'll be either too sweet or too sour? Does the thought of hiding behind a mask excite you? Would you like to fall under the spell of a brooding dark vampire and let him sink his fangs into? Or how about a sexy shifter built thick and hard that you're just dying to pounce on? Well then, come join us as we celebrate all those things that are wicked on Halloween! 

I love Halloween a chance to get dressed up and act as crazy as I want and not have anyone look at my like I'm crazy, HELL YEAH! This year hubs and I are doing the matchy thing well somewhat... he is going to be a knight and I'm a wench. Well at least that's the plan so far as today. He keeps wanting to change his mind and be a Ninja-LMAO, oops sorry let me explain. Hubs is a big guy 6ft 2in and 240lbs, not a small guy. Do you want to see him in that tight spandex outfit? lol I brought it home and the legs come up to his knees almost and the top wouldn't close. You remember that saying... fat guy in a little coat? Yep I was singing it to him, don't get me wrong he is far from fat but seeing him try to get outta it just sent me into a flash back of the movie -lol.

What are you dressing as this year?

Stop by everyday this week and enter to win the awesome Halloween prize pack I have put together. Authors like, RG Alexander, Luoisa Bacio, Bonnie Bliss, Robin L. Rotham, Kate Davies, and Lisa Renee Jones.

Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, Druids, Halloween parties, and what Halloween could be complete with out FrankenDom.

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Remember to trick or treat the rest of the hop this week, you never know what goodies you'll find.


  1. I like taking my DD trick or treating. She has such a blast!

  2. i like the creative costumes that come to my house

  3. I like the excited kids at the door all dressed up...oh and leftover candy :D


  4. Favorite thing about Halloween is seeing the nieces and nephews and neighbor kids dressed up in their costumes and collecting candy....also eating the left over candy...lol

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  5. Taking kids trick or treating! Also enjoy checking out all the kids in costumes!

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  6. The kids excitement when trick or treating may be the best part of Halloween, as well as candy!

  7. Watching the littlest ones having such a good time trick or treating.Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win. <^_^>

  8. What do I like best about Halloween? Well, it used to be getting dressed up myself and acting all crazy, but now it's watching my 2 kids pick out what they want to dress as, then of course helping them that night. Pictures, pictures, pictures! They always say 'enough already mom, let's get movin!' lol
    Thanks for the chance today,
    Sebrina_Cassity at yahoo dot com
    ps....Rafflecopter is acting up, so I'll mosey back on by later..... :)

  9. My favorite thing about Halloween is watching my kids get so excited to go trick or treating.


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  11. For the last five years I've spent Halloween in New Orleans. I go to the Undead Con and the Anne Rice Vampire Ball. However I couldn't attend this year. I have so many costumes. I love dressing in period clothing. I love the Elizabethan era and the Tudor era. So I dress in the clothing of the Historical Romance period and with a twist of Vampire.

    Of course I have to have my Vamp Teeth. I can just picture myself luring my victims. lol

    My favorite part of Halloween is seeing the creative ideals that people have for costumes.

    Happy Halloween!

    Teresa K.
    tcwgrlup41(at)yahoo dot com

  12. What I like best is all the candy..mini chocolate bars,chips,rockets etc.Love it :)

  13. I like the masks. This year I want to do my face like Martha Stewart with the butterfly eyes "Motha"

  14. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! New follower. :D

    My new blog: http://wavesoffiction.blogspot.com/

  15. My favorite things are carving pumpkins with my family and watching my girls (well just one now) dressed up!

  16. I don't think I will dress up this yr. I might get my warm warm hooded black cape out so I can keep warm while taking the kids out. I love taking the kids out and seeing everyone dressed up.

  17. I love being able to let your imagination be free and dress up in cool costumes.


  18. My favorite thing about Halloween is getting to dress up as anything or anyone that I want for one day :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. The candy :) I'm a total sweets junkie :)


  20. The sweets.
    bituin76 at hotmail dot com

  21. I like being someone different for a night