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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Juniper Bell ~ ... the Receptionist series ~ + Giveaway



Today we will be talking to Ethan Cowell, the ever so yummy British partner of the consulting firm of Cowell & Dirk. I first came across Mr. Cowell  when I picked up Ms. Juniper Bell's book Training the Receptionist in May 2010. I was very impressed with Cowell & Dirk's training program and have since been looking to gain similar employment.

I know how precious his time is and how very impatient Mr. Cowell can be, so I will not dilly-dally around ....

Dawn - So, your author has decided to talk about you in our Perfect Man Event. How do you feel about that?

Ethan - My author, Juniper Bell, knows exactly what I want and tries her best to make me happy. She’s a good little author—thanks, in good part, to my training. You didn’t think she was calling the shots, did you? Bloody hell, no. I like to be in charge of all parts of my life, in bed and out, and especially between the covers of my own book.

Dawn - Why do you think she decided you were a good candidate for our ”Perfect Man” Crown?

Ethan - Quite possibly it’s the accent. (winks) The Perfect Man ought to have a devastating British accent along with killer blue eyes and a thorough knowledge of a woman’s body, don’t you think?

Dawn - Tell us a little bit about your tale?

Ethan - I’m the senior partner of the firm Cowell & Dirk, where Simon had the good sense to hire Dana Arthur as our Receptionist. After he did a brilliant job training Dana (I taught him well), the three of us eventually found the perfect balance between work and pleasure, submission and domination. I’m the top boss, everyone understands that. Some men are born to that role, and I happen to be one of them.

Dawn -So now we know a little about your background, tell us how you’d make us feel like you were our Perfect Man?

Ethan - When I’m with a woman—Dana can back me up—I focus on her completely and utterly. I become attuned to her every sensation. The boundaries between us dissolve. No one exists other than me and her – and Simon, in Dana’s case, because that’s what’s right for her. When I’m possessing a woman, I penetrate through the layers of shyness, inhibition, shame, and so forth to the true, primal needs that drive her. And I consider it my mission to satisfy those needs.

Dawn -Tell us one thing about yourself that sets you apart from the crowd?

Ethan - I used to be an undercover agent for British Intelligence. I’ve spent time in prison in Afghanistan. I’m relentless, fearless, persistent, stubborn. As you Americans would say, a tough mo-fo. Once someone is in my care, I don’t let anyone fuck with them.

Dawn - What is your biggest pet peeve? And what have you done to correct those who do it?

Ethan - Anyone who doesn’t respect women goes on my hit list. No names here, but some worthless men tried to take advantage of my Dana. I corrected them in a way they won’t soon forget. If they forget, I’ll remind them. I believe in revenge—it’s a simple matter of justice, balancing the scales. I never forget a wrong.

Dawn - What do you two do in your spare time that might intrigue our readers? Any hobbies? Or adventures you’d like to share?

ReceptionistEthan - I invite your readers to spend a morning at the offices of Cowell & Dirk. That’s adventure enough for anyone, especially if you’re not particular about political correctness. No need to bring your own sex toys. We’ll take care of that. Bring an open mind, your sensuality, and a knack for adventure

Dawn - I'm free today after this interview, I'll be right over :)

Dawn -Tell us something about yourself that others might not know.
Ethan - I hold my secrets close, as most would tell you. And I’ve been told I’m intense. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a soft side. In fact, if you touch a certain spot between my neck and shoulder … well, I’m ticklish there and will giggle like a schoolgirl.

Dawn - Thank you for visiting with us and just one last question for you.... What is your favorite/or most special memory in your life?

Ethan - Any moment I have a woman moaning uncontrollably at my command ranks among my favorites. Notice how I put the woman’s satisfaction above my own? With power comes responsibility. (winks) If you put yourself in my power, I’ll take care of the rest.

Dawn - Do you have anything you’d like to add for our readers or your writer?

Ethan - I’d like your readers and my writer to know that Cowell & Dirk has several interesting projects in the works. Training the Receptionist, Thanking the Receptionist and Restraining the Receptionist are just the beginning. We have plenty more sexy, kinky adventures to share. So get busy, Juniper Bell. Or you’ll answer to me.

Thank you

Now that Ethan... I mean Mr. Cowell  has so nicely told Juniper that there WILL be more to come (he..he..) why don't we take a look at what she has out now.

Released 6/14/11

Every deal has a loophole.

Dana Arthur’s new job with the firm of Cowell & Dirk is going well. Translation: the occasionally kinky ménage with her two bosses, Ethan and Simon, has been several months of politically incorrect bliss.

Except the relationship feels unbalanced. While Ethan is the undisputed master, the partners’ iron-clad agreement stipulates that Simon must be present as she performs her “duties”. And she senses there’s a subtle, powerful tug-of-war developing for more than just her body.

Simon had agreed to share the firm’s fiery, sensually daring receptionist…to a point. With Simon out of town, Ethan plans a feast of erotic temptations designed to have Dana begging him to break the deal. He didn’t realize his heart would be a casualty.

Once she surrenders to his wicked demands, Dana realizes there’s no going back. It’s time for a three-way renegotiation…this time, all or nothing.
Warning: NSFW!! Do Not Try This at Your Job. Contains highly inappropriate
workplace behavior including m/f/m, m/m, bondage, creative use of office space
and a high-stakes trip to Atlantic City.

Check it out this one is a FREE read! Pick it up at Smashwords website here.
Released 5/30/11

Dana Arthur has found the job of her dreams ... if her two sexy bosses are satisfied with her performance. On her very first business trip, Ethan and Simon intend to show Dana just how much the firm of Cowell & Dirk appreciates her.

Released 3/2/10

It’s her naughty dream job—if they’re satisfied with her performance…

Eager to escape her miserable existence in Low-Life, Long Island, street-wise Dana Arthur jumps at an entry-level position with the consulting firm Cowell & Dirk. As her training period begins, she quickly discovers she’s required to do more than take messages and order office supplies. Her job description contains some deliciously naughty duties that givereceptionist a whole new meaning.

Simon has almost given up on finding the right woman who will please his clients as well as his demanding partner and mentor, Ethan Cowell. No one measures up—until Dana. Her inner fire and fearless nature are perfect for the job. No matter what wicked punishment he devises to chastise her for her on-the-job mistakes, she accepts with a relish that leaves him wondering which one of them is really in control.

The last thing he expects to discover is that she’s a perfect sexual soul mate he can’t bear to share. But share he must—it’s part of his business agreement. Unless he makes Ethan the deal of a lifetime…


Juniper has offered to do a reader's choice of any e-book copy from her backlist! Damn I wish I could win some of these prizes! This contest will be open internationally and will close on 8/24/11. Leave a comment, question, or statement to be entered :)
 Be sure to leave your email address so that we may contact you when you win! Don't forget to stop by Nic's blog and see who she has on today for The Perfect Man Event.

Do you want Juniper's Autograph? Get it sent straight to your Kindle with Kindlegraph!! I was her first :D

You can find Juniper Bell around the web at:

You can pick up her books at:

AmazonB&N, SamhainEllora's Cave,  & Smashwords 

She also has a free read on her group blog, Check it out!


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