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Monday, September 24, 2012

Let's Talk Books

Today I’m sitting with my friend Kat from The Book Tart and we are talking books but not just any books oh no’ we are talking Dark Erotica.

So to get us started how about we discuss what kinds of books we read…

KAT: I’m a romance junkie but I have recently been reading Contemporary Romance but I am normally a PNR, and UF fan. But since my New Fiction Release database went live in February I have become aware of new books and authors. So my reading list has grown.

ME: I’ve actually read more contemporary this year then ever! I’m a PNR junkie as well with my love being Vamps, BUT recently I found something I never knew about.

KAT: What’s that??

ME: Well I’m not sure you will like it but I LOVE it… it’s Dark Erotica and it’s just like it sounds DARK and DISTURBING with an emphasis on EROTICA.

KAT: What do you mean Disturbing, I can do Dark and *blushes* Erotica mildly.

ME: Well let me remind  you about the book I just finished it’s called Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts and it has some seriously disturbing content rape, molestation, kidnapping, torturous non-consent games and violence.

KAT: AAACKKK!! I’m not sure where to go with that one, but you have read passages from the story to me and at this time while it isn’t for me, I do see the beauty in the writing of that author. Very lyrical and lots of emotion and heart but those other elements… I’m not quite ready to take the jump yet.

“A bead of sweat trickled down the side my neck, it’s slow crawl over my collarbone, across my chest, and into the swell of my breasts served to remind me of my body. My soft, breakable body.”

ME:  Yes I do agree this book is not one for you at this time. I have been reading Dark Erotic stories  for awhile now, I started reading Varian Krylov . I found this author on a “free read” and then subsequently picked up ever book she wrote that week. She is dark and gets into the psyche  of the disturb and I can’t help myself  when I read her, I can’t put down her books until I’m done. Another author I have become obsessed with is Skye Warren and I’m so excited because she has a new release and is going to be on my blog on October 1st

KAT: That’s what I love about Fiction there is something out there for everyone, things that push our boundaries and take us to new worlds.

ME: I do know that my influence has worn off on you a bit you though Kat *Smirk*

KAT: *Blushes* Yes you are right, I read Lila Dubios’s “Pinup stories” because of the pretty covers, Undone Rebel and Undone Dom and she has a new one coming out Undone Diva, I’m actually really excited about this one it’s Emery’s Story! I was surprised by how much I liked the BDSM stories because they were the first I had ever read. Lila’s portrayals of the BDSM lifestyle enlighten me to a few things, including erotic uses of vegetables! But I must admit the depths of emotion and trust in the relationships were very beautiful and drew me in. I mean that’s what I look for in a story is emotion and heart and it got me and taught me a few things *DEEP BLUSH*

ME:  *Giggles at Kat Blushing* I do love it when I can make you blush Kat, heheh.

KAT: SHUT UP! *laughing*

ME: I agree again with you on the matter of emotion, it’s one of the things that keeps me pushing my reading limits. When I started reading 5 years ago I only read YA, PNR, and True Crime. Since then my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of reading and I have not found many limits to it yet.

KAT: Right now I know I have limits, but I am open to possibilities and I always love to hear what you are reading and talk books with everyone!

ME: Awwww thanks Kat I do love chatting books with you too, and it’s even better when I can make you blush and when I get phone calls asking me questions about vegetables *Laughs Hysterically, ducking from the pelting of Reece’s being thrown at my head*

KAT: You know I support you in your reading habits, twisted as they might be *laughs* so I guess I will be picking you up CJ Roberts newest book ,Seduced in the Dark, then for your birthday then huh. While I might not read them remember to keep sharing your journey in to the Dark with me.

ME: I will and now I’m so excited to open my present!!  I loved the first one (Captive in the Dark) and will be reviewing it tomorrow. Chatting books with you Kat and sharing passages from them is always fun. I hope we can do it again.

KAT: Me too maybe next time we can talk something I know more about.

ME: No problem you got it, but I do love that blush… it matches that hair of yours.

 Thanks Kat for coming and chatting with me. I love it when I get people to come and chat books with me maybe we can make this a regular thing.


  1. *mwah* darling Dawn, we'll definitely have to do this again! I had fun

  2. Hi Dawn & Kat! Loved your chat and your *blushing* :) I'll admit Dawn girl introduced me to Dark Erotica too with Skye Warren and I loved her books lol. I like hot and steamy but also like sweet and sexy romance books too :)

  3. It's SO cute seeing you two talk-love it! You should definitely do this again!

  4. Hi Phuong! Hi Eden! I love talking books and I've been introduced to some yummy ones by Dawn. Some I just enjoy hearing excerpts from :p She once read to me a couple pages from Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty! *blush*


  5. The Anne Rice Beauty night was so funny I loved reading it aloud to ya Kat and I think we need to do it again as well! Xoxo

  6. I happy to have done my part! The trick is to hide the juicy stuff behind a cute, pink cover. That's how you suck people in.

    And fair warning--Emory is into role play.

  7. Okay, that last comment was me but I wasn't signed in.

  8. Love your chat, ladies.
    Love romance. Love erotic romance.
    But this doesn't just make me blush...it kinda scares me.

    1. Jess Hon! Hi *waiving madly* next chat I'm picking the genre :p I love the choices in fiction, there is a story for every taste and mood we're in :)
      (((hugs))) Kat

  9. Lila Darling! *mwah* I am looking forward to Emory's story lol and yep, the covers definitely drew me in :) I don't think Dawn realized I'd never read that type of romance :p but the heart and emotion got to me even if the bedroom play unfamiliar
    (((hugs))) Kat
    PS. Do you have a date yet for Undone Diva?