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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Merry Menage Hop ~ Smutketeers ~ Day 8

Today is our last and final day of the Merry Menage Blog Hop and what better way to close it out then to do it with the Smutketeers!! 

Do you know the Smutketeers? 

Well if you follow me I'm sure you've heard me talk about them at least a few times -Eden Bradly, R.G. Alexander, and Robin L. Rotham. 

Every year the Smutketeers get together and do a special event for Christmas. They do giveaways, have tons of guest authors stop by, sing, poems, stories, and lots of naughty fun. This year they have decided to do some VERY fun things, be sure to stop by and take a look at what they have come up with this holiday season.


Eden’s GETTING SCROOGED, Robin’s NOT SO TINY TIM, and RG’s MARLEY IN CHAINS will be available in time for the holiday season! Stay tuned to the Smutketeers for release news, and of course our annual X-mas celebration bash with tons of goodies to give away and an amazing array of your favorite authors, beginning December 5th ! 

Be sure to enter BOTH Rafflecopters for your chance to win theses fantastic prizes. Happy Holidays and good luck hopping - xoxo.

I can't wait to get back from my trip to red these books! 
What are some books your looking forward to?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. My Secret Romance  27. Romancing the Book (INT)  53. Nicole Flockton  
2. Day Dreaming Book Reviews  28. Romance After Dark (INT)  54. Kharisma Rhayne  
3. The Book Tart (INT)  29. DC Juris  55. Riverina Romantics (INT)  
4. Amber Lin  30. M.A. Stacie (INT)  56. Eliza Gayle (INT)  
5. Reginamayross's Blog  31. Mari Carr  57. Dakota Trace (INT)  
6. Blackraven's Erotic Cafe (INT)  32. Delighted Reader (INT)  58. Milly Taiden (INT)  
7. Blackraven's Reviews (INT)  33. Vanessa Morgan (INT)  59. Kylie Scott (INT)  
8. AJ's Reading Nook (INT)  34. Tattooed Book Review (US)  60. Jennifer Labelle - Labelle Books (INT)  
9. The Readers Roundtable (INT)  35. Full Moon Bites (INT)  61. Susan Frances, Romantic Adventures  
10. Dark Divas Reviews (INT)  36. Book Lovin' Mamas  62. Shelley Munro (INT)  
11. HEA Romances With a Little Kick (INT)  37. CS Maxwell ~ Where's My Muse? (US)  63. Suzi Love  
12. Gabrielle Bisset, Erotic Romance (INT)  38. Liz Crowe (INT)  64. Kallysten (INT)  
13. Leah Braemel  39. Krista Ames  65. Naomi Bellina (INT)  
14. Vanessa @ The Jeep Diva (Int)  40. Paige Tyler  66. Aria Kane (INT)  
15. Sandra Bunino (INT)  41. Lolita Lopez  67. Nona Raines (INT)  
16. Other Worlds & Realities  42. Nicole Morgan  68. Reality Bites! Let's Get Lost (INT)  
17. Aine @ House Millar (INT)  43. Bonnie Bliss (INT)  69. Queentutt's World of Escapism (INT)  
18. Kelly Jamieson  44. Moira Keith (INT)  70. Samanthe Beck  
19. PG Forte  45. Lorraine Beaumont  71. Sharing Links and Wisdom (INT)  
20. Crystal Jordan (INT)  46. Cari Quinn (INT)  72. Waves of Fiction (INT)  
21. Rhian Cahill (INT)  47. Cocktails and Books (int)  73. Sweet & Sassy Kellie Kamryn  
22. Under the Covers (INT)  48. I am a book addict...and proud of it (INT)  74. Krystal Brookes (INT)  
23. Shadowed Hearts - A. Sangrey Black  49. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews  75. Ana's Attic Sexy Tales  
24. Not Now...Mommy's Reading (INT)  50. Louisa Bacio (INT)  76. Autumn After Dark  
25. Hot Listens (INT)  51. Jessica Scott (US(  

26. Cassandra Carr (INT)  52. Kindlehooked  


  1. I am looking forward to reading so many books, I couldn't begin to name them all. If I must choose, then I'll say Fix You by Mari Carr.

  2. I love the Smuketeers; those ladies rock. They also put a hurtin' to my wallet but in a good way! LOL

    Tracey D

  3. I love the Smuketeers and their books! I can't wait to read their naughty holiday stories :)

  4. I'm really looking forward to these Smutketeer books.

  5. Hot mulled wine. So yummy with raisins and almond flakes. ;)