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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beverly Preston ~ No More Wasted Time ~ Review

Today I am excited to be reviewing Beverly Preston's book No More Wasted Time. I came across this book on Twitter as a free download from Amazon and quickly nabbed it. Then, coincidentally, I stopped by an author signing at the Henderson Public Library (Green Valley branch in Henderson, Nevada).

Prior to going in to the event I noticed the signage stating Beverly would be there and became very excited that I would be able to meet her. Sadly, once in, I found out she couldn't make it, but I did receive an email from her a few days later thanking me for stopping by. This was such a sweet gesture I had to reciprocate and what better way to do it than post my review.

Beverly Preston 

#1 Bestselling Author, Beverly Preston has been a stay at home mom for 21 years, although she prefers the title Domestic Engineer. Along the way, Beverly worked side by side with her husband Don, the love of her life, designing, building and selling custom homes. As her children begin to venture out on their own, she’s left to shed a tear—for a minute—wonder what’s next in life, and embrace the feeling of empowerment that surely must’ve been wrapped in a present she received on her fortieth birthday.

If Beverly isn’t at home riding her spin bike, you’ll find her spinning richly emotional and sinfully sexy romance stories. 


No More Wasted Time

Life isn’t about tomorrow ~ Life is about today
After losing her husband to a sudden heart attack, Tess Mathews escapes to Bora Bora to lay her husband and sorrow to rest. What she doesn’t expect is a new beginning.
Tom Clemmins is an A-list actor whose life revolves around work and an onslaught of women. He travels to Bora Bora for a much-needed break. Tom has a few ideas of how he’ll enjoy his vacation, but love isn’t one of them. Until he sees Tess.
Reserving a private shark-feeding excursion to scatter her husband’s ashes into the lagoon, Tess is furious when Mr. Hollywood bribes his way onto the boat, leaving her no other choice but to share the boat ride.
Tess is torn between tremendous guilt and zealous lust when their boat ride turns into a week full of romance and desire neither thought imaginable. Utterly smitten with a woman for the first time in his life, Tom casts his commitment phobia aside and whisks Tess off to Malibu where he introduces her as his “girlfriend” on the red carpet.
As the paparazzi besiege, can Tess survive the media blitz that ensues in order to find her second chance at love? 


Beverly Preston did an excellent job in taking me on this little vacation.  I loved the setting.  Hello Bora Bora, here I come!  (Well, not really… I’ll remain broke until my teens grow up and move on, but it’s nice to imagine.)
Spending time with Tom ignites a spark in Tess that she forgot existed.  Yes… She is sexy, seductive, desirable.  Even though Tom’s famous and has been photographed with many gorgeous women, he has never committed his love to just one.  And despite the playboy persona, Tom surprised Tess (and me) by his down-to-earth ways, gentility, thoughtfulness, extravagant surprises and persistent adoration.    I loved the plot, loved the characters, and especially loved the author’s voice.  The greatest impact on me was when Tess decided to let go…just go with it…enjoy the time she could with Tom before the vacation came to an end.  Go Tess, you tigress!  And Tom?  Tom was a dream (*sigh*).  If I was single and this man stepped across my path… Let’s just leave it at  y’all would be feeling the reverberating rumble from my own roarin’ tigress within! 
Witnessing their realizations that they should seize the moment, love and live to the fullest was touching to say the least.  So, ladies (and gentlemen) quit lollygagging and grab yourself a copy of No More Wasted Time by Beverly Preston if you’re ready for a thought evoking, sensual, heart-warming romance. 
Warning—Under eye concealer recommended with purchase of this book—it’ll keep you up waaay past bedtime!

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I'm sorry we weren't able connect at the signing, I had a funeral to attend, but please contact me the next time you're in Vegas.
    My favorite line..."Warning—Under eye concealer recommended with purchase of this book—it’ll keep you up waaay past bedtime!" I'll be using that tag!
    Always be sinfully sexy,
    Beverly Preston

  2. So glad you liked the review and I and Lola look forward to meet you soon :)