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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Brynn Paulin~ One For The Team ~ Review

One for the Team (Erotic Gems short story; Daly Way, #4)
Since arriving in Daly months ago, Moonbeam Szuzman has kept a low profile and avoided romantic complications. The last thing she wants to do is jump into something without thinking, especially when a relationship in this town will involve a ménage. When her car runs out of gas on the way home from a work excursion, she’s rescued by three of the cowboys who’ve interested her most. Alone with them under the stars, Moon’s plans go awry and she discovers she might just like the Daly Way.
Review ~
Another trip to Daly Way...

This is yet another great trip to Daly way from Brynn Paulin! I love this series. I mean... come on! All the hunky men and so few women always make for some very interesting stories. One for the team does not disappoint either, Moonbeam has recently come to Daly Way to work at a travel/tourist
place her friend Ryana started. She knew Daly Way was a bit different than most towns. Her sister Paisley was in a relationship that screamed different with multiple husbands but this didn't bother Moonbeam, after all, her mom was a hippie and she was used to being different.

Moonbeam had decided to go it on her own even though she had her number of men who were interested in her. Independence was all good and well except for when she was stranded on the side of the road with no help in sight. At least she thought she was alone until out of the dark comes her darkest
secret desire... Like in her dreams, Cord, Pete, and Sabatello. These three men have been the main feature in her naughtiest dreams as of late and they were here for her. And boy do they do some helping ;)

Get your cowboy hat ready and put those spurs on - 'cause this is a quick ride - and hold on tight for this next adventure into Daly Way.
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