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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Liz Crowe~Sweet, Sexy, Scorching Blog Hop~Wk 3

Find Liz Crowe here:

Blogger-  www.lizcrowe.com

The RookieThe Rookie
Lisa loves her job in the male-dominated beer sales industry and has built a reputation as one of the best. But she dreads the "ride along" days when beer companies sends their least experienced representatives to see how she operates—until her one bad day turns into something more with The Rookie.

Undercover for his own brewery, Trent has heard of Lisa's prestigious sales prominence and sets out to see for himself—to show Lisa what he is capable of—in business and pleasure. Their attraction leads them to an amazing encounter in the most unlikely place, but will Lisa accept Trent's true identity once it's revealed? Or will she finally surrender and reach out for the unexpected?

XXXmas Ale (Brewing Passion #2)XXXmas Ale
Dani, the new female brewer, has something special in mind for Blake behind closed doors of her brew house. Guaranteed to leave an impression…

It's Holiday Party time, and the employees of Winter Street Brewing Co. are doing it up right, with a special ale brewed just for them by one of the owners. High in spice and alcohol, XXXMas Ale gives Blake, the handsome and shy warehouse manager, the liquid courage he needs when he encounters Danielle, the new female brewer. Dani's determination to see what Blake has to offer after their first introduction brings him out of his shell—long enough for him to appreciate not only her expertise with rare Belgian beers, but what passion she offers that may threaten his heart.

The Tap RoomThe Tap Room
Erin Brady is having a seriously interesting year…

After finding out her alpha banker husband, Bradley, has been cheating on her with his bubble-headed PR girl, she puts all her passion and energy into making her microbrewery a success. Until one business partner, Trent, attempts to rekindle an old flame, and her other partner, Owen, admits his true feelings for her—what is a woman supposed to do?

Throw the hot new brewer, Jeff, in the mix, and it's a formula for disaster.

The daily stresses of running a small business, plus the ongoing turmoil in her personal life has Erin escaping to California for an industry event, where she meets Landon, a brewery rock-star-turn-consultant, who has been watching her and her company for a while.

When a family trauma requires her presence in Michigan, Erin is faced with an ex- husband who wishes for a reunion. Caught in the middle of all these men, she's even more confused by what she truly wants or needs.

Then the ultimate decision forces her into action: Newly acclaimed as the owners of Winter Street Brewing, honored by Inc. Magazine as Top Entrepreneurs, Trent, Owen and Erin face a buyout offer from a much larger brewery. What will she choose? Who will she share it all with?

**This is a Choose-Your-Own-Ending book.**

Specific GravitySpecific Gravity
Trent and Lisa have a sizzling-hot physical relationship. Ever since they first met, it's been a nonstop, hands-on fest. Perfect for him, he thinks, coming off a rancorous divorce. But lately, it feels like something more—and it terrifies him.

Lisa knows Trent is the man she wants but is too independent and stubborn to make him believe it. He has to figure it out on his own. Their shared love of craft beer and specific expertise in the business do make them a good match, and the sex? It's off the charts.

"Specific gravity" is a crucial moment in the beer-brewing process—a turning point upon which successful outcomes depend. Lisa hopes Trent will go to the next level with her and isn't about to force him, but the moment of truth has arrived. Can he admit his true feelings before it's too late?

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Liz is giving away a $30.00 gift card to one lucky winner!Remember, every day there will be a different author all blogs involved in the hop, over the next few weeks we will highlight authors books, post excerpts, guest posts and a "Guess Who" (this will be on a different blog each day).  See if you can find the "GUESS WHO" post for every author - Can you guess who they are talking about?  Every week there will be winners as well as a grand prize  winner at the end of the hop - this prize is growing daily, you won't want to miss out. So be sure to stop by each blog daily to comment (leave a contact email) and enter the rafflecopter as well.

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  1. Love the titles! I have lots of new books on my TBR now!
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  2. All of these look yummy and are making me thirsty (too early in the morning for that).

    kesummer69 at gmail dot com

  3. This series sounds fantastic. I read The Rookie and it was wonderful. I didn't realize there were more books in the series. Can't wait to read them.


  4. All the blurbs sound great! I'd love to read the books :)

  5. I love the idea of a series built around the beer industry! Thanks for the blurbs and info on the books

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  6. I love the sound of this series!


  7. I love adding a new series to my wish list.

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  8. Love her books,Thanks for sharing :)


  9. This sounds great!! Id love to read it! Thanks for sharing and for the great giveaway!

  10. I really like those covers. I haven't read many books that include breweries, but this series sounds like a great one. :)
    trb0917 at gmail.com