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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Robin L. Rotham + Carnal Compromise + Character Interview + Giveaway

Hay Rolls

Today’s Perfect Man may not be a cowboy in the strictest sense of the word, but he can fix fence, work cattle, and fill a pair of Wranglers with the best of them. Get ready for an intimate interview with farmer and ladies' man Brent Andersen, one of the two outrageously sexy heroes in Robin L. Rotham’s debut Samhain release Carnal Compromise.

But first, in honor of the Perfect Man Event, Robin will be giving away TWO of her books: 1) a download of Carnal Compromise, AND 2) a gift certificate for a download of one of her backlist e-books or an autographed copy of one of her print books (US- Only).

And now, settle back, get comfortable, and prepare to fall in love—or at least in lust—with a farmer. Or two. Or maybe even three, depending on how adventurous and heteroflexible you're feeling. *grin*

So Brent, Robin Rotham selected you for our Perfect Man Event. How do you feel about that?
Brent: I’m kinda pleased with myself because it means Robin’s proud of the way I turned out. She’s pretty damn picky about her men, especially her farmers. Of course, I’m not the only farmer in Carnal Compromise—Joe and AJ are farmers, too, but AJ’s a woman, and Joe... Well, let’s just say there’s a reason Robin picked me instead of him. Joe Remke’s a lot of things, but perfect ain’t one of ’em.
Joe: I think someone’s forgotten I could knot him up like a pretzel with one hand. Brent Andersen thinks just because he’s a smooth talker, women like him better, but I got news for him—talking is overrated. Big cocks—that’s what women want, and I’ve got one and I’m not afraid to use it. On a woman or a man.
Brent: (ignoring Joe’s arch look) See, that right there is the reason why, between the two of us, I’m the obvious choice for the Perfect Man crown. If it were just a matter of looks or skill in the sack, Joe could probably give me a run for my money. But women are mostly about feelings, and I can actually talk about mine. Joe won’t admit to even having feelings, much less talk about them. He’s got a bad habit of turning tail and running when emotions get too intense—which means AJ and I have our work cut out for us.
Joe: Yeah, good luck with that.
Carnal Compromise wasn’t your first appearance in one of Robin’s books. What made her give you and Joe your own story?
Brent: (rubs chin) Well, I guess she couldn’t very well leave us hanging forever, could she? It was pretty obvious in Carnal Harvest (Book 1) that there was more between us than simple friendship, but the focus of the story remained on my cousin Hake's relationship with his wife Mandy—as it should have. We were just there help them over a rough patch. Although I have to say, Joe and Hake took us all by surprise right there on the kitchen ta—
Joe: Zip it, boy.
Brent: What, are you embarrassed?
Joe: (snort) Hell no. I just don’t want you givin’ away any surprises.

Can one of you tell us a little bit about your tale?
Joe: I’ll tell you one thing for sure—it’ll make you wish you’d hooked up with a farmer at some point in your life. The thing about farmers is, we’re not squeamish about much of anything so we’re up for fulfilling just about any dirty little fantasy you can dream up. And that’s exactly what we do for AJ Pender in Carnal Compromise.
Brent: Hopefully that’ll take Joe’s mind off trying to have his way with my ass.
Joe: I got more news for you, buddy—it’ll take a lot more than kinky three-way sex with a fresh-faced farm girl to keep me from eventually having my way with your ass.
AJ: I’ll have to go with Joe on this one. He’s pretty determined to have Brent’s ass, and I’ve got to admit, the idea melts my butter in a big way. I hope they fulfill that fantasy for me, too—although it would be a double-edged sword. If the two of them finally managed to get together, it would be time for me to bow out of the picture. (sigh)

So boys, now that we know a little about your background, tell us how you’d make us feel like you were our perfect man?
Joe: Baby, I’d make you feel like you got hit by a Mack truck—right between your pretty little legs...

Brent: (rolling eyes) Yeah, a hit-and-run.
Joe: What’s wrong with that? Some women like to see the backside of a man before the sun comes up. They want to get well and truly laid without having to wash his dirty socks or fry him an egg.
Brent: And some women want more. I’d make you feel like you’re the center of my universe, like I’ve never wanted a woman as bad as I want you, like my next breath depends on giving you a mind-bending orgasm. And I’d make damn sure you didn’t get knocked up while I was at it.
Joe: Ditto.
AJ: I can’t have kids, so why are we even talking about this?
Joe: Don’t you have some kind of ball gag fantasy we need to fulfill right about now, little girl?

Since you're here, Joe, why don't you tell us one thing about yourself that sets you apart from the crowd?
Joe: I’m a farmer.
Brent: (rolling eyes again) We’re all farmers, Joe. But way to keep anyone from learning anything meaningful about you.
AJ: What are you so afraid of, Joe?
Joe: Can it, AJ. What are you doing here anyway? This interview is for the Perfect Man, not the perfect woman.
AJ: (crossing arms) What are you doing here? This interview is for the Perfect Man, not the Perfect Man-ho.
Joe: Why don’t you go back to the camper and do something useful, like shave your pussy?
AJ: I believe I will. Not that you’ll get to see it...
Brent: Now you see why Robin picked me to be the Perfect Man. But maybe readers should check out our story at Samhain Publishing and decide for themselves. Here’s the blurb and just a taste—a very dirty little taste—of Carnal Compromise:

When you’re down on the farm, things are bound to get dirty!
Joe Remke just has one qualification for his lovers—he wants them gone before sunrise, which makes his new bunkmate AJ about as safe as a woman can be around him. It also makes his determination to sleep with his boss downright stupid, because if Brent ever gives in, he’ll be looking for a new job.
Brent Andersen knows sex with his right-hand man Joe is inevitable, but he’s not going down without a fight. Putting the new female hired hand in their cramped RV was a stroke of genius, taking the heat off him while protecting her from the horny young guys on his custom farming crew.
AJ Pender’s bunkmates may hide their feelings for each other from the rest of the crew, but they aren’t fooling her—Brent and Joe are gay, and it’s all she can do not to cry at the thought. Not that they’d be interested in her, of course, and if they ever found out she fantasizes about being the meat in their farmer sandwich, they’d probably die laughing.
Fortunately for Brent and Joe, fantasies have a way of outing themselves and AJ’s are right up their alley. But even three-ways have their risks, and AJ can serve as a buffer for only so long before the tension between them explodes.
Warning: Flying BOBs ahead—and that’s just the warm-up! Strap yourself in for a wild ride complete with ménage, m/m, and a voyeuristic f/f scene hot enough to make three grown men beg for mercy.

Excerpt (and I DO mean X!):
SEXY COWBOYBrent leaned so heavily against the doorjamb, its oak edges were imprinting themselves permanently into his spine and ass.
Holy fuck was right, and not just because AJ’s orgasm looked more like a grand mal seizure—although that had been a sight to behold.
But usually when he and Joe had a woman together, they got busy together at both ends or on both sides of her. Brent had never just stood back and watched Joe with a woman, and man, it was a revelation.
There were no two ways about it—Joe Remke was a beautiful male animal the likes of which he’d probably never see again. Or at least not buck naked and in power-fuck mode. His back and shoulders rippled with muscle, and his legs looked like they were hewn from solid stone. Watching his ass bulge and hollow as he pumped into AJ had stirred more than simple lust in Brent—he’d actually been jealous that he wasn’t the one on the receiving end of that sexual onslaught.
So much for any lingering doubts that he was bi.
Then Joe had spread one knee out further to intensify his pounding and Brent’s mouth had dried out as he focused on what was between Joe’s legs. His heavy sac, not as hairy from this angle as from the front, had swung freely at first and then pulled up tighter and tighter, drawing Brent’s eyes upward over his perineum to the pucker now clearly visible between his ass cheeks.
Never in his life had he been the least bit tempted to lick a man anywhere, especially below the belt, but at that moment, he’d never wanted anything more. He’d had to fight not to crawl onto that bed and bury his face between the tree trunks of Joe’s thighs, to lick and suck and bite, to learn the taste and smell and texture of everything his eyes had already memorized. Then he wanted to kneel in front of Joe and feel the relentless thrusting of that thick cock in his mouth, taste the musky tang of Joe’s come before it slid down his throat.
He thought he’d already plumbed the depths of his nastiness, but apparently that well was bottomless.
Suddenly Joe rolled off AJ’s limp body, propping himself on one elbow, and Brent’s eyes widened. Joe hadn’t come yet. Even through the glistening condom, his cock was dark red and bulging with veins, and the dark hair on his drawn-up sac was matted with the evidence of AJ’s excitement.
The need to lick and suck grew almost painful.
“You want a taste?”
Appalled to be caught staring, he silently cursed the blush burning his ears as he reluctantly met Joe’s gaze. For just an instant, Brent saw an unexpected vulnerability there, almost pleading, but it was quickly replaced by triumphant lust and a challenge he’d be best off ignoring.
But Jesus, it was hard. Joe edged his thighs apart to reveal every inch of his sex-soaked package and thrust his hips forward in an obscene invitation.
Brent swallowed and let his head fall back against the jamb, staring at the ceiling as he tried to breathe through the clamor of temptation. He was not going to rise to that challenge. He was not going to start something Joe would finish with eviscerating finality.
FingersWhen the bedsprings squeaked and heavy feet landed on the floor, his fight-or-flight instincts kicked in. He jerked away from the doorjamb, ashamed of his panic but fully prepared to run for the sake of his sanity.
Joe stopped mere inches in front of him.
“Want a taste, Brent?” he repeated intently.
Brent licked his dry lips but before he could answer, Joe reached up and smeared damp, fragrant fingers all over his mouth and nose.
Brent clamped his lips shut as the sharp scent of aroused woman flooded his brain, shutting off blood flow to every area of his body except his cock. Jesus, had Joe touched himself or AJ? It smelled so damn dirty and good, he nearly came in his jeans. He gulped as Joe leaned much too close and inhaled the fragrance of AJ’s arousal on his lips. Their eyes locked and he felt all sorts of unmanly urges slithering just under the surface of his skin.
Joe settled heavy hands on his shoulders and exerted downward pressure, and Brent wavered in an agony of indecision. It was now or never, do or die, shit or get off the pot. He had to either throw Joe off and walk, or give way and taste…

(clears throat) Thanks you for stopping by ya' all! I know what I will be downloading today :D 

Like I said earlier Robin is giving away TWO of her books: 1) a download of Carnal Compromise, AND 2) a gift certificate for a download of one of her backlist e-books or an autographed copy of one of her print books (US -only). Just leave a comment and you're entered, it's that simple :)
Don't forget to stop by Nic's Blog today she has Cat Johnson.

Oh and if you don't win Robin's autographed copy, you can still get her autograph through "Kindlegraph"! 
She signed up just the other day and is waiting to sign for you. So click on this link and get yours now! 

Robin can be found around the web at:


Sexy farmer and his big machine

Robin's books may be purchased at the following:

* Remember when you buy at Samhain on release week you save 30% off


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