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Friday, August 31, 2012

RG Alexander/Rachel Grace~ Sweet, Sexy, Scorching Blog Hop ~ Wk 3

I’m so happy to be featuring this series for RG Alexander’s day because she was my “gateway” lure into erotic romance. When I got my Kindle four years ago I opened it up and logged on, the first book that caught my interest was Regina in the Sun, book one in her Children of the Goddess Series. After I finished that book I bought up every other book she had and not just that series! My first week Kindle bill was well over $100 and I was happier than a kid with cake. 

So let me show you why I fell in love with this amazing author -

Regina in the Sun (Children of the Goddess, #1)Order now from AMAZON / BARNES & NOBLE / BAM! / HALF.COM / INDIGO / INDIE BOUNDKINDLE / NOOK / ARe / SAMHAIN

There’s only one place left to run-into forbidden arms.
In Book 1 of the Children of the Goddess series, Regina, an Unborn and the last of the Readers, finds solace and aid in an unlikely place…and introduces readers to a whole new world.
When she arrives at Ye Olde Haven Pub, the sanctuary for Trueblood Vampires, Regina is wounded and desperate. Her only thought is to save the Deva Clan, her family, from the dangerous Loups De L’Ombre, the Shadow Wolves. She knows she will not exactly be welcomed with open arms. She is, after all, an Unborn, the lowest caste of Vampire.
As a natural born from the purest line, Zander Sariel knows the rules are sacrosanct-a Trueblood mates with his own kind. But one taste of the young Unborn is all Zander needs to know that rules were made to be broken.
With enemies at every turn, Zander risks everything to save Regina from the monster that hunts her, his own kind’s ignorance and-if he must-her lack of faith in her own unique abilities.
Only together do they have a chance to defeat the shadow that haunts their future, and save their entire race from extinction.
Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, voyeurism of an m/m/f menage…a plethora of vampire nookie.

She walked towards the dance floor, a bit delirious from exhaustion and heedless of the surprised murmurs, and began to sway to the poignant melody.
In her mind’s eye she was young again, free of pain as her grandmother taught her how to story-dance. That’s what she’d always called it. Daj Mia believed that every dance should tell a story.
Reggie’s body instinctively followed the movements she’d learned so long ago, before she knew that a world beyond her human family’s tents existed. Before she knew that all the monsters and magick in her Daj’s fireside stories were real.
Her hands rose above her head. Wrists and hips rolled smoothly as she twirled to the slow, sad ballad.
The song told of a girl who didn’t seem to fit in the world. Lost in darkness and pain, the only freedom—only happiness she knew—was in the sun.
The irony of the lyrics weren’t lost on Reggie. She was a Vampire, after all. And yet, it was nothing but the truth. The last true memories she had of love and laughter were brilliant with the light of day.
As the words wove around her, she could almost believe she was dancing in the sun, could feel it on her face. Centuries of darkness were erased in a heartbeat. Lost in the magic of the song, she could feel the dew-filled grass beneath her thinly covered feet instead of the hard wood of the pub floor. It was her family’s laughing eyes, shining with support and approval, gazing at her as she swayed instead of the cold judgment of the strangers who watched her every move.

The waif-like creature danced as if she were in another world. He realized she didn’t comprehend the effect she was having on her paralyzed audience. Several of his clientele stood, their intentions clear. They planned to remove the unwanted element from their midst, but something about the solitary dancer froze them in their tracks. A sadness they all recognized, a yearning some of them had never known and a sexuality that held them captive.
He couldn’t tear his gaze away as her belly rolled and she arched her back, the movements beyond graceful, unknowingly sensual. Her hips jutted sharply left and right, body undulating like water.
The air left his lungs, desire racing through his limbs, weighing them down. Her waist-length blue-black tresses swept the floor as her neck rolled forward. She reached up once more, her face glowing with some inner light as she embraced a vision only she could see.
She was mesmerizing.
The beauty fell to her knees, back lowering until it touched the floor as the final words to the song echoed through the silent room.
It was then that he noticed her haggard appearance. The torn clothing, the scrapes covering her arms and the extreme pallor of her skin made his gut clench.
A tear fell unchecked down her cheek. He tensed as if to go to her, but his brother rushed past him to her side. Lux picked the girl up as if she were light as a feather and whispered softly in her ear. He joined them in time to hear the low, sultry voice tremble in response.
“Elizab-eth said… Sanctu—” She passed out before she could finish the sentence.
Lux looked up at him in surprise before holding the girl protectively closer.
“Sanctuary, Zander. She’s asking for sanctuary.”
The murmurs had picked up around them. He and his brother looked over the crowd, sensing the growing agitation. Those who had stood before seemed to have shaken themselves out of their hypnotic stupor, stepping forward as if to protest. Zander moved closer to his brother and the unconscious girl in his arms. “It’s the law. Sanctuary has been requested and cannot be refused.”
Half the crowd nodded, intimidated by the large proprietor and still moved by the scene they’d just witnessed. The rest of them Zander ignored. Directing Lux towards his rooms and instructing the remaining employees to keep alert, he quickly followed the pair upstairs.
His curiosity, his protective instincts, and something he wasn’t quite ready to name were all in overdrive as he thought of the beautiful, mysterious stranger in his brother’s arms. Who was she? And why did he have the feeling his life would never be the same?
“Who is she?”
Zander Sariel looked down at Lux. His younger brother sighed and ran his hands through his shoulder-length burgundy hair. “From what she said and the traces I’m sensing, I assume she’s one of Elizabeth’s. A member of the Deva Clan.”
Zander felt his face twisting in a tired grimace as he realized what Lux was saying. Not just any Unborn, his little sleeping beauty belonged to Liz, the widow of one of his dearest friends, and a long-time pain in his ass.
How many Truebloods had complained over the years about her growing clan of “dangerous” Unborns?
That his people were a little pompous and paranoid was the understatement of the millennium. He didn’t share their opinions, but since taking his father’s place as glorified diplomat and Mediator a few hundred years before, he had to listen with objectivity. Regardless of his own beliefs.
Zander knew Elizabeth well. Lux had helped her sire and husband, Malcolm, keep her hidden during their marriage. Zander had even helped his younger brother get her out of harm’s way with enough funds to last her several lifetimes after the tragedy of his old friend’s untimely death. He’d owed that to Malcolm.
But he couldn’t ignore how Liz and her rash acts of vengeance and regular creation of new Unborns had affected the balance of his community. And now one of her “children” was lying on his bed, obviously wounded and publicly asking for help.
“I’ll take full responsibility for her.” He heard Lux state quietly as he looked down at the fragile creature.
She seemed so helpless, ethereal as a dream. Exactly the type the softhearted Lux had always felt compelled to protect. He placed a strong hand on Lux’s shoulder, drawing his brother’s gaze.
“She’s mine.” He was startled by the sound of his own voice. “I mean—my responsibility. She asked for sanctuary. It’s mine to give.”

Lux in Shadow (Children of the Goddess, #2)

Two mates. One sacrifice. It’s a challenge that could save them all…or destroy everything.
In Book 2 of the Children of the Goddess series, a grieving Lux Sariel will be sent on a mission that will change his life-and his world-forever.                                                                 
 Because of his own carelessness, Lux Sariel lost his lover at the hands of the shaman Gray Wolf, and put his Trueblood family in grave danger. Now he’s been sent on a mission to find and protect his mortal enemy’s sister. His companion is Arygon, a sexy Alpha who won’t take no for an answer. When the two men find Sylvain, a sheltered and innocent beauty with power beyond imagining, passions ignite—and suddenly none of them are certain of the future. No one but the Goddess. She has a plan that will change everything for Her children, Were and Vampire alike. A challenge that will fulfill the promise of what this unusual threesome have found together…or destroy them all. 

Twilight Guardian (Children of the Goddess, #3)Order now from AMAZON / BARNES & NOBLE / BAM! / HALF.COM / INDIGO / INDIE BOUND  / KINDLE / NOOK / ARe / SAMHAIN
Not even the Goddess can save him…but maybe love can.
In Book 3 of the Children of the Goddess series, the mysterious Sariel guards are defined by loyalty and their sense of duty. To protect those they love, is any price too high?
  A Sariel guard, Kit has spent centuries fulfilling his people’s oath to protect the Trueblood Clan. Not Vampire, not Were, and certainly not human, Kit is something altogether…different. And when he is called back home to honor his obligations one last time, he can do none other than obey. Jesse experiences life behind the lens of a camera. The only time she truly lives is in her dreams. For years she’s imagined a world filled with werewolves, vampires, magic. And him. When she realizes that not only is her dream world real, but the giant of her fantasies is in danger, she’ll have to jump in with both feet, and trust her heart. In Kit’s arms, she learns love is as infinite as time.But so is a bitter god’s thirst for vengeance. After a thousand years of duty, Jesse’s love is a gift from the Goddess. But for Kit, it might have come too late… 

Midnight Falls (Children of the Goddess, #4)Order now from AMAZON / BARNES & NOBLE / BAM! / HALF.COM /  INDIGO / INDIE BOUNDNOOK / KINDLE / ARe / SAMHAIN
His life was stolen to keep their secrets…
In Book 4 of the Children of the Goddess series, questions are answered, and more mysteries are revealed. The only way any of the clans can have a future, is to find the one man who can’t remember his past.
 It has taken years for Liz to lay the past to rest. Now she has been called to find the missing Jasyn Dydarren, the only man who can save her friend Nicolette from the Shadow’s mark. Tracking him means chasing down a secret the Shadow Wolves want buried forever—and another man they want dead. A man with an eerily familiar face, whom she craves with an intensity she can’t explain. Hannah, an Unborn, never considered herself anything special, but she and Jasyn have something that is. Now her Were has been snatched away. She’s not a fighter, but she’s willing to do whatever it takes to find her heart’s desire and force him to see her as an equal at last. Or die trying. With alliances on the line and lives in danger, these two very different women must save their men, and come together to discover the truth…and destroy the Shadow once and for all.
Warning: This book contains explicit sex. Sex on the stairs, sex in a tree, sex with two, (and sex with three). Vampires mating. Werewolves mating. And a lot of gratuitous ass kicking.

Eternal Guardian (Children of the Goddess, #4.5)Order now from KINDLE / NOOK / SMASHWORDS
A lost warrior, an infinite passion…
a world that is almost out of time.
In this short novella, Book 4.5 of the Children of the Goddess series…
Max is back.
Max is an Igigi warrior, a Sariel guard who has always fought to protect those in his care. When he wakes from a wound that should not have harmed him, in a world where nothing is as it should be, his first thoughts are for his duty. Not himself. She has watched him for thousands of years. Beyond the gods and the whims of fate, she has loved him. But love was not what she was made for, and she was content with that design…until a single action threatened to unravel time. Only the strongest of warriors can save the future of the Goddess and her children. Will Max fight Time itself…or walk away from his destiny and the heart of the woman who loves him?

Best-selling, award-winning romance author R.G. Alexander aka Rachel Grace has been called “a true storyteller” who creates “complex, humorous and heartbreaking characters” and vast and expansive worlds. She has written in the paranormal, sci-fi fantasy, and contemporary erotic romance genres for Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, and Berkley Heat.
R.G. AlexanderSince her first story released in February 2008, RG has penned over 23 stories, served on the board for the Passionate Ink Chapter of Romance Writer’s of America, is a current moderator for the award-winning writer’s forum Romance Divas, and has been on several character and world building panels at The Romantic Times Convention. She is a founding member of a successful group blog of erotic romance authors known as The Smutketeers, who graced the cover of RT Book Reviews in 2011, and were mentioned in a scholarly article for promoting positive feminine sexuality.
She has a appeared several times on Dissident Radio’s shows Breaking Taboos and Rebel Goddess.
Follow RG Alexander/Rachel Grace here:

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I want to Say Thank you to RG for several things... first I want to thank her for drawing me into this wonderful new world (for me) of reading, secondly thank you for creating such a fun open forum to discuss books, friendships, and life (The Smutketeers), and lastly (there are so many more but I won't bore everyone with them) THANK YOU for always having time for your fans! 
Me & RG at RT 2012

RG will be giving away a $10.00 gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.Remember, every day there will be a different author all blogs involved in the hop, over the next few weeks we will highlight authors books, post excerpts, guest posts and a "Guess Who" (this will be on a different blog each day).  See if you can find the "GUESS WHO" post for every author - Can you guess who they are talking about?  Every week there will be winners as well as a grand prize  winner at the end of the hop - this prize is growing daily, you won't want to miss out. So be sure to stop by each blog daily to comment (leave a contact email) and enter the rafflecopter as well.


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  1. I'll definitely be adding these (and other RG Alexander books) to my list. I love your reviews and if you loved them they must be good!

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  2. Thank you Dawn! Honestly, I'm so thankful for you and my other readers/friends. I am very lucky to know such wonderful women. :) And I love being a part of your blog hop, love being included and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that graphic!!

  3. I have this whole series on my Kindle...haven't had a chance to read them yet but I do have them...lol....not enough time to read lately.

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  4. I have not read this series yet, but, dang, it sounds HOT! I put it on my wishlist. Thanks for the giveaway.


  5. PS-there are more books in series coming next year :)
    Just sayin' lol

  6. Great post--I'm enjoying learning more about RG!


    1. I've read the first four books in this series, and can't wait to read more about Max in Eternal Guardian.

      caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  7. I have this series on my kindle also - need to bump it up on the TBR list!!

    I LOVE RG!!!

    susanmik AT gmail DOT com

  8. This sounds great!! Id love to read it! Thanks for sharing and for the great giveaway!

  9. Thank you for the recommendation! I loved the excerpt! I just got my first book of hers and have it on my Kindle waiting to read. :)
    Yay! I love finding new to me authors!
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  10. I loved this series, imaginative and sexy...I have missed the last one, will have to rectify that soon!

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