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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

KB Alan ~ Bound by Sunlight ~ Giveaway

Today I get to introduce you all to another GREAT author I met recently 


KB is a very busy girl! She is either working, sailing, hanging with friends,on the computer (twittering -which she introduced me too), reading, or writing or even a little bit of it all at once- lol. I was lucky to spend last weekend with KB in Las Vegas, we had a great time and even played a little dress up :D .

When I first met KB I hadn't read any of her books, I quickly changed that and read Bound by Sunlight. This isn't a book I would normally read as I am not a huge magic fan BUT I am very happy I did cause I LOVED it! Her characters were wonderful and the story line was easy to follow and I got a happy ending. (Now I want more!)

I have loved getting to know her and doing this interview was great fun. KB has some amazing giveaways in store for you too! So, let's get on to the interview ...

Dawn - What makes the “Perfect Man” for you? 

KB - Someone who listens and pays attention. And, you know, is hot. But really, I think a guy who puts you and your needs at the top of his priority list, who knows your likes and dislikes because he cares enough to pay attention, is definitely a winner.

 Dawn - Which of your heroes do you have a particular soft spot for? 

Perfect FormationKB - Ooh, that’s hard, I do love them all. I think I will always have an extra special soft spot for Caleb, though. He’s one of two heroes from  my first book, Perfect Formation. A confident, alpha male who finds himself in love with two best friends - Richard and Taryn - and has to figure out how to convince them that the three of them together is exactly what they all need. Lucky for him, the friends don’t mind when he pulls out the restraints to get his point across!

Dawn - Talk to us about Connul. What’s his story? 

KB - Connul is a mage, with a great deal of power. He’s also a Dom. Can you say alpha male? As a good Dom and careful, responsible mage, though, he’s very conscious of his power. So when he walks into his private, secure home study and finds an unknown woman sitting in his chair, wearing her pyjamas (and not even the sexy kind!), his instincts to protect his home over those to protect a seemingly vulnerable woman clash. Is it a surprise to anyone that he’s soon pulling out the restraints to deal with the situation?!


Bound by Sunlight

Kyriana Price has spent nearly a year trapped at her evil day job. And she does mean evil. Her boss is a mage bent on power who lets nothing stand in the way of his quest to gain more. When she sees Connul Graysn wielding a flogger at a BDSM club, she formulates an escape that will require his considerable skills—as a mage and as a Dom. Going to another mage for help might not be the best plan, but it’s the only one she’s got, and at this point, she’s willing to try just about anything.The last thing Connul expects when he finds an intruder in his house is that he’ll soon have her chained in his bedroom, her lovely body marked by his paddle. But she’s begging for his help—how can a gentleman refuse? As they learn to trust each other, he begins to realize the only thing he’s not willing to do for Kyriana is let her go.

Click here for an Excerpt

*PSST... HUGE sale on at Ellora's Cave right now 


Dawn - The romance genre has been getting a bad press of late (Not by us! We love it :D) Why did you choose to write in your genre? 

KB - There was never really any question, for me. While I read across a wide range of genres, I always come back to romance. In romance I can get the mystery, the suspense, the comedy, the super sexy - whatever I want, all with a guaranteed happily ever after. A hot hero and an enjoyable heroine just add to the pleasure. I’ve never been embarrassed to say I write romance, although I am sometimes a bit circumspect about the erotic part, depending on who I’m talking to!

Dawn - Do you have anything new in the works for us? 

KB - I’ve finished a Valentine’s Day story that I really like. I wanted to see what it would be like to write a holiday specific story, so of course I tried Valentine’s Day first! I found that the spirit of the holiday grabbed hold of me, and the book is definitely a sweeter story than my others. Although still erotic, of course, lol. Hopefully you’ll be seeing that release in February. I’m also working on a contemporary with m√©nage, and another werewolf story (set in the same world as my second book, Alpha Turned).

Thank you so much for having me for your fantastic event. If any of your readers would like a set of my Romance Trading Cards (open internationally), I’d be happy to send them to you! Just email your physical address to me at kb@kbalan.com. Also, stop by my website www.kbalan.com to find out about all of my books.



KB has offered up a few giveaways!! NOT only is she offering up her Trading cards to ANYONE! She has also offered up a Ebook copy of Bound by Sunlight. 
So, comment people! And don't forget to leave your email address. This contest will end 8/24/11.
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*KB has also offered a end of contest win! At the end of "The Perfect Man Event" we have some special giveaways planned and KB has graciously offered up a $20 gift card!The more comments the more entries (Nic's comments count as well).

KB Alan can be found around the web at:

KB just signed up for  Kindlegraph so if you want her autograph stop by the site and request it! It's that simple!!

You can buy her books at:


  1. I really enjoyed Perfect Formation I read it last November so i may do a quick reread...can not wait to read Bound by Sunlight...thanks for the give-a-way


  2. That picture is not a tenth as cute as the one of you trying on the Bettie Page dress that you looked so fabulous in!

    Thanks, seachele, I hope you win a copy!

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  4. LOVED Bound by Sunlight, and also Perfect FOrmation - both great books!!

    susanmik AT gmail DOT com

  5. Love all of KB's books. :) Can't wait for the sequels to PF and AT.

    Hi there, KB. ;)

  6. Thanks Elizabeth, I hope you win :D

    Susan used all caps, I love her! :P

    Berryblu came to visit! Thanks for stopping by and I promise something, er, soonish!

  7. Great interview.I read Perfect Formation and loved it.Can't wait to read more of her work.

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  9. Thanks, everyone, I've had a great time being here. Good luck on the contests! And for everyone who emailed requesting Romance Trading Cards, I'm on it!


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  15. Wow, a new to me author. Your books sound really good,and I am always looking for new authors to read (I just need to figure out a way to not need sleep so I can get my read me piles taken care of). Very generous giveaways. Thank you so much for them.
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  16. Hi KB. I enjoyed the interview and your new release sounds excellent. The guarantee of a happy ending is one of the reasons I like reading romance so much. Those trading cards are gorgeous too.

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